The 17 Biggest Kickstarter Failures

The 17 Biggest Kickstarter Failures       

Kickstarter is a great platform when it comes to the funding of varied projects that are new and have a perspective that can change the way people associate, relate or have fun. As much as there are projects that have experienced massive success on Kickstarter, there are failures that have been recorded as the worst on the platform. 

Fur Fun

The issue with Fur Fun is that controversy started from its conception with cases of plagiarism being filed against its development team. It eventually fell short of meeting its campaign goal and its concept came into question as a result. 


This project had 5 backers but was only able to raise $50 compared to the goal of $800. The project was aimed at providing some stylish cords for sunglasses that would ensure people are able to keep track of where their sunglasses are but failed spectacularly.


This was a video game proposal that was pricey and with the promise that it would transforming the gaming world, people found the idea incredible and it was able to receive funding to the tune of $567,000. Combination of wrong decision-making and roadblocks led to lost confidence and the subsequent failure of the game.

Orion’s Representative

James, the project creator, opted to aid people understand the truth about aliens and sought funding in the tune of $38,500 but ended up only getting only $35 and 2 backers to show for their campaign. 

Ant Simulator

Its developers were the main reason this project failed to see the light of day. With fallouts, accusations and mismanagement of the budget from the Kickstarter campaign, development for Ant Simulator was stopped and is as good as failed. 

Project phoenix

Its Kickstarter campaign was able to raise in excess of 1,000,000 and was promised as one of the best real-time strategic games of the century. Initial date for release was March 2015 but it has never come to fruition.


This project targeted $1,500 to fund the designing and production of unique t-shirts with a message for the technologically savvy individuals. The campaign was only able to raise $107 and did not kickoff.

The Mighty No. 9

This game promised to be one of the biggest with the potential to transform how people are able to game. With the chance to transform Mega Man and inject some fresh perspective to the game, The Mighty No. 9 was able to raise in excess of $4,000,000. Controversy and lengthy development that never materialized plagued the game and it ended in disappointment for the backers.

SpongeBall Z

It was described as a campaign that would fund the creation of a parody series for the web and had a goal of $7,000. The campaign failed miserably as only seven backers came forward to contribute the $49.01 that was recorded.

Red Ash

Promised as the game that would transform how the world of Sci-Fi blends with anime, Red Ash had a goal to raise $800,000 but failed to even pass the $160,000 mark. Red Ash had more worries over the nature of development and what the funding was going towards which made it fail in terms of earning credibility from backers. Its association with the already failed The Mighty No. 9 did not do the game any favors in terms of the confidence backers are supposed to have in the campaign.

Songs about Robots

This project had 41 backers that contributed $977 which did not meet the $2,960 target that was set for the campaign. The project was aimed at facilitating studio recordings for songs about robots. 

Unsung Story

This was set as a masterpiece by the fantasy specialist Yasumi Matsuno and was able to attract funding of more than $660,000 and was set to be released by 2015. An unfortunate turn of events meant that in 2016, development was stopped in favor of an Alpha build. Backers are bracing for a game they were not promised during the pitch and the future remains uncertain.

Shadow of The Eternals

A new game that was designed as the best successor to Eternal Darkness, Shadow of The Eternals launched a Kickstarter that targeted a mouthwatering $1,350,000 but failed to even come close to the set threshold. Subsequent campaigns with a reduced target failed in similar fashion which coupled with continued controversy caused the vision of the game to fade into oblivion.    


The game was able to raise $65,000 which surpassed the $50,000 target that had been set at the start of the campaign but the game faced uncertainties right from the start owing to allegations that even suspended the crowdfunding campaign.

Coleco Chameleon

It was promised as the best gaming platform that would revolutionize how people enjoyed their preferred video games and sought $2,000,000 for the device to materialize. Difficulties in producing a prototype coupled with hardware problems meant the dream of the device failed to become a reality.

Star Citizen

This is a game that prompted hype in 2012 and was able to command a funding of more than $2,000,000. With the promise of great features, the game was due to have a concrete and demanding development and it is unfortunate that it has never left the stage.


Standing as one of the largest projects that have sought funding through the Kickstarter platform, it was able to raise close to $8,600,000 but failed to deliver on the promise as backers received poorly designed consoles that lacked the promised functionality.

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