The 17 Best Facebook Advertising Features Right Now

The 17 Best Facebook Advertising Features Right Now     

With 1.8 billion users who are estimated to spend up to an hour daily across Facebook and its sister platforms (messenger and Instagram), Facebook is a gem when it comes to advertising and a must-include in any savvy marketer’s strategy. Here are the 17 best advertising features that you should be taking advantage of right now.

Carousel ads

Through carousel ads you can group together products, show product interactions, tell visually stimulating stories and throw a spanner of fun into the works to drive engagement and conversions. They tap into people’s inherent curiosity to explore thereby activating unrivalled value at a low price point.

Sale offers

You can craft offers that will not necessitate interested persons to leave the platform. By clicking on the ad, potentials get a code which they can then redeem on your site. It is a great way to drive sales and make your Facebook followership feel special.

Video ads

Facebook is algorithmically inclined towards promoting video content. Make use of this bias to your benefit through video ads which your target viewership can watch once their pointer hovers on the video. If possible, request viewers to share the video to increase reach at a lower cost.

Boost previous posts

Rather than go through the hassle of making an all new ad, you may desire to promote a previous post that hit all the right chords. You can do exactly that through the post promote feature to get a previous post before more eyeballs.

Promote an event

Constant bombardment with ads has numbed many people to outright advertising and promoting an event activates a channel of skirting the ad filter many people have developed. Create an event that is integrated with what you offer and promote it: it will drive sales in the long run.

Cultivate brand awareness

It should not always be about selling, and Facebook is the perfect platform to show off other likable aspects of your brand. If you sell fashion items, share stories of people who have been impacted positively by your products; if outdoor items, share adventure stories, etc. This way, you will warm up people to your brand and reel more people in over the long haul.

Brand identity and loyalty

Facebook’s advertising environment provides flexibility to promote visually appealing and inspiring content and stories that you can use to drive loyalty and propel your brand’s distinct identity. Use it to build a followership that understands what your brand is about through content that is reflective of your brand’s values.

The pixel

Pixel enables performance tracking of all your Facebook marketing activities. Without it, you will not be able to track conversions, collect pertinent data on the traffic realized or get insights on how to optimize targeting. In short, without it, your advertising approach will be baseless.

Custom CTA

Facebook puts more power and control into your hands through the underutilized custom call-to-action feature. It is a must use functionality if you want to stand out and it will significantly spur your click through rate.

Website conversion campaigns

Through website conversion campaigns, you can drive given actions on Facebook in relation to your website. The three options available are generating sales, driving traffic and most beneficially, customizing the particular action you desire.

Behavior driven advertising

Facebook’s extreme popularity provides rich foundational data on which to gather behavioral data. The platform puts the advantages of all this beneficial information on your lap by allowing targeting based on intent, previous purchases, among other behavior dynamics.

Demographic targeting

Targeting is Facebook’s strong suit particularly demographic wise. With a little research on your part to determine the most appropriate audience, you can impel conversions based on age, gender, languages, relationships, marital status, education, income level, industry, and ethnic background just to name a few.

Life events

Levarage life-event driven advertising to cash in on momentary markets such as a couple looking for rings or a getaway destination. Some of the targeting alternatives include away from family, away from hometown, anniversary in 30 days, long distance relationships, newly engaged, recently moved, etc.

Financial targeting

This is probably the best targeting feature on Facebook that ensures ad spend wastages are almost totally nullified. You can filter your audience such that your ad shows to only those with the financial muscle to buy your products.


Remarketing increases the probability of traffic converting by over 50%! On Facebook, it is called custom audiences, and it enables you to show ads to people who have already interacted with your brand, given you their contact information, toured your site or used your app.

Lookalike audiences

A powerful prospecting functionality, lookalike audiences exponentially increase your access to the right demographic by leveraging the interconnection and similarities of your general clientele to find other people like them to show your ads to.

Engagement ads

Engagement ads actualize the opportunity to reach your fanhood by targeting those who often react, share and comment on your posts. If you have an excellent offer, for instance, you can use your demographic of super fans as a seed audience to get word out cheaply through sharing.

Being a non-exhaustive list, there are many other features you can leverage to boost conversions. The most important thing is to adopt an exploratory approach that is data-backed, if possible, so that you can find the perfect strategy mix.

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