The 17 Best Instagram Advertising Features Right Now

The 17 Best Instagram Advertising Features Right Now     

Recent Instagram features instituted by the parent company Facebook are impressive. Coupled with the platforms popularity and the fact that most of these features can be utilized from a marketing perspective, an advertiser cannot help but smile at the wonderful prospects that Instagram sparks. On that note, below are the 17 best Instagram advertising features right now.

Account switching

If you have two or more accounts: say a business account and a personal account, this feature allows you to easily switch between the two on the same device on-the-go. Moreover, the profile picture shows in several locations as a reminder so that you do not post the right content via the wrong account.

Longer video limit

The video limit is now a minute up from only 15 seconds. This means increased flexibility to tell the world more about your brand, what makes you unique and why they should choose your offerings.

Instagram stories

Instagram stories have become the platform’s runaway feature by making it possible for users to share richer, visual content with their followers. You can use the myriad of tools to increase the dynamism of your images and videos which your audience will see as a slideshow (your story).

Instagram Zoom

With Instagram zoom, you can share very detailed photos that your followers can scrutinize in detail through pinch-to-zoom which pops images in a new window that fills a handset’s screen. With some creativity, you can substantially increase interaction with your audience.

Comment filtering

Haters are always lurking, and they can easily abort a well thought out campaign. The comment filtering feature will allow you to moderate acceptable comments through a keyword system that will reject unkind personal comments laced with negativity. You can turn off the commenting feature altogether.

Boomerang in stories

Boomerang was made available to stories last year which means that through this feature, with an excellent content strategy, the reach of your Instagram stories can be exponentially increased. Moreover, the feature gives your audience an added alternative of interacting with your content.

Instagram live videos

Leverage Instagram live videos to interact with your audience at a deeper lever. You can cultivate brand awareness, share product or offer sneak peeks, build anticipation, give insight into the inner workings of your organization among other creative approaches to better prime your audience for eventual conversion.

Save posts for later

As an advertiser, knowledge, insight, and inspiration are your best friends, and Instagram is full of content that meets these parameters. If you are in a hurry, simply save the best for later viewing to top up your knowledge tank with useful information.


Sadly, reposts are not a native Instagram feature which is a letdown considering the quality of some reposts and the easy-going nature of the posters. The good news is that you can use a cheap third-party alternative to repost great content and thereby enjoy its benefits with a fraction of input and the owner’s permission.

Holiday stickers

Use holiday stickers to connect with your audience during festive periods such as Easter, Valentines, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. Combine the celebratory approach with promoting situationally appropriate products, and you will drive sales more during high seasons.


Gifs are more of a trend as opposed to an outright feature but they deserve mention due to the lighthearted way in which they can advance your brand awareness efforts. The funnier, and more outrageous, the better but remember not to stray away from what your brand represents.

Carousel adverts

Instagram offers carousel stories through which you can group your highlight products in several images thereby increasing the depth of your post. Ensure that the first images arouse a sense of curiosity so that your audience will take the bait and engage better with your content.


Instagram is not much into analytics beyond likes and engagement, but the fact that it provides a conducive environment for third party tools is commendable. Thus, you can use an analytics solution like Iconosquare to get sound analyses on metrics of importance.


Instagram is image heavy, and obviously, not everyone is a good photographer/camera person. Not to worry though, you have the power of Instagram filters to make your visual content pop out to acceptable standards. However, it is still a good idea to work on your photography skills.


Regardless of how old they are, hashtags are still a must mention when it comes to Instagram advertising. Using the right hashtags on Instagram is akin to SEO in search. They will greatly define and increase the presence of your campaign.

Targeting options

Since Facebook and Instagram are two representations of the same organization, the renowned targeting powers of Facebook are largely applicable to Instagram. In fact, the entire ad setup process is conducted on Facebook’s platform and you even must have a Facebook page to run an Instagram campaign.

Extend Instagram campaigns to Facebook

Through Features like lookalike audiences, you will be able to leverage the power of both platforms to maximize the effect and reach of your campaign. It is a juicy prospect considering that a campaign formulated for Instagram can also run seamlessly and effectively on Facebook.

In conclusion, it is necessary to highlight that an Instagram-Facebook marketing mix can have explosive capabilities if done right. The best part is that advertising efforts on the platforms actualize excellent return on investment which is every marketer’s dream.

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