An advertiser notices that the clickthrough rate (CTR) in one ad group has significantly decreased throughout the past few weeks. What could this advertiser do in an attempt to increase CTR and maintain relevant website traffic?

  • nimotop kaufen Use keyword matching options to help remove irrelevant searches.
  • Edit the ad text to include a more relevant destination URL.
  • Upgrade to a faster web server to reduce page load time.
  • Redesign the landing page to create a better experience for users.

The Correct Answer is:

comprar manforce Explanation: Use the four keyword matching options to help control who sees your ads. Add the Match type column to the statistics table on your Keywords tab to see how the different keyword matching options perform for you. With some options, you’ll enjoy more ad impressions, clicks, and conversions. With others, you’ll get fewer impressions and more narrow targeting.

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