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13 Highly effective B2B link building tactics       

Link building remains as the choice avenue to build authority links that will not only drive engagement but also build relevant connections. There has been so much hype about the business to consumer link building strategies but what many have not cared to ask themselves is how they can handle business to business link building. 13 highly effective B2B link building tactics that have to be taken advantage of include:


Both the structured and unstructured citations are effective in B2B link building since they are ways for a business getting the NAP information out there. The best aspect about citations is that you can also include links out to the mass platform which will command authority links back to the business.

Target Wikipedia links

Target any missing information and content on the Wikipedia pages that you have been able to comment on in your blog or content platform. This is effective since when approved the links have the potential to send referral traffic to you which is a great start to B2B link building.

Join professional associations

Whether it is at the country, state or city level, professional associations exist for a peculiar reason which is to connect the businesses within a select operating platform. Business association links can effectively rank your business as well as build the relevant links which is the goal.

Unlock gated content

The process of operation with this strategy is to unlock a portion of gated content and ensure that you are able to post links to the same on all the blogs and social media platforms. This allows you to build organic links that are top quality.

Review business event

This stands as one of the best ways to structure B2B link building. Business events are ways for businesses to interact and when a review is done, it is a welcome place for other business to link and identify the value proposition that was being proposed. It stands as the top way to structure link building between businesses.

Sponsorships and donations

Sponsorship programs and donations including charity offers are a great way to cultivate B2B link building since in exchange for the service or aid, the beneficiary businesses provide high quality and valuable links within your niche. The success rate for this strategy is in excess of 80% since the exposure is a win-win for both parties.

Give your take on tradeshows

Tradeshows relevant within your niche are a welcome way to make a mark since giving your take and promoting the same on social media and other platforms ensures that influencers can be able to share as they find it relevant and relatable. The power of tradeshows is that businesses within the same industry show interest and taking advantage of the attention is a tactic that facilitates effective B2B link building.

Podcasts and event hosting

Hosting podcasts and events targeted at specific business niches is a great way to structure you B2B link building strategy since it ensures you are able to reach out to the select players within the industry and impact them with the right forum that incentivizes them to share the links and overall experience. The best aspect about podcasts and events is that they provide value to the expectant businesses which triggers the same businesses to structure referrals that lead to significant exposure.

Be part of B2B forums within industry

Being an active participant in the B2B forums is one way of link building. The key is to comment on posts and provide links to relevant content present on your website which other businesses can find valuable. When you are able to provide unique content, the link building process becomes seamless.

Target community websites

The key is to answer and also ask questions on the community websites. This is a strategy which is sure to build relationships with the other businesses that operate within your industry. With the added engagement, link building becomes streamlined.

Start guest posts

Target relevant blogs and websites and the online platforms that have authority within your niche and aim at providing a guest post that is relevant to trends and developments within the industry. Links to be generated from this venture are bound to be high quality and this is what will guide the link building strategy.

Leverage existing businesses

Since businesses deal all the time, leveraging existing businesses is a unique way to target B2B link building. The contact list of an existing business is bound to have multiple businesses within your operating niche that can link to you and build high quality link structure for future engagements and referrals.

Link reclamation

Target the brand mentions that have not received recognition. With this, the idea is to target the websites that aren’t linked back to your website but have mentioned your brand. Reclaiming these brand mentions is one way to structure B2B link building.

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