13 Thinks I Regret Buying for My First Apartment

13 Thinks I Regret Buying for My First Apartment     

Overjoyed at the prospect of living on my own, I made the costly mistake of not planning or comprehensively thinking things through. My idea of shopping was making a rudimentary list, and buying anything else I might need on-the-go.

As you can imagine, I ended up buying many fancy things that I wanted but did not really need. If you are getting your first apartment, this list will help you avoid some of the mistakes I made.

1. A decorative globe

Looking to add some warmth to my desk, I bought a big beautiful globe that could even be connected to a power source to rotate at varying rates.

It was a buy I was happy about at first but after struggling to organize my often cluttered working space; I realized that the globe was not doing much aesthetically but take up precious desk space.

2. An expensive painting

I came across this awesome (and somewhat expensive) painting that I took an immediate liking to and bought. In truth, it provided a lovely focal point and added a sunny dimension to my living space; but in retrospect, I would have better used that money to buy something more useful and postponed my art acquisition tendencies to a later date when I was more financially stable.

3. Wine crate

I really do not know why I bought a wine crate considering I tended to buy and consume wine immediately rather than store it stylishly. The crate was, and still is a looker; but for a first apartment, it was totally uncalled for and a waste of money.

4. Fancy entertainment system

To make an impression, I decided to go for a fancy and expensive entertainment system. In fact, I came up with an innovative way to milk my folks of some cash to actualize my entertainment dream.

It was something I craved, but did not need. Looking back, I feel a bit guilty for hassling others for a selfish project that was not feasible given its cost-benefit assessment.

5. Laundry basket

I dislike doing laundry and getting a large laundry basket was a bad idea. It only gave me the excuse and flexibility to pile up dirty clothes to alarming levels – and with that much laundry demanding my attention, all I did was procrastinate.

Finally, I resorted to doing laundry in bits and I cannot even remember once when that basket was less than half full. I learnt a valuable lesson: buying anything that will give you a reason to shirk duties you dislike is not prudent.

6. Desk figurines

I acquired an exquisite figurine to spruce up my desk that doubled up as a pen holder. Little did I know that it was a delicate piece of handiwork.

After a week or so, I knocked it over as I absent mindedly reached for a pen. The result was a disfigured carving that was hideous to look at. Definitely a poor purchase.

7. A food processor

Being passionate about food, I did not think twice about buying a food processor. Over one and a half years later, I had only used it twice and that was when it hit me that the processor amounted to a wasted $100.

8. Lemon squeezer

An incurable lover of lemon and ginger tea sweetened with honey, I came across this interesting lemon squeezer that promised to quickly milk my lemons thoroughly. I got home eager to try it out and to my dismay; it broke on the very first lemon I tried to squeeze “thoroughly.”

9. Storage bins

I bought various storage bins as a hack for saving space, but the problem was that I did not have the quantity of stuff that necessitated that level of investment into space management.

For over 2 years, the storage bins were less than half full and they only came in handy recently after moving in with my partner.

10. Pizza clippers

Pizza clippers, though good looking, were a poor buy. The clippers spent more time cluttering the kitchen drawer than being used. Oftentimes, I was too hungry to go look for them in some obscure drawer in the kitchen and I would end up using a knife and spoon instead.

11. Avocado slicer

Another fancy gadget I could have managed without, I bought an avocado slicer that was all sleek and well packaged only to realize that a knife and spoon were still more effective. I felt cheated and wished the “goods once sold” clause did not exist.

12. Excess dishes

As a cooking enthusiast, I have always had a weakness for kitchen equipment and as you might imagine, I went a bit overboard when I moved into my first apartment. In particular, I bought chunky wooden chopping boards that were a nightmare to clean and store.

13. A book shelf

I bought it from a friend after envisioning where I would place it and how I would arrange my book collection for maximum visual effect. I felt crushed when I got home and realized that it was bigger than the available space. It taught me the very valuable lesson of always taking measurements before buying artifacts.

Final thoughts

Older and wiser, I now realize that my biggest mistake was getting lost in the excitement. Given a second chance, I would espouse a minimalistic shopping approach and buy fancy items only after living for a while in the apartment and finding out what I really need.

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