13 Tips to Design a Workplace that Sparks Creativity

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13 Tips to Design a Workplace that Sparks Creativity

Scientifically, the growth potential of any organism is maximized when the environment is conducive. When it comes to the workplace, the same rule applies. The idealness of your work area will determine your performance to a substantial extent. Here are 13 tips to design the perfect work area that sparks creativity.

Leverage natural light

The body has an internal clock, and when you expose yourself to contrary conditions such as darkness during the day and vice versa, you interfere with the body’s inbuilt pattern. Working against nature in this manner is an ill-advised upstream swim.

Therefore, work in tandem with nature to increase your creative capabilities by ensuring that your office allows in lots of natural light. As a rule of thumb, you should never have to switch on lights during the day, unless on a very gloomy day.

Proper lighting

If you do not have the privilege of a work area that maximizes natural light, go for white, artificial light. The room should be adequately bright, and the lighting should be warm such that there are no sharp shadows. If you are into ambient lighting, install it as a secondary or complementary mode of illumination.

Make it spacious

Spaciousness drives creativity. Roomy areas invoke a sense of freedom that helps the mind loosen up and consider hitherto unrecognized viewpoints. Therefore, your workstation should be adequately spacious. Use styling to propel the illusion of space such as long blinds with rails a few inches above the windows.

Incorporate a recreational space

Every once in a while, you will need to stretch and take a break from your work which highlights the importance of having recreational space in your work vicinity. If it is an office, set up a sofa and a coffee table in a lounge style where you can relax after short bursts of creativity to recharge. Additionally, ensure there is enough free space.

Put up some art

Art provides one of the best ways to make the innovativeness of others work for you. Choose pieces that are both appealing and a bit unhinged. They should not be orthodox as the goal is to have examples of top-shelf creative work to impress upon your mind. It does not have to be something expensive, any art piece that fits the above criteria and pleases you will do.

Personalize the space

Your workspace should echo your personality. You could place pictures of loved ones on your desk, some flowers, a talismanic figure you fancy, and other items that will enhance the feeling that you own the space. This way, your mind will feel more at home which will increase your creative output.

Leverage motivational messages

Given, there are people you admire and statements you live up to. Provide room for the same in your work area by hanging pictures and impactful quotes. Go a step further and even make such your computer or smartphone screen saver. The goal is to create a frame of reference for the person you want to become.

Use scents

Different scents evoke different feelings, and as you might have already perceived, there are scents you can capitalize on to improve creativity. Lavender helps with relaxation which enhances creativity while cinnamon-based fragrances improve focus. Pine smells elevate alertness, citrus will lift your spirits and peppermint has a mood enhancing effect. Try out different scents to find those that work for you.

Have a whiteboard or an interactive wall

Set up a whiteboard in your work area to use when you want to refine an idea while promoting a sense of urgency. It will also come in handy when you are brainstorming with workmates. Glass can also do the trick provided you do not use permanent markers

Account for different work scenarios

Depending on your personality, you may wish to work the brick and mortar way on a desk for a while, desire to sit back on a couch the next time, and want to work on the floor during another shift. Provide for these likely eventualities to create an inclusive work area that maximizes your creative output. In the case above, you could get a sofa, a comfortable rug and pillows.

Go for comfort

When the mind is at ease, creativity comes naturally. The opposite is also true and this is why calming the fight or flight response is crucial to generate any worthy output. To this end, your workplace should be as calming as possible. The ambiance should be soft and relaxing with hues that promote calmness.

Minimize distractions

If you like TV, do not place a giant screen in your office. The same goes for a music system if music distracts you as you work. Strip your workspace of potential distractions to maximize your creativeness as well as overall productivity.

Use the right colors

Different colors have different effects on the mind which means that you should carefully consider your workplace color scheme. Surveys have proven that blue and green work best for creativity, positivity and promoting calmness. Depending on your preferences, you can mix them with whites, and grays.

With the above tips, you now have the ammunition to transform your workspace into a creative powerhouse. However, bear in mind that no amount of tweaks can beat the classic methods of impelling creativity which are adequate rest and hard work. Exercise also helps.

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