20 Tips for Passing Your Google Advanced Display

20 Tips for Passing Your Google Advanced Display     

Being Google Advanced Display certified not only increases your marketability but it also primes you better to utilize the system to your advantage. Like other Google exams, it is not particularly hard, but it still requires tact. Below are 20 tips that will help you navigate the paper.

Know what you are getting into

As mentioned above, the exam is not hard; especially so, for those with experience. The paper consists of 90 questions, with multiple choice answers. Time allotment is 2 hours, and the cutoff mark is 70% meaning that you have to get 63 questions correct.

Avoid using non-Google material

Minimize or altogether avoid material that is not from Google, or you might sink countless hours studying obsolete, or wrong information. If you will use other resources, make sure they are from reputable and acclaimed sources.

Review previous content

Previous content in this context refers to material that you used to study for the fundamental exam or any other closely related niche such as advanced search. It will help you build a more comprehensive knowledge bank.

Take the exams back to back

If embarking on across-the-board certification, take the papers back to back with two weeks or so in between. In this manner, content applicable to previous papers will still be fresh in your mind during the entire process.

Get the study guide

Download the study guide provided by Google to know the breadth of your study. It may be somewhat big, but do not let that discourage you. It is not a must you cover each subtopic verbatim.

Make your study guide

Interest in taking the Advanced Display exam means that you have prior AdWords experience. Therefore, strike out topics you feel confident in courtesy of your experience and create a curated custom guide that emphasizes on weak spots.

Compartmentalize study content

Directed by your guide, source for the relevant study materials and break down the content into bits. This way, you will reduce the task into easily manageable pieces that will not bog you down.

Set deadlines

Without deadlines, you may fail to give due weight to schedule adherence, and your test score might suffer. Therefore, develop a program – complete with time limits – and tell someone you respect about it to foster accountability.

Experience is the best teacher

Experience in PPC is core in helping actualize the performance levels demanded by clients. Taking into consideration that experience will also offset a significant study workload in preparing for the exam; it, therefore, becomes obvious that accumulating AdWords hours first is the way to go.

Leverage Google-recognized test prep firms

Utilize test prep firms that have Google’s nod. You will find a list of them on Google’s test prep support page. Good companies will have a healthy collection of questions that tend to be repeated in different formats.

Average prep firm fees

Prep companies charge a service fee of approximately $100 which gives you access to all their questions and materials. Some say that with some experience handy, you can explicitly use a prep firm’s materials and pass the exam.

The alternative method

If you opt for the prep firm method, take many mock tests noting your areas of weakness. Then, read up more on these areas using Google resources and retake the practice tests to compare performances.

Online forums

Read up on other people’s experiences in online forums to know what to expect. You will gain actionable insight that can significantly make your certification journey easier.

Focus on capability over analysis

The Advanced Display exam is less about analysis and more about the display hacks and abilities of YouTube and the display network. Internalize this truth as you prepare to have the proper mindset.

Expert split

As per certification examination experts, the paper will on average consist of 45% YouTube based questions, 45% display network queries, and 10% mobile oriented questions.

Take the exam in a distraction-free environment

Find a quiet area where no one will disturb you for at least two hours. Also, ensure the source of power as well as the internet connection is stable to be on the safe side.

Take time to understand the questions

Take your time and comprehend each question, but do not overdo it only to begin rushing when you realize time is not on your side. A minute per question is adequate.

Some questions have more than one answer

Some trick questions have more than one answer, and it is, therefore, imperative that you read through all the answer options to determine the best one via elimination.

Navigating trick questions

The best way to beat trick questions is by espousing a strategic approach under the assumption that you are running an agency with multiple accounts at your disposal.

Have study resources at hand

Properly organize all your study materials, and have them with you when taking the exam. It is an open exam meaning you can consult your notes.

Being an open-ended exam, you can get immersed in researching a particular answer only to realize that you have wasted too much time on one question. Therefore, keep your eye on the clock and remember that an answer once submitted cannot be altered.

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