13 things I wish I’d done differently at 22

13 things I wish I’d done differently at 22      

Age 22 is a curious age since most of the mistakes of the youthful era are done during the select age. When in the older and more mature age group, a reminder of the elements and actions taken at 22 always brings with some great disappointments as well as achievements. With me, there are varied aspects and actions that I wish I would have done or handled differently when I was in that particular age and the top 13 things include:

Buying unnecessary things for the first apartment

At 22, I was focused on ensuring that I lead a comfortable life that had all the luxuries even those that I could not afford. Buying unnecessary things for my first apartment stands as a factor that given the chance I would handle differently since they ended up bringing my financial situation into debts mainly because I was forced to go into debt to satisfy the luxury settings.

Saying “Yes” when I can’t deliver

Learning to say no is the best way to stay ahead in life and also be true and honest to yourself and those around you. It also avoids a scenario where you are caught in a bubble in terms of being caught in time when you need to deliver on an element you agreed to do.

Failing to budget for expenses

A major mistake that I did when at 22 years of age was failing to budget for my expenses. All the necessities and luxuries were all bundled into the same list of expenses which made it very hardtop track my spending and identify what my wants and needs are and what I could cut from the budget to balance my spending.

Not being picky with unpaid work

Getting internships where I was not paid was beneficial since it shaped the professional I am today but the idea is to ensure that you are not exploited in the process. If I would have stood my ground at 22 and been picky with unpaid work ensuring that I only take the assignments that will catapult me to the next level, I would have been able to achieve more.

Lacking a side hustle

A side hustle is a major source of alternative income that when used properly can supplement the main stream of finances to ensure financial freedom is achieved in the future years. At 22, my mind was not tuned towards having a side hustle that would provide some additional income which is what delayed my quest to have a steady financial capacity when approaching the middle ages.

Overspending on luxuries

A major mistake I did when 22 is overspending on luxuries especially with the credit cards and first income settings that were available. Given the chance, the approach would have been different in that I would avoid spending on luxuries and instead make the significant investments tuned to generate income in the future years.

Fixating on price instead of value

One major flaw that I had when at 22 years of age is that my mind was mainly fixated on the price of a commodity instead of its value. Price for an investment should not be considered over the long-term value and this is a concept that I have been able to learn the hard way and wish I had developed the concept earlier on.

Wasting cash on fees and interests

Credit card debts with high interest rates and debts that have high penalties for defaulting are factors that I would gladly avoid or handled differently at 22 since they were able to run me into massive debts. Taking debts to settle the credit card obligation was a major money mistake at 22 which derailed my process to financial freedom.

Negotiate for offers given

At 22 and lacking experience, I was inclined to take any of the offers floated before me as I felt I was not really worthy of the same and that it was like I was being given the tasks or jobs as a favor. Would have I have known my real worth then, I would have negotiated for a better offer.

Failing to set ground for income diversity

Setting ground for the diversification of income is a major factor that I have been able to learn over time and this is what I wish I knew at 22. It is the perfect strategy for the older self since it diversifies your stage and potential for financial freedom while also ensuring that earning potential and security are all captured in equal measure.

Taking irrelevant risks with finances

Irrelevant risk with the finances at hand served as a major impediment to my development in an economic sense. Risks like gambling and investing in depreciating assets are irrelevant since they only minimize your potential for financial awareness later in life. The only risk that should be made with money is that which has insurance and a significant ROI and this is what I wish I had known and observed at 22.

Letting pursuit of money overcome other values

As much as generating income and creating wealth should stand as crucial aspects of the life of an individual at the early stages of life when the productivity levels are still high, neglecting other values is detrimental. Focusing on financial goals while ignoring personal and social values altogether is a major mistake since financial success is only one facet of life and a balance has to be achieved.

Not understanding that not all friendships are meant for the long-haul

Most of the friendships made through college were not meant to last after college and it is the contacts generated in the buildup to the working days that actually matter since they are what will impact your future endeavors.

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