13 things I cut from my budget and don’t miss at all


13 things I cut from my budget and don’t miss at all             

Budget constraints are not a new concept for many households but the main point usually manifests in how one can be able to adjust the budget allocations to fit each essential element. This brings the concept of cutting things from the budget to ensure the basic and essential elements are acquired. With this in mind, here are 13 things I have been able to cut from my budget and don’t miss at all.

Fast fashion

I have always had a soft spot for fast fashion where I love to have a fresh and new look. Cutting my spending on fast fashion has been a major step that has transformed me and has also led to me being composed and not always looking out for the fast fashion joints since they are what inspire spending.


The auto-payments are the small charges that are simply cut every month owing to you being a part of a subscription, magazine, App charges or a premium service. Cutting the auto-payments was a major step towards limiting the unnecessary expenditure and it is amazing that I don’t even miss them at all.

Memberships at fancy gyms

Being a member at a fancy gym is all about prestige as opposed to the concept of fitness. Fancy gym memberships are more to do with esthetic as opposed to functionality and the thought that it enhanced status or the athletic inclination is what made it appealing. But upon being realistic about exercises, the desired results are what matter and this has ensured I don’t miss the fancy gym memberships ever since I cut them from my budget.

Novelty and trendy clothing

Designer clothing meant to change your appearance or inspire a different look that resembles that of a certain celebrity is a major consumer of the budget. Super fancy items just cost a fortune and the worst thing is that you end up not using them at all. Upon discovering their tangible effect on my budget, I was able to cut them from my spending and haven’t missed them at all.

Brand name groceries

A major step to take when trying to scale down the budget is to avoid brand name groceries since they are expensive and simply luxurious which defeats their functional purpose. They just grow the grocery bill since no comparison is made with other similar brands.

Spending on costumes

Custom costumes for varied events like Halloween have always taken a major portion of the budget but they stand as aspects that I have been able to cut from my budget. My alternative has been to have homemade costumes which have worked a great deal and even provided me with the chance to put a personal touch which is more fulfilling.

Spending on jewelry rarely worn

Buying jewelry meant for specific fashion items was a bad idea since I ended up only wearing them on select occasions. Spending on jewelry rarely worn on the day to day orientation has therefore been a factor that I cut from my budget and stands as an action I am proud of since I don’t miss it at all.

Takeout dinner

Every random day when I just picked takeout dinner was a day that I could spend I excess of $250 and what was devastating about it is that the groceries I had bought would end up in the bin as they would not be cooked owing to the takeout dinner I would have.

Unwarranted cable bills

Alternative entertainment avenues are way cheaper than cable TV and a shift has ensured I save in excess of $70 in cable bills. With cable bills, I was spending in excess of a quarter on my financial budget but the shift to alternative options has ensured I am able to get the same level of entertainment with equal or more satisfaction.

Expensive gifts

Gifts are always welcome for the special occasions but spending big on the expensive gifts was causing a heavy hit on the finances. Since cutting the expensive gifts from my budget, I have considered homemade gifts and they are working fine with an even greater impact than expected.

Spending on diet foods

Eating consciously and consuming diet foods are used interchangeably by many individuals which should not be the case. Eating consciously saves you money since you only take in what you need and what benefits the body but eating diet foods forces you to take a regimen that has been prescribed which is mainly expensive since it consists of specially combined foods. Since I cut on the diet foods, I am still healthy and with some more cash in my pocket.

Synthetic cleaning products

Home-made cleaning products are the best since they do not have the harmful chemicals and clean just as well if not better. Since the home-made cleaning products cost pennies to make, I have been able to cut the synthetic ones from my budget without affecting my ability to clean and maintain the same quality.

Impulse buys

Buying the little things that seem cute and workable for the short term deeply drained the budget and these things include phone cases, Starbucks tumblers and several other little elements that found their way to my shopping basket through impulse buying. After eradicating them from my budget, the fun part is that I don’t miss them at all and the positive aspect is that I have saved a lot of money.

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