13 must try Google Mobile Ad Strategies

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13 must try Google Mobile Ad Strategies       

Mobile Ads are taking over the digital online marketing field due to their ease of targeting and the number of users utilizing the mobile devices for their shopping. The main challenge therefore manifests when trying to structure the mobile Ad strategies that will provide the right impact on the users. There are varied strategies that have been in use over the years but specific strategies stand out as the most successful when it comes to Mobile Ads. 13 must try Google Mobile Ad strategies include:

Utilizing Click-to-call extensions

Click-to-call extensions are winners when it comes to Mobile Ads and stand as a worthy strategy. The Click-to-call extensions allow a business to communicate and interact with the potential customers directly from an Ad which ensures adequate connections are made which drive business and sales in equal measure.

Fast AMP Mobile Ads

Fast response with mobile Ads and the business websites is key to a user who is targeting a satisfactory experience on their device. Structuring fast AMP Mobile Ads is the perfect way to speed up the mobile pages especially on new websites which effectively impacts Search Ads and Display Ads making it streamlined for the potential customers.

Structure Google Offers

Google Offers are the perfect way to capture the target market and this is majorly because it means users get to receive optimized offers. Marketers can present local deals and offers using the Google Offers which will allow the potential customers to analyze and take up the offers that can be redeemed on their mobile devices.

Speed up landing page loading time

A Google Mobile Ad strategy that has to be adopted for success in marketing is the speeding up of landing page loading time. Page speeds improve the overall engagement by up to 20% and this is what the prospective customer wants to experience when shopping using their mobile device.

AdMob by Google

As much as it is a mode through which marketers can interrupt gameplay to offer deals to prospective customers, it is a unique way to market a business to the potential customers enjoying the features of their devices.

Utilizing message extensions

These can allow you to interact directly with the potential customer through the Search Engine Results Pages. It is an interactive element that improves your ability to connect through the use of text conversations which many people are doing more on their mobile devices.

Google AdWords

A Google Mobile Ad Strategy that can definitely be taken advantage of is AdWords where potential customers get to click on the Ads that match the searches that they have made on their devices. Utilizing Google AdWords as a Mobile Ad strategy is a welcome option since it expands the potential for success.

Structuring price extensions

Price extensions can significantly enhance the Click Through Rates and even impact the direct sales that an Ad can be able to generate. The beauty with Price Extensions is that they give a customer the opportunity to scroll and view the prices of the products they are shopping for. With the price shown, a click on the product is done with higher intent to buy. This is a strategy that also impacts the ROI since it ensures there is a higher return on the Ad investment made.

Activate purchases on Google

The goal of activating Purchases on Google is to enable users make a purchase directly from the mobile Search Engine Results Pages. Though it is initially limited to individuals in the US having a Google Wallet and browsing from an Android device, the potential for Purchases is great since it is poised to ensure marketers and businesses target the consumer directly and ease up the process of transaction.

Location extensions

Users that are travelling can make use of location extensions in identifying proximity of the businesses where they can make purchases. Activating Location extensions is a perfect strategy for mobile users since it ensures it makes it easier to find the select businesses and get the contacts to the same businesses with ease.

Utilize mobile bid adjustments

Marketers can control the mobile bids by setting bid adjustment for keywords at campaign or Ad Group level. This is a perfect strategy for businesses since it eliminates the cases where a marketer gets to pay for the keywords in their campaign which are not bringing in the desired ROI. The goal of mobile bid adjustments is to enable the determination of what you are willing to pay and ensure you do not pay over the top.

Target Apps through display network

A unique Mobile Ad Strategy to take up is the targeting of Apps through display network. It is workable since it takes advantage of the Apps installed on the devices of the target market which means effective exposure of the Ads.

Mobile preferred Ads

Users searching from their mobile devices are captured with this strategy. The key is to click on “mobile” when it comes to device preference which ensures that you can also send the mobile users to the mobile landing page.

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