20 Tips for Passing Your Google AdWords Fundamental

20 Tips for Passing Your Google AdWords Fundamental       

Google AdWords fundamental is not a hard exam, but for the unprepared, it can be unforgiving not to mention a waste of $50 which is what the exam costs. Like any test, it requires adequate preparation, and these 20 tips will help you do just that.

Exam Overview

The exam consists of 100 questions with multiple choice answers. As expected, you, of course, cannot choose more than one answer to cover your bases. You will be allocated 2 hours to complete the exam and the pass mark is 80%.

Get a tutor

If you can, get a tutor – it will ease the burden as opposed to self-educating. There are many tutors online you can take advantage of at good rates without sacrificing schedule flexibility.

Make use of the AdWords training center

The AdWords training center is your one stop shop for all Google exam materials and needs. You will find tips, study guides, relevant downloads, etc.

Get experience

The mind retains information best when study is combined with implementation. Thus, launch a campaign, or align yourself with a campaign manager to know how things work in actual scenarios.

Read the study guide

The study guide will let you in on what the exam is about and the areas you should polish up on. Read it carefully and take short notes that you can then refer to when making a timetable and sourcing for extra study materials.

Make a timetable

Without a well thought out schedule on how to cover all relevant topics, you may dwell on one area at the expense of another; moreover, you may open the door for procrastination, laziness and poor time management.

Take mock exams

Take two or three mock exams before taking the real exam. It will put you in the right frame of mind and give you a notion of what to expect. It does not have to be a complete exam; you can instead do a 50-question practice exam.

Read the instructions

Carefully read exam instructions. Do not skim through them, or just give them a glance. You must know the rules of the game, to win the game.

Time yourself

Time yourself accordingly when taking mock exams. If a 50-question paper, set the timer to an hour, if 75 questions, 1½ hours; and so on. Keep in mind that every exam is different – so, widen your scope and do not depend on mock exams only.

Do not rush

Multiple choice exams are tricky in that they are often deceptively simple. Make a point of reading each question twice before considering an appropriate answer. Also, take your time: you will have 72 seconds per question during the exam.

Read all answers

Even if you are 100% sure the first answer is the correct one, read the rest. There might be a twist in there somewhere. Moreover, it will increase your breath of knowledge and it may help you remember something you had missed.

Minimize distractions

The exam is administered online, and it is, therefore, your prerogative to find a conducive, distraction-free place to take the exam. A quiet café, your bedroom, office, etc.

Ensure you have stable internet

If your internet connection terminates, the countdown timer will not pause, and you will lose precious time.

Get power backup

The same goes for power. If you are in an area with frequent blackouts, ensure you have a power source that can tidy you over for more than 2 hours.

Prepare yourself psychologically

If you used to have a pre-exam ritual, do it before taking the exam or any other thing that gets you into exam mode for that matter. Do not take the test until you feel adequately prepared.

Watch out for trick questions

If you take your time and double read all questions and answers before making a choice, then, you have nothing to fear. If the time permits, review the questions you find trickiest.

The correct mindset

Certification exams test a lot on strategy and strategic planning. Therefore, assume that you are running an agency implementing multiple campaigns. It will configure your mind appropriately for the paper.

Have notes handy

Cheating is prohibited, but since it is an online exam, you can get away with having some notes handy even though it is not encouraged. So, jot down anything you find hard to remember in acronyms or short form.


Cheating in the fundamental exam is like trying to build a house on a faulty foundation since you will need to take other elective papers which depend on your understanding of the basics to get certified. Therefore, remember that it is all about understanding the system and cheating will not help you in that regard.

What if you fail

If you fail, you get the opportunity to retake the exam after 7 days; so, do not despair. In fact, a significant amount of people miss the 80% mark by a small margin on their first try.

In conclusion, a bias towards getting experience boosted by book study offers the best strategy of attack. With prudent preparation and leveraging the above hacks, expect to pass on your first try. Success!

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