How to Become a Pay Per Click Specialist in 15 Easy Steps

How to Become a Pay Per Click Specialist in 15 Easy Steps    

Google processes over 3.5 billion searches daily, and each of these queries potentially avails an opportunity to further a business agenda. The only way to tap into this fantastic resource and enjoy a piece of the pie is by becoming a PPC specialist and hiring out your expertise to the many willing companies. Here are 15 easy steps on how you can become a renowned PPC expert.

Preliminary research

Commence with a preliminary research to learn more about PPC and its components. There are many blogs dedicated to PPC that can help you out in this regard. Learn as much as you can about the industry in general to define your expectations and know the performance levels to demand of yourself.

Focus on AdWords

The main PPC platforms are AdWords and Bing Ads but at the outset, focus on AdWords as the majority of the PPC action occurs in AdWords. More so, AdWords is more complicated meaning that mastering it will make mastery of other PPC platforms a breeze.

The Google Academy

Head over to the Google Academy to polish your knowledge on AdWords. Utilize the resources therein to sublimate your perspective and mentality on PPC as both an industry and a craft. Read up on the different specialization options to know the most befitting one for you.

Develop a study list

Aided by the Google Academy, develop a customized study list starting with the PPC basics. Keep in mind that this list will essentially be the roadmap you will follow to conquer PPC elements one topic at a time. Do some extra research on the topics to determine the areas you should dwell on more.

Get the resources

The good thing with PPC is that Google puts everything at your disposal. All you will have to do is download the material and start reading. You can source for additional material – such as Amazon PPC books – if you are so inclined.

Run a campaign

When you get to the implementable parts, increase your retention capacity by running a campaign. All you have to do is open a Google account and use it to log into AdWords. Do not worry about money as you can run a mock campaign. Reference blogs, webinars, and other online resources to learn more about technical aspects of PPC that might prove challenging.

YouTube Videos

Youtube is the second biggest search engine, and as such, the platform contains all manner of videos on almost all conceivable topics including PPC. With a little effort, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover helpful content that can help you understand PPC concepts better.

Enroll in a course

If you wish to make your work easier, enroll in a PPC course. You will get additional credibility (if you enroll in a renowned institution) and save yourself the hassle of figuring everything out on your own. To enjoy flexibility, sign up for an online course. Remember to research first.

Course apps

Course apps offer a handy alternative that you can use to supplement a self-educating approach. EDX, Coursera, and Udemy are a few of the renowned options. Most of the courses are free, but you may have to pay depending on the app and advancement level of the PPC course you choose.

Get a guide

A capable mentor can help you to quickly make inroads into the industry and give you wisdom on how to deftly handle challenges that can otherwise be crippling. Finding one is easier said than done but with some effort, it is possible. You can volunteer in a non-profit, get an internship in an agency, or work for free in a startup and thereby increase your chances of finding one.

Take Google certification exams

Once you gain in-depth knowledge of the industry and some experience, pay for and take the Google certification exams. They cost $50 per paper, and they are open-ended meaning that you can refer to resources.

Learn from other’s mistakes

Read on how other people have conquered the PPC industry in forums, LinkedIn and Facebook groups. Internalize the career trajectories of professionals you admire to avoid making their mistakes and to always have a fallback source of wisdom and direction in PPC.


Begin networking early to develop a support system and a channel for keeping tabs on insider industry trends. Advisably, network aggressively with people well versed in your weak spots to have go-to persons in case you face difficulties.

Get a job

If you have taken all the steps above, you will easily be able to land a job or a PPC gig. If you face challenges in securing a lucrative opportunity, do not hesitate to take advantage of freelance sites and internships which can help you get a foot inside an agency’s door.

Stay alert

The PPC industry changes rapidly, and Google is not showing any signs of stopping soon with the relentless addition and refinement of features. You always have to keep your ear on the ground to remain at the industry’s vanguard offering services a cut above the rest.

70% of small businesses intend to increase their digital spend next year. This trend of firms increasing their digital spend has held steady in recent years which means that as a PPC specialist, you stand to gain a lot both now and in the future. It comes down to aligning yourself prudently to take advantage of assured opportunities.

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