Best advice for millennials to find a great job. 13 tips

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Best advice for millennials to find a great job. 13 tips

Millennials are always looking to land the job of their dreams but the real question always lingers on how they can arrive at it. As a millennial, the greatest test you can have is to try and position yourself as a professional who has the capacity to handle the duties and responsibilities that come with the select job positions. Here are 13 tips that will ensure you are able to position yourself for a great job.

Be willing to work your way up

Many a times, a great job is a factor of how well you are willing to be patient and work your way up the ladder. It is crucial that you are able to prove your worth over time and this is what it means to be committed to working your way up.

Highlight your value proposition

In a bid to find a great job, it is imperative that you highlight your value proposition. This is the only way you can be able to prove to the recruiters that you have the potential to deliver on the target role that you have been dreaming about.

Interview personalities you admire

A peculiar strategy to land a great job involves interviewing personalities you admire. Most millennials have no idea that this is actually a workable plan as it gives you connections in the select companies and ensures you are able to create a persona that the recruiters will resonate with seamlessly.

Reach out

It is of critical importance that you reach out to the companies that offer competency in your field of service. This is a great way to find a great job since it positions you in the radar of the professionals with expert outlook within your industry. The key is to avoid mass resumes and instead take on relevant applications that are customized for specific roles that are in line with your technical background.


The problem with millennials is that rarely are they willing to make the sacrifice. In order to land a great job, you sometimes have to volunteer and offer your service so that the potential recruiter takes notice. Offer to volunteer especially if you believe in the mission statement and vision program of the organization as this will place you in the best possible position to land the job.

Highlight your work ethic

Employers are always looking for the individuals that embody the work ethic that resonates with that of the organization. When you highlight your work ethic, you announce your greatest asset when it comes to the obligations and responsibilities.

Appear tenacious

A tenacious millennial is a great asset to any organization. Employers are even known to even create a position just so that they can harness your potential if you are tenacious enough and this is what you should be targeting as this is what opens the door to your dream job.

Have a unique selling proposition

It is very important that you have a unique selling proposition since it is what makes you stand out from the rest of the possible candidates for the job. In this, the idea is to have a standout characteristic that will differentiate and stand you in good stead for consideration.

Have intimate knowledge of industry

When you have a great command of the industry, it becomes possible to have a greater impact in the field and this is what recruiters target in the employees they take up. Employers will ultimately take notice and adopt you within their ranks if they identify you have a deep understanding and command of the industry.

Strive for experience

It is harder to secure your dream job without the necessary experience. With this in mind, you should ensure you treat your current job as a platform that offers valuable experience that will catapult you to your next role.

Target the professional, not the company

Professional growth is crucial when you need to land a great job. It is crucial you target the person who holds your dream job or has experience in operating in that capacity since you get to learn more from the right professional as opposed to the right organization. As a millennial, you can take the risk and learn lessons related to your dream job since you are young and have a whole career ahead.

Pick a career, not a job

When you are focusing on your career, it is easier to land your dream job than when you are concentrating on the job or role you desire. Job choices will more often than not disappoint but your career path will always lead you to the desired stage since it develops you rank and carves your path over time.

Work for free, initially

Offering your services and expertise for free albeit in the initial stages shows your curiosity, confidence, dedication and commitment. It is a combination of these elements that lands you a great job.

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