— 11 Things to Consider When Creating Content


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You want visitors to come to your website again and again.  This creates brand loyalty and established you as an expert in the industry.

6: Engagement

Not every engagement has the same value.  A share is much more valuable than a like on social media.  The additional time to earn a share is worth it.  Creativity is still a necessary component of marketing.  Whether someone engages with your content, is semi-random.

7: Conversions

A conversion means different things to different businesses.  A conversion can be a download or it can be a sale.  Make sure to define your conversion goals early on.

8: Shares

You want to make it as easy for readers to share you content as possible on social media.  Make sure social share buttons are readily available on your content.

9: Cost per Acquisition

Be mindful that it cost money to acquire users online.  It’s a highly competitive field.  Determining what CPA you are comfortable with and stick to it.  Remember to consider research time and meetings in your calculations.

10: Abandonment

An example of abandonment is when a visitor puts an item in their cart and does not check out. It’s when a visitor has taken a step but doesn’t covert.  Creating a smoother sales funnel can fix abandonment issues.

11: ROI

Of al things ROI is most important.  If the ROI is positive, then more money can be funneled into content generation.  There is a critical point where content can pay for itself. At this point… go all in.