The best anime of 2017 – top 10 anime you should watch

The best anime of 2017 – top 10 anime you should watch    

Anime movies and series are just the best with their adventure and action filled settings that simply inspire fun and relaxation. 2017 has seen many production houses release and promise to bring the best anime yet which stands as welcome news for anime lovers. Thrill lovers and viewers who relish in watching adventure unfold will ultimately face a high degree of satisfaction when they watch the anime movies due in 2017. The top 10 anime you must watch in 2017 include:

Saga of Tanya the Evil

Tanya Degurechov who is the protagonist in this anime stars as an elite office personnel but everything changes when a vengeful god chooses to have her reborn as a little girl with unique characteristics that are supposed to define her new role. She is able to instill fear in her opponents and in doing so she makes it as a dangerous individual among the sorcerers present in the Imperial Army. This is one anime you can’t afford to miss out on.

Akindo Sei Little Peso

An Anime to definitely look out for, Akindo Sei Little Peso is a comedy fantasy creation produced by Fanworks. It follows the life of a youthful prince who likes to spend his time playing smartphone games but gets a rude awakening when the King informs him that they need money. This is a proposition that sees the prince set out on a quest with his friends where they encounter varied thrills and adventure on their path.

Scum’s Wish

Based on the story of two personalities, Mugi Awaya and Hanabi Yasuraoka, Scum’s Wish explores their lives as a couple and the intrigues that come with their relationship. Since both of them have developed a crush on other people, this Anime follows their story of having to date for convenience and explores the possibilities of both of them being able to find true love or languishing in solitude and loneliness.

ACCA: 13 ward observation department

Set in the Kingdom of Dowa, this Anime presents a world that has been divided into 13 sections with each having a department tasked with observations and controlled by ACCA. This exciting and adventure filled Anime follows the story of Jean Otus who is second in command at ACCA and his exploits as he visit all the 13 wards. With the adventure his travels and engagements bring as he follows through the journey, it promises to be an engaging Anime.

Armed Girl’s Machiavellism

One of the best Anime movies viewers will be treated to in 2017, Armed Girl’s Machiavellism tells the story of a hoodlum schoolboy who is directed to join a school that has its discipline setting handled by school girls carrying swords who are ready to discipline him and ensure that he falls in line. Determined to whip him into the desired shape, this action filled anime is precisely what viewers have been waiting for.

Tales of Zestiria the X

2017 will see the second installment of this Anime and this second season promises to be engaging and thrill filled as the first season, if not more. Based on fantasy adventure, Tales of Zestiria the X will continue to follow Soery in his bid to exterminate all malevolence and purify the world to bring peace and tranquility.

Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Impure King Arc

Yukio and Rin take up the responsibility to find a thief who has stolen the eye of the Impure King which was safely stored away. Since the thief has also abducted a child, Yukio and Rin seek to uncover the mystery and solve the case and it is their investigations that reveal the core of what the Impure King is all about and the gist of the Edo Period.

Attack on Titan

The second season of Attack on Titan promises to be the best installment yet of this fantasy and action filled anime. With the storyline revolving around the battle that humans are having with the Titans that feed on humans, the thrill and fun portion is set to be top notch which is what anime lovers wish to have in the series.

Hand Shakers

This original Anime is exactly what adventure seeking viewers should target in 2017. It is set in Japan in “AD20XX” where individuals challenge themselves with weapons that are generated from their deepest psyche. The duo that claims victory in the tasking battles reserve the right to challenge “god”. Its significant level of animation and a tangible storyline make Hand Shakers an Anime to watch out for in 2017.


Arguably among the best Anime of 2017, it is a series that keeps its viewers on edge owing to the thrill and adventure that surrounds its storyline. It has a rich history and with every latest installment of the adaptation of Gintama bringing with it new and profound excitement, viewers are sure to be treated to a wealth of adventure and fun.

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