17 tips for writing winning mobile Ad copy for AdWords

17 tips for writing winning mobile Ad copy for AdWords    

Writing a winning mobile Ad copy for AdWords is a function of how well you are able to present your idea in a fashion that users will relate to and take up with zeal. With mobile overtaking other options as the choice device on which search queries and online purchases are done, it is mandatory to have that winning Ad copy that will improve your chances when it comes to focusing on the target audience. 17 tips for writing winning mobile Ad copy for AdWords include:

Avoid overindulgence with keywords

Mobile Ad copy is not about concentrating on the keyword you are bidding on but striving to provide value in the Ad. In this, the idea is to avoid overindulgence with the keywords and focus on what the users expect.

Mention special offers

The unique value proposition is very important when it comes to mobile Ad copy for AdWords. Mentioning the special offers is one way to provide the value proposition where you structure elements like “Buy one get one”, “free shipping offers” and “limited-time discounts”.

Use numbers

They ensure the Ad stands out visually since users are always willing to consider the Ads that they can skim through and get the idea on the first instance. They contribute to specificity where it is possible to present your value proposition in articulate fashion.

Ensure sales and promotions are mentioned

Writing a winning mobile Ad copy for AdWords requires that you mention the sales and promotions including the exclusives which aid the customer in decision-making.

Structure prices extensions in the Ads

Users scan for prices and structuring the prices is a good way to encourage users to click through. Price extensions show on mobile and tablets and this means structuring the prices and extensions within the Ads positions the Ads in peculiar style for individuals using mobile devices to browse.

Use adjectives

Adjectives breed personality and train the prospective customers to have an emotional response to the Ad. Keyword focused Ads tend to fail when it comes to appealing to the emotional side of the users which makes adjectives the best bet for mobile Ad copy.

Encourage multiple purchases

Encouraging multiple purchases is a factor responsible for reducing the CPA significantly. Selling multiple products for every transaction is the best way to approach mobile Ad copy for AdWords.

Match Ad to landing page

The elements, products and promotion items in the landing page must be mentioned in the Ad to ensure users get to find what they expect when they click on the Ad. Matching Ad to landing page is crucial to a successful conversion process.

Design a “Call” Call-To-Action

Since it is a mobile Ad, the idea is to design a “Call” CTA that will ensure users get to contact the business to get more information about transactions. The beauty about call-in leads is that they are extremely valuable and they are responsible for more sales.

Consider expanded text ads

The goal of expanded text Ads is that they provide added room for the Ad copy where you can significantly structure the value proposition. Considering the expanded text Ads is core to the success for AdWords Ads on mobile devices.

Highlight what distinguishes you from the rest

When structuring a winning mobile Ad for AdWords, highlighting what distinguishes you from the rest stands as key and this means providing a bearing on variety, showcasing competitive rates and announcing exclusive products.

Utilize IF functions

IF functions are very important and they are responsible for altering the messaging in your Ads so that it becomes relevant to them. This allows you to save time and consolidate campaign designs so that the Ad is specific and one that users can relate to.

Shorten extensions

Extensions like snippets and call-out orientations are much more likely to be truncated on mobile devices and this means you have to shorten them

Target engagement

Engagement is all about ensuring the target audience remains interested and hooked and this means you must avoid boring Ads. Target engagement on the devices that the user is using and this can be captured by empowering the target audience to take action.

Go local and personal

Preparing winning mobile Ads involves going local and personal by ensuring that you talk to customers directly and provide the value directly with specific terms. For instance “You get 50% off on next purchase”.

Utilize message extensions

The goal is to ensure users get the chance to start a text conversation with the business from the Results Page directly. This is a winning strategy as it covers the mobile devices individuals utilize.

Make Ads click-to-call

Making the mobile Ad copy a click-to-call is a sure way for users to contact the business since the only option for the prospective customer is to make the call which contributes to lead generation.

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