13 Key LinkedIn Stats: When to Post, What to Post & How to Improve

13 Key LinkedIn Stats: When to Post, What to Post & How to Improve      

LinkedIn’s primarily professional userbase and rapid growth is good news for any individual or enterprise looking to widen reach, drive traffic, or conversions. Much research has gone into discovering the best way to take advantage of the platform to drive commercial objectives and to this end, here are 13 key LinkedIn stats that will equip you with insight on when to post, what to post and how to improve.

LinkedIn is the fourth-fastest growing social platform

Bettered by Instagram, Pinterest and twitter, LinkedIn is growing at a reasonably quick pace and this means opportunity for those who decide to focus on cultivating a presence on the platform going forward. Thus, direct more attention towards fine-tuning your LinkedIn approach to cash in on the growing numbers.

Industry insight content is the most popular

Industry insight content, according to LinkedIn statistics, is evergreen. Three out of every five active users gravitate towards industry insight articles compared to any other type of content. The takeaway here is simple: take advantage of your expertise in your niche to craft informative articles that will attract targeted traffic.

Other popular content categories

Company news content pieces are also quite popular appealing to 53% of LinkedIn users followed by posts on new services and products which appeal to 43% of users. Thus, your content strategy should generally oscillate between these three categories for maximum traffic and engagement.

With a photo, you are 36 times more likely to get a message

On LinkedIn, having a profile photo is simply not debatable. Besides increasing the chances of getting a message 36 times, with a photo, your profile also attracts 21 times more views. Advisably, get a warm, professional headshot that puts you across as a serious professional.

Professional headshots get more profile views

To be specific, professional headshots attract 14 times more views. This stat highlights the importance of upholding professionalism in not only fashioning your profile photo and profile, but also in implementing any LinkedIn campaign.

Post during business hours

LinkedIn activity is highest during typical work hours especially from morning to midday. To maximize the performance of your posts, therefore, run your posts and campaigns during this watershed period excluding weekends and holidays.

The reach of a single update

A single update reaches approximately a fifth of your followership. Depending on the quantity of your followers it can be big or small; but ultimately, you will want to reach more people to optimize performance. To do that, develop a content posting schedule that adheres to the best posting times covered above.

How often you should post

20 times a month has been proven as the sweet spot with LinkedIn discovering that you can reach 60% of your audience in this manner. 20 posts a month are quite demanding especially if you plan to maintain impeccable quality which ties back to the prudent proposal that you should allocate more resources towards LinkedIn.

Employees are the most likely to engage with your content

Your personnel are 70% likelier to engage with your updates compared to typical LinkedIn users. Employees are more likely to share, click on and comment on posts. Leverage this truth to catalyze engagement by making sure your staff receives a notification when a new post is put up. However, remember to factor them in when analyzing performance stats.

80% of LinkedIn members regard professional networking as crucial to their success

This stat, combined with the fact that LinkedIn users are generally more receptive to being approached compared to users on other platforms, should embolden you to approach persons whom you think you can develop beneficial alliances with. Using this approach, you can quickly develop a flourishing network that can open up innumerable opportunities.

Gain other skills

Those with 5 or more marketable skills listed in their profiles get more profile views (17 times). It is, therefore, important to list at least five things you are good at even if some of them do not apply to your main area of expertise. They will make you seem more capable and flexible thereby increasing your overall image and marketability.

Make use of analytics

To access the analytics data, in the top right section of your profile, select the edit button. From the stats, you can gather the quantified engagement realized plus other useful insights that you can glean through analysis. This information will help you pinpoint your weak spots and hence, you can properly prioritize your points of focus.

The most influential people get the most engagement

Bill gates, for example, get hundreds of thousands of likes and a lot of engagement on his posts. The lesson to be learned here is that rather than prioritize chasing numbers only; over the long haul, it will be more beneficial to strive to build influence both in your area of expertise as well as on the platform.

In conclusion, as the cliché saying goes, there is always room for improvement. Thus, perpetually keep an open mind and always look to learn from different sources and you will never lack new ways of making your social media strategy more effective.

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