So, You Think Startup Life is Easy?

There are many things to like about startup life.  There’s a lot of freedom.  Some people want to work in a startup because of the life style.  Some want the money… hint… there’s not that much.  Others do it because of the entrepreneurial spirit.  The never dying flame that you can make it.  Regardless of why… it’s a plunge and commitment.  Not a path for the weak of heart.  Startups fail all the time…   If you ask Forbes, it’s an 80% failure rate within 18 months. Crazy high number…



Instagram Marketing is Weird

I spent my first $20 dollars on instagram advertising which is really just Facebook advertising.  I lost followers…  I’m not sure how that’s possible… but it happened.  I’m learning….  I have to develop a more clear instagram account.  I don’t really know who my audience is.  And I don’t have a tone set for the account yet.  Lots of things I need to fix… Right now it’s just a hodge podge of my interests.  Which doesn’t… work on instagram.  You need laser focus.



Lost in the Proverbial Forest

I’m not sure what the title means.  I thought it would make a good title.  This weekend has been a mess.  Productivity wise, it’s not been bad.  No weekend when I set up my youtubes and this blog is all that bad.  Combined that’s like a day of work.  And I learned a new linkedin strategy.  I didn’t get to exercise… at all this week.  And my schedule is complexly off.  I’m not feeling great.  The weather changes are a bit much.  And I’m generally not in the best mood… I get grumpy when my schedule is altered.



Selfishness & Startup Life Stories

People are inherently selfish…  this is true.  They will do what’s in their best interest.  It’s part of being human.  Therefore, a smart company will align an employee’s interest with their own.  One of the worst parts of owning a startup is training.  Training people is hard.  It takes time and resources.  And even with the perfect student… you can fail.  And after you are done training… they can leave for green pastures.  This happens a whole lot with developers.  Especially with ones who think they are better than they are.



Laziness & Startup Life Stories

There are days I don’t want to do anything… like blog.  or make videos.  On these days I still force myself to do these things.  Mainly as a testament of consistency.  If you do something long enough… you will eventually get there.  Even when progress seems incredibly slow.  I wanted to talk about laziness and how it’s incredibly destructive of a startup.   The model behind a startup is everyone tries as hard as they can and hopefully we get rich.  Well..  because every employee has multiple responsibilities, when things fail, it’s difficult to pinpoint who failed.  Rather it’s the team that fails.



Panic & Startup Life Stories

One of the keys to making it as a startup is to not panic.  Things will inevitably go bad… sometimes get worst.  You have to keep your head up and keep at it.  Consistency trumps everything else in terms of importance.  Panic alters consistency and therefore productivity.  Some people are incredibly bad at handling adverse situations.  You don’t really want them as part of your startup…  Startup life is a constant state of panic.  I’m not sure why someone with a low tolerance for chaos, would want to join a startup.



Adversary Makes You Stronger

My life hasn’t been easy.  It’s been interesting…  A lot of things I learned on my own or in spite of other people.  I’m glad I had those experiences.  It taught me to endure through difficult times and to choose the difficult path.  It’s never the end goal, just the journey.  Which brings me to this blog topic.  Startup life tests your will to endure.  Not everyday is fun or easy.  The highs are really high and the lows are pretty low.  It’s less stable then a job at a corporation.  But what you put into it… is yours.  And that’s something you can be proud about.





Intellectual Property Rights.


Closing Date Payment.

Material Adverse Effect.

Material Contract.

Proration Date.

Affiliate of Seller.



1. Sale, Purchase and Transfer of Intellectual Property Rights.

1.1 Assets.

1.2 Assignment of Contracts.

1.3 Transferring Assets and Licenses.


2. Purchase Price.


3. Closing.

3.1 Documents to be Delivered by Seller.

3.2 Documents to be Delivered by Buyer.

3.3 Transfer Fees


4. Conduct of the Seller Pending Closing.


5. Representations of Seller. Seller represents to Buyer that:

5.1 Organization, Standing and Authority.

5.2 Authorization of Agreement; Authority.

5.3 Material Contracts.

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5.5 The Assets.

6. Representations of Buyer. Buyer represents to Seller as follows:

6.1 Buyer’s Organization.

6.2 Authorization of Agreement.

6.3 Consents of Third Parties.

6.4 Litigation.


7. Further Agreements of the Parties.

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7.2 Notice of Changes and Events.

7.3 Expenses.

7.4 Publicity.

7.5 Preservation of Records.

7.6 Buyer’s Due Diligence.

7.7 Conditions to Obligations of Seller.

7.8 Registration Rights.


8. Default; Remedies; Arbitration.

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10.8 Binding Effect; Assignment.

10.9 Counterparts.

10.10 No Recordation.

10.11 No Presumptions.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, The parties have executed this Agreement as of the Effective Date.





Certain Definitions.


“Acquired Assets”

“Assumed Liabilities”

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Search Marketing Proposal for Company


Search Marketing Proposal for Company

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Setting Unrealistically High Expectations

Children set extremely high expectations for themselves.  They want to be movie stars, baseball players, and tech gurus.  At some point these expectations… or dreams… are tempered with more “reasonable” ones.  This is the natural result of life.  There are ceilings and doors everywhere we go.  For the few who still set high expectation… society doesn’t like it.  Most articles go on about how setting goals shouldn’t revolve around numbers.  These articles denote a paradox.  If you set a goal and the goal has no teeth… then why set it?



Collecting Things I Don’t Really Need

One of the worst characteristics traits I have.. is I buy things I know I have no useful.  Case in point… books… I don’t really have the time to read them… but I can’t stop buying them.  I order them from Amazon… from eBay, and if a local store has a few hundred… I think nothing of making an offer for everything.  Literally… every book in the store…  The other thing is cards…  Although I’ve been much better recently… a result of being too busy to really care.  Cards are on the lower end of importance.  I guess there’s one more…. anime related things.  Which will make February an extremely expensive month.



The Truth Behind KickStarter

Here’s something I’ve been wanting to write up for some time.  I run kick starter campaigns… and they are not what you think they are…. purely marketing and sort of scummy.  The key to a successful kick starter is making sure you fund it yourself… about half way.  If you sent a goal of $10, 000 you should have $5, 000 in guarantee funds within the first 48 hours.  You want to trickle it, so it seems naturally.  Create multiple accounts or give friends/family the money to “fund” your item.  This will trigger kick starters not… fully optimized algorithm and boom you are on the front page.  Once on the front page you can collect the remaining $5,000 easily…



Teaching Yourself Coding & PPC

I teach coding to elementary students.  It’s a lot of fun.  Basic HTML… no CSS yet.  During computer class.  I believe everyone can learn coding and PPC.   It’s not difficult and with the internet you really don’t need to go to school.  Online classes were great and I felt I learned at a much faster rate than if I signed up for a class.  I was thinking of signing up for classes at UH… but the scheduling didn’t work with my job at the time.



Onwards & Upwards, Everyday as an Adventure

My mentality over the past 3 years has been everyday is an adventure.  After my “corporate” job as a comptroller… I wanted to do something different.  That was marketing.  The first agency I worked… I will described as an interesting experience.  PPC and development were not valued.  Social Media and Graphic Design were the two areas the agency focused on.  The team ratio was interesting…  20% sales 35% graphic design 35% social media 5% PPC & 5% developer.  Social Media Specialists and Graphic Designers were the overwhelming majority of the team.



16 Resolutions for 2016 New Years

Goal 1: Read 50 books.  I own a few thousand… they just sit there.  I wish there was a word for buying a book and not reading it…

Goal 2: 7, 500 linkedin connections.  I need to go to events and socialize in person more.  I have business cards now… that’s making a huge difference.

Goal 3: 3, 500 Instagram followers.  I like instagram it’s a lot of fun.  I’m going to take it more seriously from this point on.


Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 5.22.35 PM 2

Spending Money on My Social Media

The biggest difference in 2016 is I’ve saved some money to spend on Social Media.  I do PPC for a living.. so it’s only right that I practice what I preach.  I’m excited.  It’s not going to crazy amounts of money… but enough to make a large difference.  I have so many social media platforms….  Sometimes… multiple accounts on the same platforms.  Here’s the current break down and where I’m going to put my money… at least according to the current marketing plan.


Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 5.22.35 PM

My Hobbies Make Me Money

The old Acura RDX 08 has been great…  However… it’s 7 years later.  If I was really spend thrifty I would wait until 2017…. But then the car would be 8 years old.  The only bad thing about saving for a new car is I should theoretically eat out less.  In 2015 I ate out around 400 times including lunch, breakfast, and dinner.  The average bill was around $15.  This is according to Mint.  If I eat out 75% less which Mint tells me is about right… I should be able to save $4,500 a year.  I find these numbers difficult to believe…


Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 5.22.32 PM 2

Holiday Shopping List – Expanded

Let’s be serious… I need to get my iPad back.  It has the one game I play.  I promised my mother an iPad Pro.  But Best Buy ran out of the 128GB she wanted.  This was an oversight on my part since I didn’t realize that they could run out of iPads… For whatever reason my Best Buy has lots of stock all the time.  I called a few times inquiry when they will have them back in stock… to this… they told me to Kingwood.  Which I’m not going to go to…


Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 5.22.32 PM

Mondays Are Always Eventful

Mondays… consist of an odd combination of work at home and work from a remote office… which sort of defeats the purposes of work at home. hahaha.  Mondays are also the day I get the most inquiries about jobs.  I felt this Monday would be slower since it’s the holiday… but it wasn’t and probably won’t ever be.



I’ve Always Wanted to be an Artist

Art was something I enjoy immensely.  Ever since I took art classes in elementary school I’ve love sketching and drawing.  I took manga drawing classes in middle school and high school.  Those were a lot of fun.  My senior project was a Manga series which I published online.  There’s something about creating your own characters that’s very appealing to me.  In many ways it similar to having your own startup.  You live the adventure.


Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 12.13.30 PM

Website & Social Media & Books

This website is only about 6 months old.  I created some previous content a while ago… but the website it self is new.  It was a struggle to get it up and running…. the server kept crashing.  My original concept for it was much grander than it’s current form.  I was going to have an entire video series much like Teamtreehouse for PPC.  However… that didn’t happen.  I wasn’t able to spend as much time on it as I thought.  After resigning from my previous agency… for all types of reasons…. I planned on spending the next 2 months working exclusively on my website.  I’d save enough money to do so and was looking forward to redoing the entire thing.


Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 12.13.22 PM

How to be Successful as a Marketer?

I spent Friday reading… what else is new.  I finished the E-Myth which was a great read.  I got it from my COO.  I enjoyed the book immensely.  A large part of it was creating documentation on your work processes.  Sort of like what I did as a comptroller.  I had a lot of interesting jobs….  in many interesting fields.  But marketing is my favorite.  I like it because it rewards those who learn everyday while punishing those who are lazy.  It’s a competition… and if you aren’t training and getting better each day… you are getting worst.  Under my ideal schedule I have 4 extra hours to learn every weekday and 8-12 hours every Sunday.  I take it seriously… it’s another full time job.


Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 12.13.07 PM

Resetting & Recovering from Burn Out

These last two days… really three days if you count Wednesday.. I went to work last Wednesday but didn’t do anything productive….  have been relaxing.  I caught up with my anime.  DuraDura which is one of the weirdest anime shows I’ve watched.  It also rematched the devil is a part timer.  Still my favorite.  And I finished how to create murderer.  I’m all reset and excited to work on a few different things this weekend.  Another pitch deck and some updated study guides.  I’m hoping to update them all those year.  It’s a large task, but something I’m looking forward to doing.


Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 12.13.04 PM

My Worst Failures in 2015 Revisited

It’s 12:19am on a Friday…  I’m in a rather pensive mood.  An uncommon mood for me to wallow in.  My last blog was things I did well in 2016.  This blog will be things I didn’t do as well.  Sales.  I get it…. but I don’t get it.  I’m figuring out how to close. I can generate open leads but I have difficulty closing them.  My working hours have been weird.  Code sprints are fun for the first two hours… but at some point become pretty boring.  You repeat actions over and over again.  Eventually it’s just a grind to finish the project.



I’m Grateful For all the Adventures of 2015

This year in closing was a good year.  Capped off by various adventures.  The first half of the year was fine.  It wasn’t as inspiring as the second half.  I did learn many important financial lessons.  And some marketing.  However, it’s not the adventure I’m currently progressing through.  The current adventure while more demanding is a lot more fun.  I’m learning at an accelerated and I can actually see the proverbial night at the end of the tunnel.


Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 8.19.16 PM

Going on Adventures

Startup life is a never ending adventure.  Everyday you are forced to do something new.  You have to option to either look forward to learning this new task or failing at it.  I’ve worked in marketing for 3 years.  That’s even longer than I went to law school for… it’s about the same length I was practicing at a IP law firm.  It’s a large chunk of my life.  3 years…  wow.  Each day I get better.  I wake up excited to learn something new and do something better.  Nothing makes me happier than knowing tomorrow will be a new adventure.  And if I fall flat on my face on today’s journey… tomorrow’s journey will be so different that it’s completely new.


Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 8.19.06 PM

Blogging on Sunday Nights is Fun

There’s something about Sunday night… For whatever reason my awareness is heightened.  If I had to guess, it’s forecasted panic.  I’ve always worked Sunday night.  In high school through law school, between 6pm until 4am I can get so much done.  It’s a little frightening since I wonder why I can’t copy this on every other day.  Saturday nights have been pretty good as of late.  But it’s not Sunday night…


Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 8.18.58 PM

2015 was a Good Year for Social Media

Work at home half days are the best on Monday.  It allows me to crunch on Sundays and get a lot done.  I still have a bunch of videos I need to make…  or I should make.  I’m reviewing my 2015 and I got the numbers I wanted on social media.  I’m pretty proud of that.  Instagram is the only one I didn’t get… 970 of the 1, 000 goals.  Otherwise.  10K twitter, 3K Facebook fan page, 4,500 Facebook friends and 2,500 linked.  I’ll organize these numbers by social media profiles.


Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 1.22.47 PM

Why You and I Don’t Work

I’m not adverse to drama.  I don’t like it…. and it’s annoying.  but if someone brings it to me… I’ll handle it.  Law is drama and I went to Law School which is like high school for type A drama majors.  I’m serious…  While you have to hire a lawyer… I’ll just retain myself.  Time is valuable… but the upside is I get extremely motivated during this period.  It’s like a jolt.  I love the feeling. Like I said… I’m sort of crazy when it comes to what drives me.