20 tips for passing your Bing Ads exam

20 tips for passing your Bing Ads exam         

The Bing Ad exam is a pathway to certification that not only identifies you as a marketing professional but also as an expert uniquely positioned to offer unrivalled insight on how to manage Bing Ads. In this line of operation, the major factor to consider manifests as the goal of passing the exam. There are varied avenues individuals utilize when trying to pass the exam. 20 useful tips that will aid your quest to pass the exam include:

Internalize concept of click quality

The Bing Ads exam covers the concept of click quality and to pass, you need to have a deep understanding on how to approach the handling of real time data. The same applies for post-click and pre-click monitoring which are factors that aid in understanding the metric on click quality.

Understand interface specifics

Being able to understand Bind Ads Layout is critical since questions are bound to be asked on the same. An added factor is comprehensively identifying with the keyword research tool and how it delivers on its working.

Familiarize with the Ad preview and Diagnostic tool

Ad preview and diagnostic are among the core aspects of Bing Ads and being able to familiarize with the same is a great way to prepare for the exam since questions are bound to be asked on how they work.

Be conversant with Bing Ads editor

Questions on Bing Ads Editor have to come up and a good way to ensure you pass the exam is to cover this topic as effectively as possible since it will have a bearing on the overall score.

Learn Bing campaign planner

With Bing Ads, the campaign planner section is crucial and you are therefore bound to be tested on the same thoroughly. Having a clear understanding of the campaign planner section is a major plus.

Understand campaign optimization

Optimization of a Bing Ads campaign is a factor that determines success in the marketing front and the Bing Ads exams are tuned to test on the in-depth understanding of what campaign optimization is all about.

Mark “review later” tab

The best way to appropriate your time and maximize on available questions is to tick the “review later” button on questions you are not sure of which allows you to move on to other questions and come back to the hard ones later.

Take care with the multi-choice questions

In trying to ensure you pass your Bing Ads exam, it is crucial that you take care with the multi-choice questions. Some are usually rather close in terms of being similar and care has to be taken to provide the right answers.

Pause the exam when tired or jaded

Instead of pressing your mind when you feel tired or jaded, the key is to pause the exam since an individual is allowed to leave and restart as many times as they wish which is a welcome advantage to avoid failing.

Internalize campaign exclusions

There are campaign exclusions when it comes to Bing Ads and you have to master them as they are bound to be asked in the exams.

Explore library of exam materials

In order to pass the Bing Ads exam, exploring the library of exam materials is an inevitable undertaking since it is what will ensure you understand the concept of the exams.

Utilize tools for preparation

There are varied tools for preparation when dealing with Bing Ads and mastering them is one way to ensure you pass the Bing Ads exams.

View the short videos detailing the training program

Bing Ads have training programs and there are videos that detail the same. Viewing the videos is a unique way to build your capacity to pass the exam.

Try out study materials

Study materials that prepare you for the Bing Ads exams are numerous and the key is to maximize on them and build your knowledge base.

Understand match types

Questions on match types have to be present in the Bing Ads exams and this is what you should concentrate on in order to get the desired percentage to pass.

Contemplate negative keywords

The role of negative keywords in Bing Ads cannot be underestimated and your understanding of the same is always tested in the Bing Ads which calls for an intricate learning process for the same.

Ad costing and budget

When taking the Bing Ads exam, you have to have a clear understanding of Ad costing and budgeting especially the process from when Ads are clicked to conversion.

Internalize conversion tracking

Conversion tracking is an aspect that you have to know before taking the Bing Ads exam since questions about the same are mandatory,

Understand user targeting

User targeting options including demographic and geo targeting have to be tested in the exam and this is what you should capture before taking the exam.


Bid adjustment and bid management are factors of Bing Ads that determine campaign management and are therefore testable in the exam.

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