The 17 best AdWords Advertising features right now

The 17 best AdWords Advertising features right now       

AdWords stands as one of the best advertising avenues on the digital marketing platform and any customization that can make the strategy any better remains valuable to all marketers. AdWords has specific features that aid in the optimization process and it is the effective combination of these features that ensures you are able to make the desired impact when it comes to the AdWords Ads. The 17 best AdWords advertising features right now are:

Custom rules

This is a significant feature of AdWords advertising and it is one that enables you to manage campaigns more effectively using new AdWords editor. It is crucial to the success of AdWords campaigns which cements its importance.

Similar audiences

Among the best AdWords advertising features right now is Similar Audiences. This feature is a crucial element when it comes to AdWords and it is what enables a marketer structure search orientation to find individuals similar to your best customers and therefore focus on them to customize the experience they expect.


Links stand as one of the best Google AdWords advertising features at the moment majorly because they provide for the structuring of dynamic sitelinks which are more relevant when it comes to lead generation.

Maximize conversions

When considering the best AdWords advertising features, Maximize Conversions is one that you should take advantage of since it enables you to set bids automatically. As a cumulative effect, you are able to command more conversions which stands as a positive aspect for a campaign.

Device oriented bids

A feature marketers are happy about is device oriented bids and this is because it ensures bids are structured based on the devices. With the select feature, it is possible to structure bid adjustment for the specific devices including mobile, tablet and desktop.

View Through Conversions

The option to measure and identify View-Through Conversions is crucial since you are able to learn more about your AdWords campaign. This feature is important since you get to identify and measure VTCs for the Ads campaigns and note the high performing Ads.

Expanded text Ads

An appealing AdWords advertising feature of note is expanded text Ads which is what facilitates the creation of Ads with added text content. Expanded text Ads are important for click-through rates which is a major goal.

Responsive display Ads

This feature is crucial to the workings of an AdWords campaign since it takes into account the Image, Headline, Description and the URL which Google utilizes to builds the responsive Ads that are workable for the specific campaigns.

Bid strategy reports

The best thing about the bid strategy reports feature is you get to learn about the effective target CPA performance which will inform you on the best practices for the campaign. In similar fashion, it will give you flexibility in deriving reports on actual and target bids.

Demographics for search

A feature that marketers can’t do without when it comes to the AdWords advertising features is demographic for search. This is because it is a feature that allows you to focus on the demographics that require targeting.

Price extensions

This is a core feature when it comes to AdWords advertising as it enables a marketer to set the price points for specific products and services. At the same time, you are able to optimize and distinguish the specific landing pages where the specific price settings lead to.

Exact match variants

Exact match variants is a feature that majorly works to the benefit of marketers by ensuring they are equipped when it comes to reordering and rewording of Ads.

Campaign-level targeting

Campaign-level targeting stands as an AdWords advertising feature that has the potential to aid marketers get a firm grip on the advertising processes. RLSA for targeting is one of the best features which assists when it comes to optimizing performance and RLSA bids.

Conversion imports

One of the workable AdWords advertising features of the moment is Conversion Imports which facilitates a setting where it becomes possible to set and schedule elements. Conversion Inputs is responsible for reducing errors and saving time.

IF functions and customizers

One of the best performing AdWords advertising features is IF functions. This feature allows for creation of more relevant Ads using the specific Ad customizers. A positive aspect to consider with IF functions and customizers is the fact that you also get to utilize default values too.

Reporting columns

When using Reporting columns a marketer is given the opportunity to find out the quality score and the performance of select keywords. The beauty with reporting columns is that it enables you find transparency in the AdWords advertising elements.

CPC bidding

A select feature that has transformed AdWords advertising is CPC bidding which is a feature that enables you get more conversions. It also facilitates an aspect where a marketer finds bidding flexibility and ease when it comes to ECPC bidding.

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