An ad’s Quality Score on the Google the Display Network will affect:

  • the Quality Scores for the keywords in that ad group
  • the Quality Score for the same ad on Google and the Google Search Network
  • The Display Network partners on which the ad is eligible to show
  • whether an ad is eligible to enter the ad auction

The correct Answer is:

  • whether an ad is eligible to enter the ad auction

Explanation: AdWords uses an ad auction to determine which ads to show, the order those ads will appear, and how much those ads will cost. The Display Network ad auction shares many similarities with the AdWords auction. Your ads are ranked among other advertisers’ ads based on Ad Rank, which is based on your Max CPC bid and Quality Score.

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AdWords utilizes a promotion closeout to figure out which advertisements to appear, the request those advertisements will show up, and how much those advertisements will cost. The Display Network promotion closeout offers numerous likenesses with the AdWords closeout. Your promotions are positioned among other publicists’ advertisements in light of Ad Rank, which depends on your Max CPC offer and Quality Score. This implies, if your Quality Score is adequately superior to the score of the publicist promptly beneath you, you could rank higher than that promoter, regardless of the fact that this current individual’s offered is higher than yours.

Much the same as in the AdWords closeout, your Max CPC offer isn’t as a matter of course the amount you’ll pay per click. The value you pay – Actual CPC – relies on upon the result of the sale, and it’s regularly not exactly your Max CPC offer. You pay what’s required to rank higher than the advertisement position instantly beneath yours.

This is the means by which the Display Network advertisement closeout contrasts from the AdWords closeout:

You’ll pay what’s required to rank higher than the following best advertisement position just for incremental snaps you get from being in the present position.

You’ll pay the value you would have for the following best advertisement position for whatever is left of the snaps.

You may pay an extra administration charge for advertisements that utilization group of onlookers focusing on. In such cases, your most extreme offer is lessened before the sale and the charge is added to the end closeout cost. Take in more

About incremental snaps

Diverse advertisement positions have distinctive perceivability, and along these lines get distinctive number of snaps. For instance, in an advertisement unit with two promotion positions, your promotion may get 10 ticks by being in the most noticeable top position, yet just eight ticks in the event that it appears in the less obvious second position. Here, the two extra snaps are viewed as the incremental snaps for being in the top position, instead of the second position.

In this illustration, the distinction in perceivability of the two positions is by all accounts generally little – they create a comparable number of snaps. The sale for promotions on the Google Display Network is intended to ensure that publicists are paying a reasonable cost for incremental snaps.

For the sponsor that wins the top position, it will normally pay around one penny more than what’s required to rank higher than the publicist instantly underneath for just two incremental snaps. For the staying eight ticks, it will pay a lower cost – the sum it would have paid in the event that it had positioned in the second position.