How to Become a Digital Marketer in 15 Easy Steps

How to Become a Digital Marketer in 15 Easy Steps    

Digital marketing is as lucrative as ever. Businesses are rushing in to capitalize on its benefits, and full-service agencies are mushrooming to meet the demand. Consequently, performance oriented digital marketing talent is in high demand and the best part is that entry standards are virtually non-existent. Thus, with commitment and passion, you can quickly carve out a rewarding career in digital marketing. Here are 15 steps on how you can do exactly that.

Read widely

First, do a preliminary research on the industry. Avoid deep topics as the main target is to understand the basics such as what digital marketing is about, the combination of skills it entails, the income levels you can expect and other concerns you may have.

Draft a curriculum

From the knowledge gained via research, develop a curriculum. Do not bother much about fine-tuning it at this stage; rather, just aim at listing the topics in ascending order such that your curriculum commences with an easy enough topic. You can start with digital marketing basics, followed by social media marketing, SEO, email marketing, PPC, and then finally get into more challenging topics such as analytics.

Locate relevant resources

Based on your curriculum, find appropriate resources. It is not necessary to amass resources on all topics; concentrate on finding content that covers the first few entries of your curriculum first. There are many books, webinars, blog posts and articles online that can avail the much-needed information for free.

Leverage YouTube

Use YouTube as one of your core resources. There are all manner of comprehensive and well put together videos there that mix fun with aspects of a classroom setting to deliver knowledge optimally. Research and subscribe to a few of the best channels.

Coursera and Udemy

You can access University-level short marketing courses on Coursera and Udemy. Courses on Coursera are free and the more advanced ones on Udemy attract a fee. As you can see, there is no shortage of resources that you can utilize to polish your digital marketing skills cost-free.

Online courses

Online courses are another alternative. If you choose this path, do a preliminary research to narrow down your alternatives and then choose the option that suits you best. Most of them are reasonably priced, and you will enjoy the flexibility of scheduling classes in a way that will reduce inconveniences.

Get a degree

Marketing degrees are expensive and time-consuming; but if you can muster the resources, they can enable you to skip entry level positions. However, conduct a cost-benefit analysis first in comparison to where you are likely to be in 4 years if you decide to take other industry entry options such as self-educating.

Find a mentor

A mentor will open up your mind to industry tips and tricks and start you off on network building. If you are lucky enough to land a well-connected mentor, commit yourself to pleasing him/her and your path to becoming established in the industry will be significantly obstacle free.

Run a campaign

To substantiate the knowledge you have acquired thus far, implement a campaign. At this point, you do not need a client: you can look for fast moving products and sell them on a commission basis to test your digital marketing prowess.

Join a team

If you can, join a team of marketers. Alternatively, locate contemporaries and form a team of your own. The idea is to have an alliance with other industry enthusiasts to help each other along the journey. Collectively, you can even take up bigger projects that require more manpower.

Utilize forums

Digital marketing comes with technical elements – such as analytics – and you will at times need help with implementation. Search for and take advantage of the many topic based forums online and you will access useful knowledge that can help you work out the technicalities.

Get an internship

Look for an internship in a busy agency to get valuable experience and develop confidence in your skills. More so, in an agency, you can easily get someone to guide and tutor you on the finer details of the craft. Be careful not to specialize, rather, compartmentalize your time so that you can learn more about diverse topics.

Join a non-profit

If an internship proves hard to come by, join a non-profit to get experience. In the same vein, you can also indulge your nobler orientations by helping a startup you believe in for free. The takeaway here is that you should find a way to put the skills you gain to immediate use to propel internalization.

Get certified

Become Google certified to increase your professional edge and marketability. It is better to undertake the exams after getting some experience to reduce the hassle of preparation.

Get a job or go solo

At any point during the process, if an employment opportunity opens up, go for it. Otherwise, wait until you feel sufficiently ready and well equipped to start looking for a job. Alternatively, you can take the entrepreneurship path solo or with your team.

The best time to get into the digital marketing industry is now. As the industry swells, it is only a matter of time before human resource managers put in place higher standards for getting in. As an encouraging parting shot, keep in mind that with dedication, you can become a sufficiently skilled digital marketer in 3 months or even less!

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