20 tips for passing your Google Video exam

20 tips for passing your Google Video exam       

Google Video is fast rising as the certification of choice when trying to get the required professional recognition for your skillset in video advertising. Taking on the Google Video Exam however requires plenty of considerations that will drive the level of success that you will be bound to experience. 20 tips to for passing your Google Video Exam are:

Understand role of freely searchable videos

Before taking the exam, you have to be well groomed on the role of freely searchable videos and how you can structure your campaign around the same.

Structure of viral videos

Viral videos are a thing in the marketing sphere and this means the elements that drive the viral videos are factors of interest that have to be tested to ascertain whether a marketer has an acute grasp of them.

Working of amateur video

The working of an amateur video has to be an element you understand deeply since it is captured in the exam where an individual is required to exhibit their perspective.

Orientation of movie trailers

Videos come in many forms and the major ones used in advertising include movie trailers. Understanding the orientation of movie trailers is a factor that will keep you in good stead to pass the exam.

Internalize web crawling elements

The operation of Google Video has its core in crawling and the exam is able to test your understanding of the crawling elements and how they can be used in your favor.

Difference between free and commercial videos

In order to pass the Google Video exam, you have to exhibit the capacity to differentiate between the free and commercial videos and how they can be used in advertising.

Be conversant with digital rights management

The Google Videos platform is governed by digital rights and it is the management of these rights that avoids conflict on the marketing front. In a bid to pass the exam, you have to be conversant with the digital rights.

Uploading avenues and elements

As a marketer requiring certification, you have to show your competence when it comes to uploading avenues and elements that have to be considered in campaign management.

Understand Cross-referencing platform

When you are targeting the Google Video Exam, understanding the Cross-referencing platform is an important factor as it is one that is tested thoroughly in the exam.

Elements of video hosting

Video hosting is an element that is at the heart of video marketing and you have to be well acquainted with the details and factors that govern video hosting if you are to pass the exam.

Best practices for video advertising

Video advertising has many factors that define its progression which means understanding the best practices for video advertising manifests as the undertaking to consider when preparing for the exam.

Managing video advertising campaigns

The management of video advertising campaigns is a core factor every marketer has to contend with. In a bid to pass the Google Video exam, you have to understand what the management of video advertising campaigns entails.

Optimizing video Ads

The process of optimizing video Ads is engaging as well as challenging and this is why it is a topic that is tested to ensure a marketer has the required arsenal to push for a unique yet responsible marketing process.

Measuring video campaign metrics

A marketer has to have the capacity to measure Ad performance and monitor the changes within the campaign and with it being tested in the exam, it is a factor you have to concentrate on.

Video Ad format

You need to understand the video Ad format if you are to have any chance of passing the exam since there are questions that will seek to substantiate your skill and understanding when it comes to video Ad format.

Understand link between video Ads and Google Display Network

It is vital that you are able to point out the link between video Ads and Google Display network since a question on the connection is bound to manifest.

Target the 80% mark

You can only be declared as having passed the exam when you achieve the 80% mark and this means it should be target to focus on when considered that the exam can only be retaken after the lapse of 7 days.

Maximize 90 minutes of the exam

It is crucial that you maximize the 90 minutes of the exam if you wish to pass the exam since every minute you spend on a question matters.

Google Video campaign creation

Creating a Google video campaign is an undertaking that a marketer has to capture seamlessly and this is why it is tested in the exam to prove competence.

Maximize on the 74 questions

If you wish to pass the Google Video exam, the goal is to maximize on the 74 questions by being able to ace the multiple choice and true or false questions. This will allow you to allocate more time to the questions that require to fill in the blanks which is a recipe for success.

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