13 not-so-obvious tips for winning more sales

13 not-so-obvious tips for winning more sales      

When you are targeting sales, there are varied strategic combinations that you have to master along the way. It is the combination of these strategies that ensures you are better placed when trying to win more sales. Here are 13 not-so-obvious tips for winning more sales.

Constitute the “art” of pressure

When you want to win more sales in the most unconventional way, structuring the “art” of pressure is one avenue to exploit seamlessly. It involves the creation of “FUD” where you make the target audience have the Fear of missing out, develop Uncertainty in the option they have at that moment and Doubt as to whether they have been getting the best deal all along. it ensures your concepts and propositions are taken into consideration.

Have a good cause behind product or company

When your products or company has been structured to play a role in a good cause, it is a pathway to more sales as most buyers love to be associated with a cause that contributes to societal development. A good cause attracts more sales and considerations.

Help prospective clients understand their problem

A perfect way to win more sales is to help prospective clients understand their problem. It is a saying among professional sales people that some prospective clients need to be told what they need and this can only happen if and when you show them that they have a problem. The key is to make the clients discover that they have a problem and they need some help in getting rid of the same.

Position yourself as the ideal fix

It is not enough that you show a client that they have a problem, going the extra mile of positioning yourself as the ideal fix is what captures them and increases your chances of closing the sale. This however manifests as a challenging proposition since you are not presenting yourself as the only option but as the best and ideal option for the prospect.

Be inquisitive and learn the wants and needs of the prospects

What you say to a prospect ultimately means little since what they believe is what will aid them in making a buying decision. The key with being inquisitive and learning what the wants and needs are is to make engagement the centerpiece of your strategy.

Focus on brevity

You must be able to articulate and clearly stipulate your value proposition in the initial 5 minutes since by the lapse of 8 minutes, the prospect will have already started creating an idea whether they will make a consideration or not.

Focus on what is between your prospect and their goals

How does your solution relate to what the goals of the prospect are? When you want to win more sales, the idea is to identify what is between the prospect and their goals and how do you come in to sort the same.

Have a closing strategy

You must have a primary closing strategy that should lead to further engagement whether it is product evaluation, negotiation of purchase terms or a follow-up meeting. A primary closing strategy ensures you win more sales effectively with a focused approach.

Constitute a fallback position before making a proposition

If the primary closing strategy does not produce the desired effect or is rejected, it is important for have a fallback position which will prepare you for the next engagement. This is what will ensure the lead does not go cold and that you have an avenue for generating sales.

Challenge the pain points and friction

Focusing on solving the pain points is crucial so instead of using words like “we charge a $5 fee” the alternative is to say “a small fee of $5 is applicable” this works for the conservative buyers and addresses the pain points and friction when it comes to purchase terms negotiation.

Sell yourself not the products

Most people without brilliant products have been able to sell with huge success margins mainly owing to them selling themselves to the prospect. The link between your product and the prospect is you and this means you have to be able to sell yourself so that the prospective client takes up the product in return.

Structure a moment of truth

You must be able to create a reason why a prospect has to hear you out. The idea is to have a compelling proposition that builds curiosity as well as instigate a systematic thought process that not only works in decision making but resonates with what the prospect needs.

Have a story

Many prospects relate to a story since it is a pathway to engagement that places everything in context. A story is very effective since it captures attention and ensures the target audience is hooked and it serves as the best way to win more sales since it gives a prospect something to go on and consider.

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