13 morning rituals to keep you productive all day long

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13 morning rituals to keep you productive all day long

Ensuring you are productive all day long should be a priority since it is what ensures you are able to deliver on all obligations effectively. When you win your morning, you win the day and this is what you should concentrate on when trying to set the morning routines since they are the ones that will influence overall productivity of your day. Here are 13 morning rituals to keep you productive and in the right state of mind.

Wake up earlier

When you wake up earlier than the scheduled time when your routine is supposed to begin, your mind is able to settle into the moment and this gives it a relaxed setting. This also eliminates the stress of rushing through steps of getting ready which is an added plus on your way to commanding the day.

Take 5 mins to meditate

Meditation after waking up is a way to relax the mind and ensure that the body is energized for the challenges of the day. When you take 5 minutes to meditate, you are able to increase your concentration and be awake to the finer details. It is all about preparing the mind to have acute attention to detail and shake grogginess that manifests in the morning.

Listen to mood inspiring tunes

There is power in aligning the mind with soothing tunes. Music is a remedy for the soul and sets the mood for the day. Listening to mood inspiring tunes encourages a positive perspective and gives you the motivation you need to drive forward.

Write 1 daily intention

A unique ritual that should ensure you are productive in your day is the writing of 1 daily intention every morning. The key is to take a moment to write down the 1 intention you must achieve for the day. This gets you measured as it should be a simple and attainable intention that maps your progress every day.

Work out

To have a productive day, you have to have at least 15 minutes of working out. Go on those stretching routines and have a workout session planned out that will replenish energy and give your muscles some flexibility. This also helps with blood flow and the practice of staying focused.

Have a power hour

You need one hour just to yourself where you get to read something inspirational. The key here is to prioritize yourself. This hour should not be used to open mail or other work related stuff since it will mean work dictates your day and you become reactive as opposed to being proactive.

Reflect on the potential of the day

Each day comes with its opportunities and challenges and reflecting on the potential avenues of the day is a unique strategy that ultimately enhances the chances of success. Reflecting also aids in refocusing your perspective and ensuring you stick to your personal commitment to thrive.

Take warm lemon water

A glass of warm lemon water is the ultimate positive that you should target every morning. It triggers the body’s metabolic processes and ensures the body system is super charged and ready for the day.

Eat a healthy breakfast

A healthy breakfast has the same consequences on your day as the resting time you have had the previous night. A healthy breakfast of oat meal, vegetables and a smoothie will keep your body fueled and also guarantee you capitalize on the metabolism of your body for energy generation.

Clear inbox

If you plan to be productive all day long, you have to clear your inbox early each morning and this should take 20 minutes or less. Check recent emails flagging the important ones and noting the ones that need immediate action. The starred emails can be included in the targets of the day to give you flexibility and operational efficiency.

Set the target(s) for the day

This helps with both mental and physical focus. Identifying and documenting the tasks that you must accomplish gives you the motivation needed to achieve and deliver on the same. The targets should be reasonable and impactful.

Create a priority list

To avoid a cluttered mind, a priority list is important if you want to command your day. It helps to mentally acclimatize yourself to what your achievements should be. Priority list allows you to set your important elements on paper and tick them off as you deliver on them.

Schedule downtime moments

Our bodies follow the ultradian rhythm and this means our minds concentrate and are massively productive in the space of 90-minute cycles. Staying vibrant and in the thick of things without downtime moments is detrimental to both your health and productivity. This is why you should schedule 10-minute downtime sessions with a reminder since they are instrumental when it comes to topping energy and rehydrating after every cycle.

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