13 common characteristics of successful entrepreneurs

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13 common characteristics of successful entrepreneurs 

Successful entrepreneurs are always characterized by select traits and characteristics that have defined their persona and success. In order to be a successful entrepreneur, individuals must look to have the traits that have define the best entrepreneurs. Here are 13 common characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.

Open minded

All successful entrepreneurs are open minded in the sense that they understand the fact that every situation and obstacle presents a business opportunity for them. They look at everything from the point of view of an optimist which gives them the chance to address matters in a calm and collected matter seeing opportunity in every adversity.


An entrepreneur needs to be hardworking if they are to achieve the goals and objectives they have set for themselves. When profiling successful entrepreneurs, it is easy to note that they all have good work ethic since it is what drives their development. Hard work ensures they are able to deal with setbacks and adverse situations since it inspires dedication and focus.


A peculiar characteristic of all successful entrepreneurs is creativity. Entrepreneurs need to make connections between events and find a solution to a problem people have. In this, creativity has to come in to ensure every stage of the planning process is captured seamlessly.


All the successful entrepreneurs are competitive both in their approach and track record. Their greatest joy is when they win and get their ideas in the face of the target audience. To be competitive is to have a burning drive for success and this is what sets them apart.

Strong people skills

One peculiar trait that all entrepreneurs must have is strong communication. Entrepreneurs grow the business from the start and this means they have to put in the effort and submit to the grind. This calls for strong people skills that will ensure they are able to sell products, motivate employees and coach for success.


Ambition is priceless and this cannot be understated as it is what drives the development and success of all entrepreneurial efforts. Successful entrepreneurs always have something to prove and this means they have to take calculated risks which is a factor that epitomizes their self-belief.

Team players

A successful entrepreneur must be a team player in the sense that they have to be positive about working and collaborating as it is the only way to achieve success. They are the networking gurus since starting and running a business requires effective team working and management.


Successful entrepreneurs have been known to make wise investment decisions and this is a product of being disciplined with every decision. They don’t just go for an idea simply because it is available as they aim to have informed decision making that will make them decisive when they see a winning strategy.

Money managers

All the successful entrepreneurs have been identified to carry a particular inclination to money management that simply makes them the best economists. Starting a business requires effective money management to ensure you don’t run out of finances. From management of inventory and cashflow, successful entrepreneurs have been characterized to take these as very important elements of their businesses.


There is nothing that defines a successful entrepreneur than the aspect of being tenacious. To be focused, an entrepreneur must be goal oriented and persevering to achieve success. The major consideration that is made with the tenacity of the successful entrepreneurs is that they have an ever-winning attitude and they don’t quit. They always strive to complete what they have started no matter the difficulty and this is what defines and cements the success they enjoy.


Many entrepreneurs always ask what will differentiate them from the rest of the entrepreneurial pool and the answer is always the same; be a visionary. In order to be a successful entrepreneur that follows in the success of the ones that have done it before, you need vision for the business and how it will grow to achieve the tremendous success. Business moguls including Mark Cuban, Daymond John and Robert Herjavec all attribute their success to being visionary and setting out an environment that enables the vision to succeed.


A common characteristic of all successful entrepreneurs is adaptability and this is where they are charged as having the capacity to be constantly on the learning curve. In their bid to try to achieve efficiency, successful entrepreneurs have to be adaptive to gain an extra mile on the competitors. Adaptability guarantees effective and selective flexibility which is a major asset in the business world.


When looking at the successful entrepreneurs, passion is a major trait that all are charged as possessing. An entrepreneur has to be passionate for what they are involved in since it is the only way to be a success.

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