How anime became popular? 15 reasons

How anime became popular? 15 reasons      

Anime has become among the most watched media by individuals both young and old. The evolution of anime has been nothing short of astounding and this is owed to the journey that the genre has taken over the years. Considering that at one time conventional cartoons had stolen the match on anime, the current viewership numbers speak volumes of the journey taken by anime. But how has anime transformed to become the most watched and popular alternative? Here are 15 reasons that explain the phenomenon.

Interesting series

The loyal fans of anime will ultimately point to the fact that they are always treated to an interesting series every time they watch an anime. The intricate plots that are developed in anime are a major attraction for people and many are characterized as watching the same in order to explore and identify with the varied plots just to get the thrill going.

Captivating storylines

The beauty with anime is that people are treated to captivating storylines that not only offer a great connection for the audience but also keep the viewers interested. The captivating storylines are a source of entertainment for many and this is why anime has become so popular over the years.

High quality art

Compared to other animated creations, anime is characterized as having high quality art which is more expressive and real. The style of art is quite amazing and it is what pulls in the crowds of viewers. The artistic presentation is a major factor as to why anime has taken over the screens of many viewers since people get to have that connection with the art.

Range of audience

Anime is not for kids alone and with there being no over-censorship, even the adult audience gets to enjoy the series. The wide appeal translates to the huge popularity that anime commands.

Artistically produced humor

Anime has become the most pronounced path for people who desire to have artistically produced humor. What endears anime to many is the thought provoking presentation that clearly enables people to enjoy fantasy and escapism often missing from the daily experiences.

People are immersed

Anime has become popular in recent times due to the element of people becoming immersed in the zones that the respective series set. Viewers are able to relate to the passion behind it including the inspiration that the creators exhibit. The genius storytelling is what captures many lovers of anime.

Graphic scenes are well thought

Anime has become popular mainly owing to the fact that the graphic scenes in them are well thought out making it possible for viewers to have the top-quality presentations. Character depth is quite impressive which makes it all the more inviting for viewers.

Anime conventions

One of the standout elements for anime are the anime conventions that lovers get to enjoy. The conventions offer a pathway for engagement and an in-depth understanding of enemy and heroes which is admirable at the very least.

Viewers connect with heroes

Few series have the power to create a strong bond with the target audience and this is always a strong factor for many script writers. Anime viewers are able to connect with their heroes and form a personal relationship with them which is an adorable element. With most anime providing a backstory of each hero and a look into their personality, viewers get to connect seamlessly.

Creative element is astounding

The creative approach that anime presents is quite astounding and it is what pulls the viewers in. The exciting creativity is always fresh and amazing to experience which is why anime has become so popular with every age group.

No political correctness

Most animated creations tend to have a bearing towards being politically correct to avoid controversy but this is not a factor that anime conforms to. Anime writers always aim to redefine the norms and speak out on many elements without worrying about being politically correct and it is the direct talk that appeals to many individuals.

No taboo

A factor that makes anime so popular among most individuals is the tendency to break through the taboo barrier. With anime being in a position to highlight both the good and bad moralities, people get to experience the varied sides of the moral standings and this eliminates the concept of having taboo subjects and perceptions.

Variety of genres

There is nothing that brings people more fun than having variety and this is exactly what viewers of anime are treated to. Ranging from stereotypical, action to freaky; anime lovers are treated variety of genres which makes for an interesting time especially since preferences are varied for the target audience.

They are fluid

When compared to other animated creations, anime series are fluid and ensure people are able to follow through with the storyline to get a grip of the creative approach that a script writer was targeting.

More realistic

The appeal that anime has been able to master over the years is a factor of people having a realistic connection. With anime presenting a more realistic option for the lovers of animated series, people are able to enjoy the settings and the build up to the expectations. The best thing with anime is that it is a thoughtful creation which means it impacts what people are thinking and reasoning out at every moment.

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