20 tips for passing your Google Mobile Exam

20 tips for passing your Google Mobile Exam         

The Google Mobile Advertising exam tests an individual’s understanding of what mobile advertising is all about and how it can be optimized for enhanced success. Since it certifies individuals to participate in the intricacies of mobile advertising, passing it is crucial in this digital age. 20 tips to consider when taking on the Google Mobile exam include:

Go through exam study guides

The first aspect to capture when taking on the Google Mobile exam is going through exam study guides which provide in-depth details on what you are required to learn and the experience you need.

Consider Mobile App analytics

Mobile App analytics including reporting and mobile application orientation are elements that are tested in the Google Mobile exam and you therefore have to be instrumental in learning the same to ensure success.

Device fundamentals

You simply have to learn device fundamental if you are to have any chance of passing the Google Mobile exam since it is where you receive detailed information on device functionality.

Understand Advanced web technologies

The key to passing Google Mobile exam is finding your feet in terms of Advanced Web Technologies that include Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Try exam styled questions

The best tip to consider on how to pass your Google Mobile exam is to try the exam styled questions since they give you a sense of what to expect and how to address the questions.

Concentrate on Advanced Mobile Concepts

Passing of the Google Mobile exam is dependent on your accurate understanding of Advanced Mobile Concepts including the impact they have on the strategic campaigns a marketer is to run.

Mobile fundamentals

The best way to tackle the exam is to learn the Mobile fundamentals and identify their respective roles when it comes to mobile advertising.

Bidding strategies

The percentage score required to pass the Google Mobile exam is a factor that is contributed towards by the questions that require an individual to detail their knowledge on bidding strategies and how the same can be optimized.

Targeting modules and elements

Google Mobile is all about effective targeting and this is what a marketer has to demonstrate with the questions on targeting modules and elements that inform targeting options.

Mobile Ad structure

A marketer simply has to show their skill when it comes to Ad structure and this is why questions on the same are inevitable in the exam.

Measurement options

When taking the exam, details on measurement options have to be at your fingertips since the exam is bound to test your approach to solutions for measuring.

Optimization angles for mobile campaigns

There are varied optimization angles for mobile campaigns and your understanding of the same is often tested to ensure you are well versed and equipped when it comes to campaign optimization.

Creating mobile Ad campaigns

It is inevitable that questions on how to create a Mobile Ad campaign will manifest in the exam and this calls for you to be well equipped with the knowledge that will enable you answer the respective questions and pass satisfactorily.

Review Search and Display exams

A major tip to hold onto when preparing for a Google Mobile exam is the reviewing of Search and Display exams since there is bound to be some similarities especially on the part of display advertising and true view Ads.

Understand App promotion

Before taking a Google Mobile exam, the major factor to ensure you are well conversant with is App promotion since questions on the same are mandatory to test your ultimate understanding.

Internalize Conversion tracking

Conversion tracking for mobile is a core element and one that is tested to ensure a marketer has appropriate understanding of what it entails and how to maximize on it. Learning conversion tracking on both iOS and Android platforms is a clear line to passing the exam.

Mobile UX elements

Internalizing the Mobile UX elements is key to passing the exam since questions on the same are ever present which test your ability to identify the user experience options available and how you can take advantage to build the best platform.

Be conversant with third party tracking

The key to this is finding and learning the advantages and disadvantages associated with third party tracking and the efficiency involved with the same process since this is what the exam is able to test.

Learn speed optimization for mobile sites

Learning speed optimization for mobile sites is what ensures you are better places when it comes to passing the Google Mobile exam since the testing centers on how a marketer can optimize the mobile setting to achieve optimum operation.

Mobile site user design principles

You cannot pass the Google Mobile exam without a clear direction as to the principle involved in Mobile Site User Design.

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