Bing Ads Exam with Answers

Bing ads accredited professional


  1. There are 100 questions on this exam.
  2. Passing score is 80%.
  3. Bing Ads interface, the Bing Editor, and general PPC best-practices.
  4. It’s super easy.

Passed with a sizable “cushion” for incorrect answers.

Updated June 4th, 2016.


1)  With pay-per-click search advertising, when are you charged?

A)  Each time your ad is displayed on the search results page.

B)  Each time a customer makes a purchase from your website.

C)  When your ad goes live.

D)  Each time a customer clicks your ad.

Pay per Click or PPC is a form of advertising that charges you whenever a customer clicks on your ad.  


2) A visitor to the Baldwin Museum of Science website signs up to receive its newsletter. What is this customer action called?

A)  Link

B)  Pay-per-click

C)  Conversion

D)  Click-through

When a website visitor does what you ask them to do, this is called a conversion.  Conversions are among the best metrics when it comes to determining if your campaign is going well.  


3)  Bing Ads includes robust research and reporting tools to help you identify potential areas for campaign improvement. What is it called when you improve your campaign based on the results of these tools?

A)  Targeting

B)  Pay-per-click

C)  Optimization

D)  Incremental keyword bidding

Optimization is something you always do.  Optimizing your account means that you are trying to make revenue.  


4)  With search advertising, what happens when a customer clicks your ad? (Select two)

A)  You are charged if the customer makes a purchase.

B)  You are charged for the click.

C)  The customer links to your website.

D)  A conversion is recorded by the Bing Ads conversion-tracking tool.

You will be charged for the click.  You will also be charged if the customer eventually makes a purchase.  


5)  What is the best way to learn how many clicks Bing Ads has identified as low quality?

A)  Use commercial web-tracking software to monitor site traffic.

B)  Add low-quality click values to your performance reports.

C)  Set up a monthly budget that allows for trends and fluctuations.

D)  Contact Bing Ads Support periodically.

Answer is to add a low quality click values to your performance report.  Haven’t used this function in Bing yet, but the other answers don’t make sense.


6)  High traffic, combined with which of the following, might indicate low-quality click activity?

A)  A change in competitor bidding

B)  Sales, discounts, or promotions

C)  New links to your website

D)  Low conversion rates

Lover conversion rates.  It’s all about conversions.  High traffic is irrelevant if no one is interested.  


7)  Which of the following might generate invalid clicks? (Select two)

A)  Trademark infringement

B)  Search engine robots

C)  Fraudulent activity

D)  Increased clicks due to recent news about your company

Search engine robots and fraudulent activity.  


8)  Which type of customer conversion is tracked by Universal Event Tracking (UET)?

A)  Destination URL

B)  Duration per visit

C)  Pages per visit

D)  Purchase

E)  All of the above

UET tracks all the above.  


9)  Once your goals are created, you need to assign the goal to a tracking script. What is this tracking script called?

A)  Pin

B)  Tag

C)  Goal

D)  Code

Goal.  UET uses tags to define and track goals.  


10)  How many tags must you place on your site to track multiple campaigns?

A)  One tag per campaign

B)  One tag per Ad Group

C)  One tag per Account

D)  One tag per website

One tag a campaign if your goal is to track campaigns.  


11)  Which visitor behavior is considered a conversion?

A)  Clicking an ad

B)  Browsing to the About Us page

C)  Signing up for an e-mail newsletter

D)  Adding an item to a shopping cart

Signing up for an e-mail newsletter is often consider a “conversion.”


12)  Conversion tracking provides data about visitors who click your ad, and then continue to complete a desired action (conversion). True or False?



Yes, Answer is True.  


13)  Why is it important to choose the right keywords? (Select two)

A)  Prevents your campaign from being paused.

B)  Helps more customers find your ads.

C)  Drives more relevant traffic to your website.

D)  Lowers your incremental bids.

Choosing the right keywords will help customers find your ad while driving relevant traffic to your website.  


14)  Bing Ads provides an end-to-end keyword research experience that includes helpful features such as keyword suggestions and estimated click-through rate. From which Bing Ads tabs can you access these features? (Select two)

A)  Home

B)  Campaigns

C)  Opportunities

D)  Tools

It is Tools.  


15)  When building your keywords list, you can Enter or Research keywords. Which of the following are available in the Bing Ads keyword research dropdown? (Select two)

A)  Incremental bids

B)  Find keywords containing a word or phrase

C)  Find keywords on a website

D)  Ad Preview

Answer is Find Keywords containing a word or phrase and Find Keywords on a  website.  The other two answers don’t make sense.  


16)  What do you call words or phrases that trigger ads when they match a customers search query?

A)  Keywords

B)  Targeting criteria

C)  Ad group

D)  None of the above

Keywords of course. 


17)  Why would this keyword not serve with this ad? Travel to {keyword} Discounted group trips to {keyword}! Book today.

A)  Keyword: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

B)  Dynamic text cannot include more than one word.

C)  Dynamic text cannot be used in the ad title.

D)  The keyword variable has incorrect brackets.

E)  Dynamic text causes the ad title to exceed character limits.

Too long.  If Dynamic causes the ad title to be too long, it doesn’t show.  


18)  Consolidated Messenger has created an ad that uses dynamic text in the ad title. Which of the following will prevent the ad title from exceeding character limitations regardless of the search query term?

A)  Fresh {keyword}

B)  Fresh {keyword:flowers}

C)  Fresh {keyword}{param2}

D)  Fresh {keyword} flowers

It is a parameter so Fresh {keyword}{param2}.  


19)  World Wide Importers is offering a variety of shipping specials and pricing discounts for different gift items. For example, rings ship for free and are 25% off, while bracelets ship overnight and are 15% off.

Which options can World Wide Importers select to insert the different shipping information and price discounts into the ad text of different products? (Select two)

A)  Destination URL

B)  Placeholder {param2}

C)  Placeholder {param3}

D)  Placeholder {keyword}

I’m certain you need to have two different parameters so Placeholder {param2} and Placeholder {param3} makes sense to me.


20)  What is the main advantage of using dynamic text in your ads?

A)  Allows you to exceed the character limits for Bing Ads ads.

B)  Helps you find synonyms for the keywords youve chosen.

C)  Displays ads only to customers most interested in purchasing.

D)  Turns generic ads into custom ads.

Dynamic ads are based on what the searcher is looking for so it turns generic ads into custom ads.  


21)  What happens if any of your ad components exceed character limits?

A)  You will be charged the incremental bid amount for each extra character.

B)  You will not be able to save your ad.

C)  Your ad will be automatically paused.

D)  The extra characters are automatically truncated.

If your components exceed character limits then it will not allow you to save your ad.


22)  Which of the following suggested best practices are likely to help make your ad more effective?

A)  Including the term “Click here.”

B)  Highlighting your company’s products and benefits.

C)  Using generic phrases like “big savings!”

D)  Repeating promotional words for emphasis.

You should highlight your company’s product and benefits.  The other three are not best practice.  


23)  Which components are not required for a Bing Ads text ad? (Select two)

A)  Ad title

B)  Company name

C)  Ad text

D)  Targeting

E)  Display URL

F)  Destination URL

Targeting and Company Name aren’t require.  The other four are required.  


24)  Which of the following will not cause your ad to be disapproved?

A)  The landing page is under construction.

B)  The landing page generates a pop up survey.

C)  The landing page includes more than one of your keywords.

D)  The landing page is not relevant to the ad text and keywords.

The fact that a landing page includes more than one keyword is fine.  Sometimes it might be a good thing. 


25)  Coho Winery wants its ad to display for the keyword “cabernet sauvignon” only when a customers search query matches the exact keywords in exactly the same order. Which keyword match option should they select?

A)  Broad match

B)  Exact match

C)  Phrase match

D)  Negative keyword

Exact keywords means exact match is the answer. 


26)  Trey Research sells vegetable seeds and does not want its ad to display when a customer searches for flower seeds. To avoid displaying an ad when a customer searches for flower seeds, which Bing Ads option should they select?

A)  Broad match

B)  Phrase match

C)  Exact match

D)  Negative keyword

Negative keywords help exclude search queries.  


27)  What Bing Ads feature allows you to specify how closely a customer’s search query must match your keyword before your ad is displayed?

A)  Website exclusions

B)  Keyword match type

C)  Targeting

D)  Incremental bidding

Keyword match type since the other answers don’t make sense.  


28)  Coho Winery wants its ad to display for the keyword “white wines” when a customers search query is either “white wines” or “wines white.” Which keyword match option should they select?

A)  Broad match

B)  Phrase match

C)  Exact match

D)  Negative keyword

Phrase match means the words have to appear in the phrase.  


29)  You want to know the geographical location of the people who click your ad. Which type of report should you select?

A)  Billing and budget

B)  Delivery

C)  Targeting

D)  Campaign analytics

E)  Change history

You need to go into locations.  This should be in targeting reports.  


30)  You want to track your search advertising budget and spend. Which report group should you select?

A)  Billing and budget

B)  Targeting

C)  Delivery

D)  Editorial

Billing and Budget is where you track your budget and spend.  


31)  You want to know who made changes to the targeting options in your Bing Ads campaign. Which type of report should you select?

A)  Billing and budget

B)  Targeting

C)  Delivery

D)  Campaign analytics

E)  Change history

In AdWords it’s called Change history.  I assume its the same here as well. 


32)  You want to run your report on a regular basis. Which option gives you this capability?

A)  Impression column

B)  Campaign Analytics report type

C)  Limit your report results to specific accounts

D)  Schedule this report to run automatically

This one I will use common sense… schedule this report to run automatically?.


33)  Your ad has a high click-through rate, but a low conversion rate. Which of the following might help increase your conversion rate?

A)  Increase the number of keywords you’re bidding on

B)  Improve the user experience on your landing page

C)  Increase your budget

D)  Increase your keyword bid prices

Increasing the user experience should increase your conversion rate.  Your traffic here is fine.  


34)  Your ad is receiving a low number of impressions. Which report would be most helpful to identify which keywords are most effective in delivering impressions?

A)  Campaign performance

B)  Bing Ads Editorial guidelines

C)  Budget summary

D)  Keyword performance

Keyword performance. 


35)  Which Bing Ads feature can help you analyze your ad campaign performance?

A)  Editorial guidelines

B)  Targeting

C)  Reports

D)  Dynamic text

Should be reports.  


36)  Your ad has a high number of impressions, but a low click-through rate. Which of the following might help increase your click-through rate?

A)  Increase your keyword bids

B)  Bid on frequently misspelled keywords

C)  Set Bing Ads to spend your budget evenly across the month

D)  Make your ad copy more compelling

Better ad copy will help.  


37)  If you wanted to better understand how your customers are clicking through your website, which Bing Ads functionality would you use?

A)  Analytics

B)  Bing Ads Intelligence tool

C)  Editorial Guidelines

D)  Bing Ads Targeting report

In Google this would be Analytics.  Not sure if Bing has something different.  I will guess Analytics here.  


38)  Which one of the following is not a report in Bing Ads?

A)  Performance

B)  Change History

C)  Campaign Analytics

D)  Ad Sequence

Ad sequence probably isn’t a report.  The other three seem logical. 


39)  Bing Ads uses pre-click, real-time, and post-click systems to protect you from low-quality clicks.





40)  Unified Device Targeting combines PCs, Laptops and Tablets into one category. How do you optimize your bid for Tablets?

A)  Increase the bid for all devices

B)  Increase tablet bid

C)  Decrease PC/Laptop bid

D)  Its not possible to optimize bids for Tablets

Increase tablet bid here. 


41)  Tablet investment can be controlled by bid modifiers of: [select 2]

A)  3

B)  -1

C)  10

D)  -0.2

Should be increase of up to 300% and decrease down to 20%.  So A and D.   


42)  If you set up multiple bid modifiers, more than one of your target criterion is met, and your ad is clicked, you pay for each of the bid adjustments that match.



True.  So true.  


43)  You can set default keyword bids at what level?

A)  Account

B)  Campaign

C)  Ad group

D)  Keyword

Ad Group level for default keyword bids.  


44)  Which of the following can you customize in Bing Ads Editor?

A)  Default keyword bids at the ad-group level

B)  Summary Grid columns

C)  Demographic targets for campaigns

D)  Device targets for ad groups

E)  All of the above

I would hope that you can do all of the above.  It would surprise me if you couldn’t. 


45)  Bing Ads Editor has a Replace Text button that allows advertisers to replace text across multiple ads. Which of the following ad elements can be changed using Replace Text?

A)  Title

B)  Ad copy


D)  Title and Ad copy

E)  All of the above

Ad copy only.  


46)  The keyword research feature can help you:

A)  Expand keyword or negative keyword lists

B)  Target the most relevant audience

C)  Improve your bid strategy

D)  All of the above

Keyword research is meant to expand keyword or negative keyword lists.  It is not meant for the other two things.  


47)  Looking at traffic history is one way to improve your bidding strategy. True or false?





48)  What is the first step in getting a bid estimation for keywords?

A)  Choose the bid amount

B)  Choose a keyword

C)  Choose the targeted position

D)  None of the above

Choosing a keyword… duh.  haha.  


49)  Which item is not a possible Campaign Exclusion?

A)  Geographic locations

B)  Age and gender

C)  IP address

D)  Website

Answer is age and gender.  


50)  Exclusions you set at the campaign level will not apply to all of the ads in your campaign. True or false?





51)  Which exclusions are permitted at the campaign level to keep your ad from displaying?

A)  Location

B)  Website

C)  IP Address

D)  All of the above

All the exclusions can be used.  Answer is all of the above. 


52)  Each campaign you create will have its own ___________.

A)  Budget

B)  Account

C)  Incremental bid

D)  Dynamic text

The only one that it needs to have is a budget. 


53)  Which of the following will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns?

A)  Ad groups

B)  Conversion tracking

C)  Dynamic text parameters

D)  Incremental bids

Try conversion tracking.  It helps.  


54)  In Bing Ads, which customer actions are considered conversions? (Select three)

A)  Completing a transaction.

B)  Performing a search query.

C)  Purchasing a product or service.

D)  Filling out a registration form.

E)  Clicking the ad.

These three: completing a transaction, purchasing a product or service, and filling out a registration form.  


55)  In addition to Microsoft Office Excel Template (.xls), what other file format can be used to import a keyword list into Bing Ads?

A)  Extended markup language (.xml)

B)  Text file (.txt)

C)  Comma-separated values (.csv)

D)  None of the above

Off the top of my head.. CSV


56)  Multiple Ad Groups are allowed in Campaigns.





57)  You can import existing campaigns from other online search engines. True or false?



Yes… in fact one of the first things they ask you is whether you would like to import from Google.  


58)  You run a pizza delivery service in the greater New York area, delivering to Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens.

How would you target the ads to optimize your campaign?

A)  Target the ads by location to the delivery areas.

B)  Target the ads by New York City.

C)  Target the ads incrementally.

D)  Target the ads by age and gender.

Optimize by location to the delivery areas.  


59)  Alpine Ski House is promoting weekend getaways for retired couples who live near Denver.

What are the best targeting options for this customer?

A)  Age and time of day

B)  Age and geographical

C)  Gender and geographical

D)  Age and gender

Target based on age and geographical location. 


60)  An online clothing store sells clothing exclusively to young women.

A)  Age and time of the day

B)  Age and location

C)  Age and gender

D)  Gender and day of the week

Target based on age and gender. 


61)  When you target by time of day, which time zone does Bing Ads use?

A)  The distribution channel.

B)  The searchers location, based on IP lookup.

C)  The language in which the ad is written.

D)  The address provided at registration.

Bing probably uses the searchers location based in IP.  This is what Google does.  


62)  If you are unable to find your ad in the Bing Network results pages, why should you first examine the Impressions column in the Bing Ads data summary tables?

A)  It tells you why your ad has been disapproved.

B)  It tells you whether your campaign is active.

C)  It shows the total number of clicks your ad has received.

D)  It tells you if your ad is being displayed, even if you can’t find it.

You should figure out if your ads are being displayed; answer D makes sense. 


63)  Which column in the Bing Ads data summary table tells you the pre- and post-auction delivery status of your campaign?

A)  Status

B)  Impressions

C)  Click-through rate

D)  Delivery



64)  The Negative Keywords Conflicts report provides useful information about how negative keywords may be reducing campaign effectiveness. This report returns which of the following information? (Select two)

A)  Determine if your ad and keyword are receiving impressions.

B)  How many impressions were lost because of the conflict.

C)  Which keywords and negative keywords are conflicting.

D)  Whether the conflict is at the campaign or ad group level.

It tells you which keywords and negative keywords are conflicting and what level the conflict occurs at.  The other two choices don’t make much sense. 


65)  Although the Ad Preview and Diagnostics Tool is a powerful and useful tool, you should use it sparingly because it directly affects your campaign results and budget.



I hope not…  FALSE.


66)  If your ad rank is low even though your click-through rate is high, what should you do to improve your campaign?

A)  Decrease your keyword bid prices.

B)  Increase your keyword bid prices.

C)  Place your ads in different ad groups.

D)  Reassess your keyword selection.

You need to spend more money… i.e. increase your keyword bid prices.


67)  Which of the following factors could impact the performance and delivery of your ad?

A)  The relevance of your keywords

B)  Your keyword bid amount

C)  The click-through rate on Bing Network results pages

D)  All of the above.

ALL of the above.  


68)  You want to improve the relevance of your ad and landing page. First, you include dynamic text in your ad. What else can you do?

A)  Apply a keyword level destination URL using dynamic text

B)  Increase your keyword bids

C)  Increase your incremental bids

D)  All of the above

You should also apply a keyword level destination URL using dynamic text.  The other two answers don’t increase relevance.  


69)  Which of the following does not affect your ad’s rank?

A)  Keyword bid

B)  Ad quality

C)  Analytics

D)  Performance

Analytics.  The other three affect ad rank.  


70)  Which Delivery status is given to ads or keywords that violate the Bing Ads policies?

A)  Ad paused

B)  Pending editorial review

C)  Disapproved

D)  Eligible

Disapproved.  Assuming it’s the same terminology as Google.  


71)  Which Delivery status indicates an ad group that has passed its end date?

A)  Ad group paused

B)  Pending editorial review

C)  Disapproved

D)  Ad group expired

Ad Group Expired.  


72)  Which of the following statements describes inline editorial feedback during ad creation?

A)  Bing ads will inform you why an ad is disapproved and direct you to a solution

B)  Bing ads checks for character limits, word counts and missing or incorrectly formatted URL

C)  Bing ads alerts you to possible trademark infringements

D)  All of the above

Bing checks for character limits, word counts and missing or incorrect URLs during ad creation. 


73)  Your ad will be approved if you comply with Bing Ads policies for the United States, regardless of the market in which the ad is being displayed.



FALSE.  So False.


74)  Adventure Works chooses the Daily Accelerated budget option. On the day of a promotion sale, there is an unexpected increase in clicks and the daily budget is reached by noon. What happens?

A)  Ad activity stops until the next day.

B)  Charges for additional clicks are subtracted from the next days budget.

C)  Charges for additional clicks are automatically added to the budget.

D)  The landing page is not displayed when the ad is clicked.

Ad activity stops until the next day… your budget is gone.  


75)  If you set a monthly budget too low for the traffic generated by your keywords, what might happen?

A)  Bing Ads will automatically recalculate a higher monthly budget for your campaign.

B)  Bing Ads might not allow you to change your monthly budget and keyword bids.

C)  Bing Ads might automatically decrease your keyword bids.

D)  You might deplete your campaign’s monthly budget before the end of the month.

You will deplete your campaign monthly budget before the end of the month and then no more ads for this campaign.  


76)  The campaign budget for one of your campaigns is set to Monthly. The monthly budget is reached on the 15th day of the month.

What effect does this have on the ads within that campaign?

A)  They continue showing until the account-level budget is reached.

B)  They discontinue showing and will resume the first day of the next month.

C)  They discontinue showing for the rest of the day and will resume the next day.

D)  They do not resume. You must start a new campaign.

Ads will stop until the first day of the next month.  


77)  As a Bing Ads customer, you want to run a very short seasonal campaign. You configure the campaign to run the last 10 days in November. Youre willing to spend a maximum of $5,000 on this campaign for the month.

What amount should you enter in the campaign budget field when using the Daily Standard option?

A)  50

B)  100

C)  500

D)  1000

500 should be correct.  Assuming you max out your spend daily.  


78)  For what does Bing Ads charge you?

A)  Each time your ad is displayed on the search results page.

B)  Each time a customer makes a purchase from your website.

C)  Each time a searcher types in one of your keywords.

D)  Each time a customer clicks your ad.

PPC means pay each time a customer clicks on the ad.  


79)  What is the billing threshold?

A)  The minimum payment required to keep your account active

B)  Your minimum monthly budget

C)  Your account credit limit

D)  Your billing cycle date

Hmm… it’s when it’s time to collect so it’s your account credit limit. 


80)  From which tab can you access your online billing statement?

A)  Campaigns

B)  Accounts & Billing

C)  Opportunities

D)  Tools

Accounting and Billing. 


81)  From which Bing Ads Editor pane can you bulk-edit all of the items selected in the Summary Grid?

A)  Browser

B)  Editor

C)  Error

D)  All of the above



82)  Which feature should you use to create a custom filter that shows items with different attributes?

A)  Advanced search

B)  Find and replace

C)  Match types

D)  None of the above

Advanced search. 


83)  The Multiple Changes wizard helps you create which of the following:

A)  Campaigns

B)  Ad groups

C)  Keywords

D)  All of the above

All the above.  


84)  You can create a new campaign by copying an existing campaign from one account to another. True or false?





85)  The Summary Grid displays icons that alert you to errors or unsynchronized offline changes.





86)  Bing Ads Editor allows you to work and make changes offline or online.





87)  Bing Ads Editor lets you know about important information with which of the following?

A)  Warning notifications

B)  Information notifications

C)  Opportunity notifications

D)  All of the above

All of these. 


88)  Which menu should you use to manage your accounts and campaigns?

A)  Download

B)  Accounts

C)  Import

D)  Export



89)  Synchronization operations are only applied to the accounts and campaigns youve downloaded to the Bing Ads Editor. True or false?





90)  You have finished importing new campaigns into Bing Ads Editor. What must you do before the new campaigns can become active?

A)  Unsubscribe to the account containing the campaigns.

B)  Click the Export button to export the campaigns.

C)  Click Post Changes button to sync with Bing Ads online.

D)  Use the Multiple Changes wizard to bulk-edit the campaign properties.

You have to Post Changes.  The other answers make no sense.  


91)  You are importing campaigns into Bing Ads Editor. Which column in the Import Completed dialog indicates campaigns that will not be created or updated because they duplicate existing values or contain invalid data?

A)  New

B)  Updated

C)  Deleted

D)  Skipped

Skipped?  The other answers are wrong.   


92)  You can import Google campaigns directly into Bing Ads using your Google AdWords credentials. True or false?





93)  Keywords can be analyzed by what factors?

A)  Traffic

B)  Keyword Categories

C)  Age Group and Gender

D)  Keyword performance

E)  All of the above

All Factors.  


94)  When you use the Keyword Research & Account buttons to build or expand keywords lists, newly generated keyword lists also provide additional data. Which of the following data is included? (Select two)

A)  Keyword traffic

B)  Suggested bids

C)  Future performance

D)  Demographic targets

Keyword traffic and suggested bids.  


95)  Keyword research templates are available in the Template Pane, but they do not incorporate Excel features.





96)  The Bing Ads Intelligence Tool can generate long lists of keywords from one or several seed keywords, but cannot eliminate duplicate keywords when generating lists.



FALSE: I hope it could eliminate the duplicates it creates.  


97)  How do your keyword bids and your monthly budget work together?

A)  Your bid affects the number of times your ad is displayed; your budget affects the position of your ad on the page.

B)  Your bid affects the number of times your ad is displayed; your budget affects how closely a search query must match your keyword.

C)  The higher your budget, the more likely your ad will be displayed in position one for the keyword.

D)  Your bid affects the position of your ad on the page; your budget affects the number of times your ad can be clicked.

Bids affect position and budget affects number of times ads will be clicked. 


98)  What is a keyword bid?

A)  Specifies the number of times your ad is displayed in a given month.

B)  Specifies the maximum price you are willing to pay each time someone clicks your ad.

C)  Specifies how closely a search query must match your keyword.

D)  Specifies what price you must pay for your keywords in order to reach position one.

It is the max price you pay for each click.


99)  How do incremental bids affect the display of your ad?

A)  They trigger the display of your ad when terms in your keyword appear in any order in the search query.

B)  They cause a word or phrase to be inserted at display time into the ad.

C)  They affect the number of times your ad is displayed in a given month.

D)  They increase the likelihood that your ads are displayed in a better position to customers who meet your targeting criteria.

They are bid increases the likelihood ads will be display in better positions. 


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