13 Things to Get Rid of In Your Home Today

13 Things to Get Rid of In Your Home Today       

Homes should be safe and relaxing havens of rejuvenating tranquil but some of the things people keep around significantly compromise this. For most, it is largely due to a knowledge gap as opposed to blatant  defiance.

To illuminate you concerning the things that you should dispose, and why; here is a list of 13 things you should get rid of in your home today.

1. Old plastics

Get rid of old plastics particularly those often placed near the microwave or the cooker. Some plastics contain the compound Bisphenol A which emits poisonous gases when heated.

For the same reason, keep plastics away from heat sources. As per the directives of relevant experts, shift from using plastic containers in favor of safer glass containers for heating food.

2. Diet drinks

According to a recent research, diet drinks containing artificial sweeteners meddle with helpful bacteria in the gut. The bacteria affected play a role in metabolism regulation and when interfered with, the body’s capability of processing glucose is affected.

In the long run, the cumulative effect is an increase in diabetes susceptibility. So, keep yourself safe and get rid of drinks with artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, saccharin and sucralose.

3. Spoilt pens and markers

If you have lots of pens and markers lying around, sift through them and sort the good ones from the dried out ones. Get rid of the unusable ones to declutter as well as reduce the risks of your kids nibbling on them.

While at it, there is no reason to have several markers of the same color – put away the excess ones for future use. If you are philanthropic, do some good and give them out to an institution.

4. Old clothes

Old clothes reduce closet appeal as well as space. Audit your wardrobe and place apparel you have not worn in three months or more in a pile. Get rid of the torn and unusable pieces and package and give out the good ones at church or a charity establishment. Encourage your kids to do the same

5. Antibacterial soap

Even though using antibacterial soap promotes the feeling of extra cleanliness and luxury, research has proven that such soap offers no tangible benefits over ordinary soaps. On the contrary, antibacterial soaps contain Triclosan which has been shown to alter the hormonal balances encouraging the growth of antibiotic resistant bacteria. Opt for regular soap – you will save some change, and be safer.

6. Air fresheners

Most air fresheners contain the ingredient phthalate which negatively affects growth and maturity of the reproductive system. In fact, manufacturers of aerosol fresheners have been minimizing the phthalate content in their products which serves to lengthen the freshening effect when the freshener is used. Keep your kids safe by using fresheners with no phthalate.

7. Single socks

The menace of single socks is prevalent in many homes leaving behind a multitude of unusable socks. Since they have no other use, get rid of them.

They will crush the nostalgia and regret of owning many unusable socks and encourage you to buy new pairs. As a useful hack, join paired socks with pliable plastic cords during laundry and you will never lose another sock.

8. Old running shoes

If you run an average of 20-30 miles weekly, replace your running shoes every 3 months. The recommended mileage for running shoes is 300-400 miles beyond which the shoe loses its impact absorption properties. Consequently, you can injure your feet, knees and spine. Love yourself, and uphold your health by replacing your running shoes often.

9. Expired medication

If you are like most, there are contingency drugs in the cabinet that you have not used in a while. Check out their expiration dates, and responsibly get rid of them. Also, ensure that kids and pets are not in close proximity to medication – expired or otherwise.

10. Overstayed/expired spices

Spices, over time, tend to lose their potency. Audit your kitchen for spices you have not used in a long time or you will end up with bland meals and backfired recipes. While at it, get rid of other expired ingredients and anything else you have not used in a long time.

11. Old toothbrushes

Any toothbrush with curved thistles is too old and should be replaced. Declutter and give your bathroom a clean cut look by getting rid of such toothbrushes.

Ideally, you should get a new toothbrush every three months. Moreover, only keep a single toothbrush handy as having two or more at the sink offers no aesthetic or practical benefit.

12. Overstayed makeup

When unused for 3 months or more, liquid makeup such as mascara harbors bacteria. Go through your makeup kit, and dispose items you have not used for over 3 months. Otherwise, when you decide to use such, you will only be applying bacteria on your face and you may get an infection.

13. Gift/packing boxes

It is prudent to keep several packing boxes handy in case the need for wrapping something up arises. However, most people take it too far by saving more packaging material than is necessary which clutters spaces and provides a haven for bugs.

Without conscious effort to declutter, your house will soon be choke full of stuff you do not use that provides a home for bacteria, germs and insects while reducing usable space. With this list, you now know where to begin.

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