13 Side Hustles You Can DO from Bed

13 Side Hustles You Can DO from Bed       

A survey has shown that most Americans would like to work from home at some point in their lives and if you think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense. Not only will you save on commute time (and costs), you will work based on a custom schedule that will most likely improve your performance.

More so, familiar home surroundings devoid of interruptions, nosy co-workers, micromanagement from superiors, and distractions will increase your efficiency and output. If your dream is to work from home, to start you off, here are 13 hustles you can do from bed.

1. Start a blog

Starting a blog is fast and easy and if you have a passion for niche writing; it can be a great way to earn extra money from bed. The key to running a successful blog is finding something you love and are knowledgeable about and posting continually preferably once a week to gain and build a rapport with your audience.

2. Play video games

To date, the highest video earner in a career spanning 5 years has earned north of $1,000,000 in winnings besides getting a salary. This is not to say you will earn the same; rather, it is to point out just how lucrative playing video games is considering it is a gig you can do from bed.

3. Run a website

With commitment, you can run a successful website right from bed. If you are adept at web development, just create a site and source for content from cheap content mills. If web development is not your thing, contract an expert to build a site for you that you can then run from home.

4. Write eBooks

A well-written and compelling e-book can earn you income for years to come and all you need is a laptop to start off. If writing is not your thing, locate an experienced ghost writer online and entrust them with the task. Once the gig is complete, sell the book to earn income.

5. Product review

Everyone has an opinion and you can leverage yours to make some extra money from bed by becoming a reviewer. You can review music, videos, digital products, as well as physical products for a fee. Clients are normally firms looking to test products before releasing them into the market.

6. Social marketing

Social marketing requires tact and cunning but it is a hustle you can do from bed 100%. All it takes is a computer and stable internet connection.

Find affiliate products you fancy and market them on social sites to get commissions. There are many online guides that can illuminate you on how to thrive in the social marketing niche.

7. Graphic design

If you are good at graphic design, source for clients from high-ranking job-boards and start working from bed or any other location of convenience immediately. Provided you deliver quality and meet the deadlines, you will earn some good money.

8. Programming

The nature of coding means that you can work from anywhere provided you produce quality and meet the deadlines. In fact, a significant percentage of programmers are already in the habit of carrying work home.

Simply look for a gig online to start making money from bed. If you face execution challenges, make use of online forums or consult seasoned coding gurus.

9. PPC/SEO consultant

By becoming a PPC/SEO expert, you can work from anywhere and earn substantial income. With dedication, you can leverage the excellent resources online to perfect your PPC and SEO skills. For credibility, obtain the requisite certifications such as Google AdWords and Bing Ads certifications.

10. Virtual assistant

Browse job boards to locate virtual assistant gigs you can do from bed. Typical tasks include making hotel bookings, developing schedules, doing research, etc.

Since you will be directly working for your boss, you will have to forego some flexibility as your workhours will be based on your employer’s schedule.

11. Work on content mills

If you are a good content creator, with your laptop and steady internet, you can start earning immediately through content mills. Fiverr, Elance, and Text broker are some great sites to get you started. In most cases, your earnings will increase in direct proportion to the quality of your work.

12. Flip domains

Buying and selling domains is another lucrative side hustle you can undertake. It largely involves hunting for gem domains that you can hold onto and sell at a profit when the time is right. To thrive, you have to be very good at research to find great domains.

13. Knit and sell on eBay

If you like knitting, make some likable pieces and post them on eBay. Alternatively, buy and sell goods at a profit on eBay and similar sites. If you combine this strategy with social media marketing, you can earn handsome returns.

As is obvious, there is no shortage of side hustles you can do right from bed, or a location of choice with only a few tools. With the above information, you now have no excuse for failing to actuate your dream of working from home.

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