$1,047,606 – Career Earnings of Lee “Faker” Sang Hyeok – Top 10 League of Legends Earners

$1,047,606 – Career Earnings of Lee “Faker” Sang Hyeok – Top 10 League of Legends Earners  

The impressive winnings that crème de la crème players take home is proof enough that eSports is continually gaining ground and becoming more mainstream. Not only do winners take home handsome sums, but most benefit from substantial salaries too. 

Sadly, gaming firms are averse to divulging salary details leaving winnings as the only basis of adjudging top earners. The top 10 League of Legends (LoL) earners below explicitly tell the story of how lucrative eSports has become.

$1,047,606: Lee Sang Hyeok “Faker”

With compounded earnings exceeding a million dollars from over 35 tournaments, Lee is one of eSport’s poster boys income wise. Lee’s team, SKT, has three wins under its belt with no signs of slowing down. A midlane master, Lee has been the shining star in the majority of wins playing a significant role in driving his team to triumph.

According to many, he holds the bragging rights as the best LoL player. At only 21, he is the 28th highest earning eSports player in the world.

$810,683: Bae Seong Ung “Bengi”

The second highest earner spot, expectedly, goes to another SKT team member – Bengi. He is a core pillar of the SKT team playing as a jungler. At 25, he is the 38th highest earning eSports player worldwide only bettered by his Korean counterpart Faker.

In a show of gut, Bengi was the first ever professional LoL player to use Zack competitively to great effect. He has primarily played for SKT, and in the team, only he and Faker have played more games together (since 2013).

$785,528: Lee Jae Wan “Wolf”

Also known as “a wolf and “a Arctic wolf,” Lee Jae Wan is 22 years old and hails from Korea. Thus, regarding national eSports income, he holds the 3rd position after his two compatriots Faker and Bengi, while coming 43rd internationally. 

He has played in 27 tournaments in which he has been on the winning side 9 times, runners-up 2 times and 3rd in 6 tournaments. In his 5-year career, he has played for SKT and NaJi.

$781,027: Bae Jun Sik “Bang”

Also from Korea, Bang ranks as the 44th best earner worldwide and takes the fourth spot nationally. His winnings are based on 23 professional tournaments in which he has been on the winning team 9 times, runners up 2 times and 3rd in 4 tournaments. At 22 years old, his career spans 5 years and he has played for SKT, Xeni and NaJi; he won his last tournament in Brazil with SKT

 $454,405: Lee Ho Seong “Duke”

At 22 and hailing from Korea, Duke’s earnings are from 17 tournaments. He is the 96th highest eSports earner internationally, and the 13th earner nationally.

His career started in 2014 and he has played for SKT, NaJi, KT B, and Invictus Gaming. The majority of his earnings are from his time with SKT and he has enjoyed being on the winning team 5 times, runners-up once and 3rd 4 times.

$432,056: Kang Sun Gu “Blank”

Alternatively known as SKT Blank and Lemonade3, Blank is a 20-year-old LoL guru from Korea. He has played in 8 tournaments with his largest winnings ($338,000) coming from his team’s triumph in the 2016 LoL championship. 

He has been in the winning team 5 times in his 3-year career and he has only played for SKT and as an independent player thus far. He is ranked as the 107th highest earner in eSports and 15th in his home country.

$405,041: Heo Won Seok “PawN”

Another 20-year-old LoL expert from Korea, PawN has already managed to play 21 tournaments. His other player names include Kn2ght, MiG, WonSeok, and WonSuck. PawN has triumphed in 9 professional tournaments, finished as runners-up 3 times and 3rd thrice. 

He is 120th in the global eSport earners list and 21 nationally. His largest winning was $200,000 in the 2014 LoL league. He has played for Sam, MiG, EDw and KT R teams.

$382,369: Cho Se Hyeong “Mata”

The fact that Mata is also from Korea evidences how popular the game is in the country or rather, how good players from Korea are. He is 23 and ranks 127th on the global eSports earners list and 23rd domestically. 

He has taken part in 23 tournaments playing for Vici, Sam, MVP, and KT R obtaining the number 1 spot in 6 competitions, runners-up 3 times, and 3rd on 7 occasions. His biggest win was in the 2014 LoL world championship where he also scooped $200,000.

$356,843: Ming Kai “ClearLove”

The first top LoL earner from a country other than Korea, Ming is from China. He is 138th internationally and 32nd nationally which demonstrates that Chinese players preceding him income wise prefer alternative games. 

He has played for 41 tournaments in World Elite and EDw teams winning an astonishing 26 tournaments and being runners-up in 8 and third in 3 competitions. His biggest win, $37,628, came in the LoL pro league in 2016.

$346,307: Jang Hyeong S “Looper” 

For 10th position, Looper reverts the status quo to Korea with his earnings coming from 17 tournaments. He is 24 years and holds the 142th and 28th positions globally and locally respectively in gaming earnings. 

He has played for Sam, Royal Never Give Up and Masters 3 teams with his biggest winnings coming from the 2014 world championship. Of played tournaments, he has won 3, obtained second spot 2 times, and come 3rd 5 times.

The bottom-line

The other game giving League of Legends a run for its money is Dota with many accusing its pool of winnings of being flamboyant. However, the message here is clear: there is good money in eSports for those with the passion and determination to rise to the top.

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