13 proven hacks to turn any small business into an Instagram powerhouse

13 proven hacks to turn any small business into an Instagram powerhouse    

Instagram is manifesting as a choice social media advertising platform for many businesses since it gives a marketer the chance to work around different parameters tuned for success in the advertising front. Advertising on Instagram however requires creativity and an element of strategic approach that will map a business at the top of the list of businesses that the target audience is set to consider. Small businesses face a mammoth task when trying to utilize Instagram for marketing. 13 proven hacks to turn any small business into an Instagram powerhouse include:

Structure an effective Bio

It is very important that the Bio section is designed to present a value offering that the target audience can relate to and adopt. The goal is to make it relatable and informative and it should include a link to your blog, website or landing page which will generate leads as well as conversions.

Structured calls-to-action

A strong and structured call-to-action is the key to growing a small business. Directing fans to “tag a friend”, “signup”, “subscribe to email” or “purchase” increases the potential for engagement which is what generates follows and tags that grow your brand.

Target the Hashtag

Hashtags expose content to multiple users and it is only through the relevant hashtags that a small business can make a mark on the platform. The first step in this is to find hashtags relevant to your niche of operation. Loading up the hashtags is the second step that will clearly map your business and grow your client base through exposure.

Use captions in the description

A small business needs all the exposure it can get and captions work a great treat when mapping a business to the target audience. Captions that promise new content that people can associate with and get to appreciate is what pulls users to your page which contributes to the goal of building a following.

Design contests

The best way for a small business to become an Instagram powerhouse is through structuring and hosting contests. The contests are meant to be platforms on which a small business is able to increase engagement. The best aspect about contests is that they attract hundreds to thousands of new followers. The idea with a contest is that it should have a price for participation that may include but not be limited to liking, following and tagging which is a strategy that exposes your account to a bigger audience.

Capture competitor followers

A way to become an Instagram powerhouse is to target the followers of a competitor account. Since they are interested in the content of your competitor, their profile is already niched and this means that only engagement will be key. The idea is to follow the like+comment+follow process where you like the prospects post and comment on a topic or matter they are interested in after which you follow them. The follow-back rate has been identified to be close to 35% which is significant for a small business looking to rise through the ranks.

Utilize analytics

Analytics reveal the social signals that expose the engagement rate and process. This allows for monitoring of the social signals which should inform when the appropriate time to post is and what needs to be posted for maximum impact on the target audience.

Target Instagram Shout-outs

Shout-outs entail utilizing the reach that a user has whether it be an influencer or authority in the select industry. By the select user mentioning your brand or small business account in their post, the business is able to quickly and efficiently build engagement which increases the number of followers the account can achieve.

Great content

Images the audience will relate to are crucial when it comes to building the capacity of an account. This is because they will drive engagement and inspire the ideal customer. A mix of content that will keep the users rooted is the key to become a powerhouse as a small business and some direction on the same involves the posting of motivational, inspirational and well researched content.

Schedule posts

Ensure content is posted at the prime moment when the target audience is in line to view it. Scheduled posts also ensure loyal followers are able to look out for fresh content and expect something new at specific moments which when shared drives the growth of an Instagram account.

Target lifestyle posts

As a small business, sales-driven posts cripple your growth and this means you should focus on another avenue. Lifestyle posts build social interaction attracting more followers which eventually drives sales transforming the small business into a powerhouse.

Consistent postings

The idea is to post often and ensure that the posts are consistent in terms of message and ideal content since Instagram users are always ready to ride with the accounts that provide real value and engagement.

Automate engagement

Automating likes and follows is key to growing your Instagram profile quickly since automation handles the account in line with the stipulations you set. The users targeted are skewed to what you profile them to be which is very important in building a following that relates to your industry.

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