20 Tips for Passing Your Google AdWords Advanced Search

20 Tips for Passing Your Google AdWords Advanced Search       

With some exam experience under your belt courtesy of the preliminary AdWords Fundamental exam, the Google AdWords Advanced Search test should not worry you. However, before taking this paper, ask yourself if it is the most relevant to your niche considering the pool of clients you deal with. That said, here are tips to ensure you pass with flying colors.

Take the exam shortly after taking the fundamentals exam

The advanced search exam will examine material that you read before taking the fundamentals exam. To maximize your study time, take the two papers within a short span of each other before you forget much of the preceding content.

Attend school

Enroll in a reputable institution that offers Google certification courses. This way, you will eject trial and error from the equation and prime yourself best, within the shortest amount of time, to take the paper.

Online courses

There is no shortage of online study materials that can offer the same value as brick and mortar institutions. Make use of study apps for instance since some of them even offer ivy league content in video format for free.

Start studying early

You probably already know the importance of this tip by thinking back to your school days. In an easy to assimilate snapshot, the longer you prepare, the better.

Skim through the fundamental’s study material

Start by reviewing what you read for the fundamentals to build a robust knowledge foundation. After all, it is a fundamentals exam because you need to master the concepts to prosper in related areas.

Leverage the study guide

Download the Advanced Search study guide to direct you on the topics and subtopics to major on. It will help you craft a balanced study schedule.

Do not read all that the study guide proposes

Do not follow the study guide to the letter and this is why: first, it is huge, and it may discourage you altogether. Secondly, there is a better way to go about it as described in the following point.

Get experience

Run campaigns as a workaround to spending countless hours studying. In gaining Google certifications, experience is truly the best teacher. At this point, the importance of getting an experienced tutor to guide you is magnified.

Study daily

Do not binge study and then skip two days only to binge study again. The mind retains information better when fed continually in a bit by bit format. Thus, your study timetable should have daily study time – 3 hours or 2 hours morning and evening, etc.

Polish up on formulas

Whether you are a math person or not, you will need to internalize some formulas to be on the safe side. Advertising boils down to value and value can only be quantified mathematically. The good news is, the formulas are easy to master.

Formulas you should know

Familiarize yourself with average CPC, value-per-conversion, group level profitability, impression share and cost-per-lead formulas. These are just the core formulas, meaning that you should explore other formulas as you see fit

Leverage Google’s open book policy

Being an online exam, you can get away with having some notes on you as you take the paper. List down the formulas listed above as well as any other content you feel can help you out to have a reference point.

Get acquainted with Google resources

Search is Google’s primary service, and you thus have to intimately know all the resources Google offers in this regard and how to maximize them to increase your success chances.


Any campaign boils down to ROI meaning that it is another basic you should know intimately. A bird’s eye view of ROI entails subtracting the costs from the total revenue gained and then dividing the result by the cost of goods sold followed by multiplication by 100 to get a percentage result.


Utilize practice exams to get into the right midframe as well as know what to expect. iPass is a handy site that can help out.

Use Google’s material

There is no shortage of misleading material online, and that is why you should only trust study material from the horse’s mouth first and foremost.

Use material from reputable resources

If at all you will use study material from other quarters, conduct vetting and further research to ensure that you do not waste your time studying junk and misleading content.

Gain knowledge

Being an open-ended exam, you can be lured into focusing more on illicitly passing the exam, rather than accumulating knowledge. Do not fall into this trap – let the thirst for knowledge as opposed to the desire to pass the exams by any means reign supreme.

Reread Q’s and A’s

Regardless of how straightforward a question seems, reread both the question the answers before committing to ensure that a query’s simplicity does not hoodwink you.

Likely hurdles

Insure yourself from power outages if you are in an area with unstable power by getting power backup. Likewise, only take the exam when the internet connection is stable and reliable.

With the tips above as well as an open book policy, the advanced search exam should not give you sleepless nights. You can be ready for the paper from scratch in two weeks if you commit to daily study.

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