20 tips for passing your Google Shopping exam

20 tips for passing your Google Shopping exam        

The Google Shopping exam is a window to certification which ensures that individuals can be able to manage and optimize their merchant centers and therefore effectively run ecommerce platforms with ease. Passing the exam therefore stands as a crucial factor to capture and 20 tips that can aid you achieve the same include:

Working of Shopping Ads

You have to understand the working of Shopping Ads if you are to have any chance of passing the exam since questions on the extent to which you understand the same are mandatory.

63 questions have to be answered

The questions that you have to answer satisfactorily are 63 in number and you have to understand that maximize on all of them is a factor you have to capitalize on.

Merchant center account management

The ability to handle and manage the Merchant Center Account is always tested in the Google Shopping Exams which means you have to have a clear understanding of the same before taking the exam.

Optimization of shopping campaign

The elements of a shopping campaign are determinants of the success that an advertising strategy can have and these elements are tested in the exam to ensure individuals are well versed.

Bidding on shopping campaign

The ability to bid for respective shopping campaigns is always a factor that marketers have to master and testing of the same therefore becomes a routine factor that you have to contend with.

Select answers wisely

Since you cannot go back to a question later on, it is crucial that you select your answers wisely to ensure you get maximum score with every question.

80% is the pass score

With 80% set as the pass score that is valid for 12 months, it is crucial that you maximize on the questions that you have a concrete understanding for since they are what will bring you closer to the pass score.

Read and understand questions

The key to passing the Google Shopping Exam is to read and understand the questions before attempting to answer and most especially since one question can be allotted up to a minute and a half.

Internalize the merchant center

The merchant center is the core of the Google Shopping platform and understanding it means you will be able to tackle all the questions that will be asked in the same vein.

Be conversant with Product Listing Ads

The main factor to consider when taking on the Google Shopping Exam is the workings of the Product Listing Ads since multiple questions on the same are bound to be asked.

Understand devices on which PLAs are shown

In order to pass the exam, the idea is to understand the devices on which the PLAs are shown and optimizations for the same.

Internalize what PLAs advertise

To pass the Google Shopping Exam, you have to internalize what PLAs advertise and how the same can be taken advantage of.

Get in touch with Unique Product Identifiers

Google Shopping is all about positioning and optimization and Unique Product Identifiers play a crucial role in the same which is why elements of UPI are tested in the exam.

Learn about Ad Hoc attributes

The factors including Sale price, availability dates and pre-order options are always tested in the Google Shopping exam since they are the Ad Hoc attributes that have to be mastered by marketers.

Elements of brand identifiers

The elements of brand identifiers are always tested since a marketer is supposed to have mastered the products that require brand identifiers and how to go about the process.

Learn Identifiers Exists attribute

The goal of Google Shopping exam is to ensure marketers understand Identifiers Exists Attributes including how they work with products, used goods and custom clothes which is why they are tested comprehensively.

Parameters of sales prices and costs

If you want to pass the Google Shopping exam, you have to master the parameters of sales prices and costs and identify how they impact overall campaign since all of it is tested.

Internalize Campaign priority aspects

How to navigate the campaign priority aspects including contact sections for when issues are noted serve as areas that you have to understand since they are tested to ensure a marketer has acute knowledge on which Ads enter auction phase.

Understand feed formats

A marketer has to understand feed formats and how they can be structured for the success of the campaign including updating and uploading feeds. Mastering these is what will bring you closer to the goal of passing the exam.

Consider product groups

Product levels inform varied levels of a shopping campaign and being able to master these is a factor a marketer must capture. Google Shopping exam covers these elements which means studying for the same is a factor that you have to maximize upon.

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