10 Reasons to AMP (Accelerate Mobile Pages) Your Landing Pages for AdWords

10 Reasons to AMP (Accelerate Mobile Pages) Your Landing Pages for AdWords       

Accelerated mobile pages was a successful project supported by Google aimed at actualizing fast page loading on mobile. With time, AMP has become one of the best-kept AdWords secrets.

To put it into perspective, research has unearthed that a typical retail site landing page loads in approximately six seconds. However, over 40% of visitors quit pages that load in more than three seconds. AMP reduces landing page load time to less than a second! Below are reasons why using AMP is a no brainer.

Reduce landing page load time

The truth is that today’s society is impatient and addicted to shortcuts. As the above statistic proves, this applies to advertising too. By using AMP, you will have nothing to lose but everything to gain. It simply boils down to knowing the tendencies of your audience and factoring them into your advertising strategy. More than that, short load times are beneficial for the entire ad ecosystem.

Reduce bounce rate

Still on the statistic mentioned above, AMP will reduce the traffic bounce rate by a significant margin. A 40% bounce rate is colossal and AMP offers the perfect solution. Such a substantial margin can be the difference between thriving and surviving; in short, AMP will earn you money by securing the traffic you source for painstakingly through AdWords.

Drive conversions

By retaining 40% of traffic that would have otherwise been lost, your conversions will significantly increase. You will be smiling all the way to the bank, and you will be empowered to increase ad spend more to drive conversions courtesy of the increased earnings.

No redirects

Redirects are among the top culprits when it comes to slow loading landing pages, and AMP eliminates this particular disadvantage. Rather than initiate redirects at the onset which stretches the page load time, AMP launches the petitions after the visitor gets to the landing page. AMP also supports AMP-pixel which allows for third party tracking of redirects to be performed when the user is already on the landing page.

Prior linking with the landing page

Typical ads do not have the URL of the landing page handy. This means that when clicked upon, precious time is wasted as the ad locates the relevant URL. With AMP, ads leading to particular landing pages have the URL on standby for superfast transitioning. By having the URL on standby, the ad launches a request beforehand to the landing page such that a pre-connection exists. Thus, once the ad is clicked upon, the navigation time is exponentially reduced.

Contribute to enhancing the ad ecosystem

If you implement AMP and millions of site owners out there follow suit, the cumulative effect will be excellent ad experiences for audiences. With widespread positive ad experiences, more people will be okay with clicking on ads and ad efficacy will substantially improve with everyone enjoying the benefits. For sure, if more people can learn and utilize AMP, the attitude people have towards ads will certainly improve.

Increase your quality score

Quality score is one of the core factors that influence the rate you are charged for your ads to show in AdWords. Out of 10, your quality score should generally not go below 7. It is affected by ad quality but most importantly, ad performance. Considering the extent to which AMP drives conversions, the efficacy of your ads will consequently improve translating to a stellar quality score which will reduce the ad rates Google charges you.

Enhance customer satisfaction

Fast loading landing pages will no doubt boost customer satisfaction. The frustration most customers endure of waiting several seconds for mobile site pages to load will be a thing of the past. Your clients will be happy, and jolly customers are more likely to buy more from you in the future.

Moreover, a delighted customer will rate your business highly in addition to advertising your enterprise by word of mouth when the opportunity arises. Considering the chain effect, something as simple as a fast loading landing page can have a far-reaching positive impact.

Increase ROI

If you wish to get as much value for your ad spend as possible, implementing AMP becomes an absolute rather than an option. Due to the increased conversions, you will essentially make your money work harder for you.

Your competitors are probably doing it

Competition is a big aspect of commerce and not factoring in what the competition is up to has brought down many companies. Given all the resultant advantages, your competitors are probably using AMP, and if you are not, that gives them a significant edge over you.

Over time, such an advantage will translate into a bigger market share and increased earnings, and when the industry does take an unprecedented turn, your competitors might have the resources to mitigate and weather it out and you might not.

Using AMP on your landing pages is really not an option. The faster you do it, the better. It has been the next advancement step in AdWords for a while now, and you would be well advised to take it to maintain relevance.

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