The 17 Ways To Fail at Kickstarter even if you get funded

The 17 Ways To Fail at Kickstarter even if you get funded        

Kickstarter campaigns are meant to push an idea to fruition through funding that will materialize the development. Projects on Kickstarter are always optimistic that they will materialize but the reality is that even after getting the desired funding, some projects fail to achieve the target. In view of this, it is important to consider the elements that drive the failure of Kickstarter campaigns after they receive funding and they include:

Poor communication

Communication is key when running a Kickstarter project and the communication setting is mainly between the backers and the individuals running the project. Poor communication leads to a situation where lack of updates becomes a stumbling block to development and this is what can lead to a failed project. 

Underwhelming progress

Backers are always eager to ensure that a project they fund reaches the ultimate heights promised and this is what developers have to focus on. Underwhelming progress due to development snags owing to pitfalls that project developers fail to endure always lead to a failed project.

Inconsistent timelines

Timelines are meant to be the set focus periods when a project has to make the necessary strides towards completion. Inconsistent timelines are a recipe for disaster since they eliminate trust and confidence from the backers which means optimism is eroded including further support for the project. 

Shifting focus

A major mistake that project developers can do is shift focus from what was pitched during the Kickstarter campaign. When the progress of a project is different from the sales pitch that the backers approved for development, faults and unexpected pitfalls are inevitable which means chances of failure are high. 

Lack of working prototypes

A working prototype is always a window that shows the progress of a project. Lack of a working prototype coupled with missed deadlines for the same therefore ranks as a factor that influences the failure of a project since it means the development work is not significant. 

Court cases

Court cases stifle the progress of a project and the cases mainly come about as a result of plagiarism done on other projects and ideas that are already in the market. The court cases may even block the progress altogether.

Developer fallout

Many Kickstarter projects that have received funding over the years have failed to achieve the set objective owing to a fallout of the developers. The blame game that developers end up participating in always causes a project to fail since the focus is lost.

Mismanagement of funds

Situations have been put forward where projects funded through Kickstarter have failed to get to the end result due to mismanagement of funds where the developers choose to use the funds for personal gain or for unnecessary expenditure which leaves less money for actual development work.

Lack of original ideas

A lack of original ideas is a major determinant factor of the success of a project backed through Kickstarter. This is because after the campaign is over, original ideas tend to have a unique developmental path but copied or replicated ideas always lead to court cases due to patent issues. 

Blindsided by hype

There is nothing worse than being blindsided by hype for a Kickstarter project development team. This is because the development ends up at a standstill owing to the team being taken on by the attention and forgetting the task at hand. 

Pricey projections

The fault of having pricey projections is that they end up eating into the budget which means the funds end up not being enough to complete the development of the project.

Underestimation of development costs

Development costs are massive especially with projects that lack a definite strategic approach. Underestimating the development costs usually runs the project to the ground since the development team lacks the funds to complete the process. 

Losing key people in development teams

The cost of replacing an expert within a development team is massive and losing that key member of the team becomes a major factor that leads to failed projects.

Turning in disappointing work

Nothing stifles the progress of a project than turning in disappointing work. With backers waning to see significant progress in the projects they back, the pressure of showing progress eventually leads to some developers turning in disappointing work which is detrimental to the overall projects since it means the work has to be redone which requires more funding.

Failing to factor unforeseen costs

A major issue that leads to failed projects is the failure to factor in the unforeseen costs. Unforeseen costs come in the form of the money spent in hiring additional workforce among other requirements. 


Controversies that include accusations of fraud are always a red flag for project funded through Kickstarter since they mean missed deadlines and failed development goals will be a reality that backers will have to contend with. 

Disconnected leadership

Most of the failed projects that have been backed through Kickstarter have been identified as having had difficulties when it comes to leadership. Disconnected leadership always halts the development of a project since it affects overall project management. 

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