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An Especially Productive Week… For being Sick

This week was one of my most productive weeks in a while.  And I was sick almost the entire time.  I’m still sort of sick… but I’m getting better.  I got a lot done…  I worked at home 3 days out of 5 which allowed me to work until late in the night.  The office is a drive and then there’s parking.  Parking is not great… and rather stressful.  All said… I save 2+ hours each day I work from home.  But in reality it feels like a lot more because I’m not stressed out.


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Being Sick Changes Weekend Plans Drastically

I’m fighting sickness.  It’s not a fun time.  I’ve been sick since Saturday morning…. It’s prevented me from recording videos on the Guttulus just when I started to gain traction.  On the flip side, I figured out how to do Instagram marketing.  I’ve been ticking up slowly but steadily.  It his continues, I can get 5, 000 before the year end which would be incredible.  Again…. not sure why I like instagram that much compared to my more successful, social medias… but I do.


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What this Weekend Has in Store for Me?

First off… lots of PPC.  Onboarding clients takes a lot of time… since the accounts are from scratch.  And then updating my social media.  Watching the Super Bowl of course.  And buying things online.  I’m fairly happy with this week.  I completed a lot of tasks.  Although… I ignored many more.  Since I started working more from home…. I can’t differentiate time as well.  It all seems to blur.  I like it.  I’ve had several crunch downs this week.  6 hour crunches which are incredible productive.  And I’m napping relatively frequently.  All of this means I’ve optimized my work life.


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Instagram Advertising is Not Working at All

I’m not going to lie to you… of all the social medias I own… I love instagram the most.  I can’t explain it to you why. I believe it’s due to one of our graphic designers saying that I’m terrible at instagram and she’s better…. haha…  I love competition.  I hit over 1, 000 followers before New Years.  Which was a surprise and a nice way to start.  A sign of all the good things to come this year.  I’m sure.  Now I’m pushing with my lion channel.  I spent a few dollars.. on instagram ads.  I got a lot of likes on the ads which aren’t connected to your instagram account.  The ads exist only on your Facebook ad platform.


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I have 4,940 Facebook Friends… How?

Somehow I’ve accumulated almost 5, 000 Facebook friends.  The reason this is problematic is because 5, 000 is the maximal.  My actual friends will no longer be able to add me.  It’s a good thing I care less about my Facebook than even my guttulus twitter.  My guttulus twitter… which I follow no one and only use it for SEO purposes…. is still at 10K followers.  How… I’m not entirely sure who is following and why.  My Facebook is even more of a mystery to me.  I have 700+ friend requests… and I’ve probably asked less than 100 people to be my friend.  My large Facebook numbers is due to people asking me.  READ MORE


I Hit 8,000,000 Views On YouTube… Why?

I’m somewhat shocked… I have 8 million views on my lion channel.  The channel is around 2 years old…. and it wasn’t even the best channel.  I deleted the best channel because I didn’t feel like having it anymore.  Imagine… what that channel would have been like had I kept it.  I miss my newlawstudent channel immensely.  As I approach 20K in subscribers on my lion channel…. I miss the old channel even more.  Man that was fun.  It’s more fun when you have no idea what you are doing.  Right now I make the same videos day in… day out… it’s rather boring.



Rivals Are the Best Things Ever

I love having a competent rival.  Someone who is about the same skill level as me.  If you select the correct rival, you will rise together.  I had one at NYU and one in law school.  Rivals push you to new levels.  And their passion spills over to yours.  I review it as mutually beneficial.  Weak rivals however… have limited use.  Unless they have a certain skill you want to acquire.  It’s possible to have arrival weak in most things, with one strong trait.



Building Your Own Social Personality

The harshest lesson I learned at my previous agency was never to put your own social connections on your company email.  I wasn’t doing anything bad.  The mistake cost me more than 2 years of progress on my social media.  I had to retake all the Google tests which wasn’t difficult.  But annoying nonetheless.  And I lost Google Local.  I haven’t completely recovered everything I lost.  I don’t have Google local and my guttulus youtube channel had to begin a new.



Sunday Musings & Marketing Thoughts

Outbound marketing is annoying.  It doesn’t convert and the clients you attract aren’t the ones you want to have long term.  Inbound is far superior in most metrics.  Conversion rate, ease of acquisition, etc.  I want to do more inbound.  My plan is to do zero paid advertising.  Sounds crazy since that’s what I’m good at.  And what I won awards doing, however it’s boring.  I prefer to experiment with non-paid forms of advertising since there’s more for me to learn.  And currently it’s more fun.



Spending My Sundays Fixing WordPress

I empathize with website owners.  Wordpress has a lot of updates.  To be more specific… there are a lot of plugin updates that have to be fixed every so often.  These are simple fixes… but still.  I enjoy having my blog.  Since it’s a way for me to plan what I need to do.  Like dealership PPC today.  Since it’s the end of the month.  Proposals and pitches… since those need to be done everyday.  Coding.  Which I finished last night.



You’re ranked 32 out of 357566 students

I reached one of my goals for January.  Only one.  My January wasn’t great.  Lots of personal things and a messy schedule.  I’m looking forward to February since it should be more tame.  I earned 40, 000 points on teamtreehouse which makes me 32 of more than 350K students.  Something I wanted for a while. Teamtreehouse is a learning platform and not something I do on a daily basis anymore.  Those points are as easy to come by since I’ve done most of the lessons.  I would like to be ranked in the top 20 but I’m happy to be 32.  for now….



Who Does NOT Belong at a Startup?

Startups aren’t 9-5s.  They aren’t places to go on paid vacation for 2 weeks… right after the software launched.  If there’s a goal of 20 and you have 1… it is not time to go on vacation.  If one developer goes on vacation…. that doesn’t mean everyone goes on vacation.  Your goal is 20!!! not 1. Seriously… what is going on.  In a Startup the CEO takes out the trash, gets his or her own coffee, and is the first one in/last one out.  Startups are not for people whose only goal is to be paid a biweekly salary.  They are not places for people to be lazy and order $2800 MacBooks and ergonomic chairs.



Late Night Development Learning is a Pain

It’s 1:00am… And I don’t have ice cream yet.  How is this real life?  I have two options, go to CVS and get ice cream and go to sleep… or stay home and do some mongo learning.  Mongo seems cool… I mean I only watch the first 1 minute introduction to it.  But it seems like something I want to learn.  They have a few more advance courses as well.  Which reminds me… I paid for several Udemy courses I haven’t even started yet.  The joys of being busy.


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List of Weekend Tasks to Be Done

The chances of me completing everything on this list is 0 percent.  It’s an ideal list… something I don’t have any hope of completing.  But I like making it, because it helps me prioritize and focus on what actually needs to be done.  I’m aiming for 50% this weekend.  Next weekend will be bad in terms of productivity because my sister is coming to visit.  End of the month… not the best time to visit… but what can I do?  Nada.



Too Much to do This Weekend?


My weekend has a lot of things scheduled.  Dinners, proposals, and PPC related things.  And videos.  And Errands.  I’m excited for some of it…   And meh for some other parts of it.  Personal relationships are draining.  Not a strength or something I want to spend much time thinking about.  Hopefully I can settle somethings.  And work from home week will be a wonderful break and an increase in productivity.  I’m excited for that.  I’ve going to CVS after these blogs are over and buy all the snacks.  hehehe.



My Nasty Shopping Addiction X2

I don’t go shopping often… but when I end up buying too much of what I don’t need.  I’m not sure what it is….  Probably a lack of self control.  The same thing happens when I do PPC or learn development.  I can spend an entire weekend at my work desk being productive.  I haven’t figured out how to shop yet.  I spend close to $500 on things I won’t ever use.  But hey, they are nice to look at.  February is an important month…. There’s a magic the gathering and anime convention at the same location.  My plan is to sell my magic cards to buy anime things…. Or just spend money on both.



E-Sports, Startups, and Mentality


I’m a pretty big fan of e-sports.  I follow one LOL in particular Double Lift or Lift Lift.  He came from a traditional Chinese who literally disowned him because he wanted to play video games.  He believed in his talent enough to try to make it.  And he did.  He’s brand is worth a lot.  Probably at least close to a million.  And he plays video games.  I’ve seen most if not all his interviews, and it still surprises me how hungry he is to win.  He’s not like most video gamers… he has a simple goal, to be the best… I can appreciate that.



Why Failing is Okay for Startups?

I’m blessed.  I have a great set of parents and an enviable life.  I have a lot.  The one thing I don’t have is a software I can sell for millions.  That would be neat.  And is my next goal.  I’m not going to sugar coat this…. the software isn’t want I expected it would be at this point.  In fact… it’s not remotely close…  There is no other way to say it… except it failed.  And I failed.  I failed to manage the development team… instead they managed themselves.  Which makes no sense… since they are developers making a PPC tool.  Not a great plan.



How I got Started in Pay Per Click?

I’m weird… if you read any of my blogs you will know that.  Things that should drive me… mainly money… really don’t.  I’ve paid off all my student loans.  And I don’t have auto loans.  I am debt free and have a significant chunk saved in non-interest funds…. I know… not the best.  I feed on negativity.  The more negative someone is, the more it fuels me to be better.  There’s no better story then the one I’ve told many times… before.  How I got started in PPC.



Fire Emblem & Startup Life Collide

I replayed fire emblem awakening.  It was fun.  10 hours of non-stop playing… essentially my friday night… instead of going out to the amazing event… haha… Pass.  Anyways, I’ve optimized the game and can unlock all the characters.  And grind them at the highest levels within the shortest period of time.  At some point… I stop enjoying the game… and I only continue to playing purely for optimization.  It’s sort of neat being able to play a game “perfectly.”  Anyways…. onto tonight.  I did go to the gym.  And I just got back.  It’s 1:37am… I want to at least make 4 more blogs tonight mainly because I feel guilty for not making my guttulus videos.  When something messes with my schedule… it really messes with it.



Crying Over Shattered iPads… Never

Today wasn’t the greatest day.  Saturday I was out most of the day doing errands.  Sunday… yeah.  Is almost over.  Anyways, I accidentally smashed my iPad onto the floor.  No use crying over spilled milk.  Moved on already.  The same philosophy I have with development and PPC.  If something doesn’t go right, fix it or move on.  No use harping on what went wrong or why.  Failure is failure and it’s always ugly.  And no excuse makes it better…. At least it wasn’t my macbook… that would have sucked.



How to Get Customers & Clients?

No movie better summarizes inbound marketing then Filed of Dreams.  “If you build it, he will come.”  But will they actually come?  Remember you are one of many.  There are companies who do what you do…. or things so similar to what you do… it’s not that different. Sales is not easy.  I spent 4 hours each Sunday doing it.  And 4 hours each Monday.  You have to be consistent and not give up.



So, You Think Startup Life is Easy?

There are many things to like about startup life.  There’s a lot of freedom.  Some people want to work in a startup because of the life style.  Some want the money… hint… there’s not that much.  Others do it because of the entrepreneurial spirit.  The never dying flame that you can make it.  Regardless of why… it’s a plunge and commitment.  Not a path for the weak of heart.  Startups fail all the time…   If you ask Forbes, it’s an 80% failure rate within 18 months. Crazy high number…



Instagram Marketing is Weird

I spent my first $20 dollars on instagram advertising which is really just Facebook advertising.  I lost followers…  I’m not sure how that’s possible… but it happened.  I’m learning….  I have to develop a more clear instagram account.  I don’t really know who my audience is.  And I don’t have a tone set for the account yet.  Lots of things I need to fix… Right now it’s just a hodge podge of my interests.  Which doesn’t… work on instagram.  You need laser focus.



Lost in the Proverbial Forest

I’m not sure what the title means.  I thought it would make a good title.  This weekend has been a mess.  Productivity wise, it’s not been bad.  No weekend when I set up my youtubes and this blog is all that bad.  Combined that’s like a day of work.  And I learned a new linkedin strategy.  I didn’t get to exercise… at all this week.  And my schedule is complexly off.  I’m not feeling great.  The weather changes are a bit much.  And I’m generally not in the best mood… I get grumpy when my schedule is altered.



Selfishness & Startup Life Stories

People are inherently selfish…  this is true.  They will do what’s in their best interest.  It’s part of being human.  Therefore, a smart company will align an employee’s interest with their own.  One of the worst parts of owning a startup is training.  Training people is hard.  It takes time and resources.  And even with the perfect student… you can fail.  And after you are done training… they can leave for green pastures.  This happens a whole lot with developers.  Especially with ones who think they are better than they are.



Laziness & Startup Life Stories

There are days I don’t want to do anything… like blog.  or make videos.  On these days I still force myself to do these things.  Mainly as a testament of consistency.  If you do something long enough… you will eventually get there.  Even when progress seems incredibly slow.  I wanted to talk about laziness and how it’s incredibly destructive of a startup.   The model behind a startup is everyone tries as hard as they can and hopefully we get rich.  Well..  because every employee has multiple responsibilities, when things fail, it’s difficult to pinpoint who failed.  Rather it’s the team that fails.



Panic & Startup Life Stories

One of the keys to making it as a startup is to not panic.  Things will inevitably go bad… sometimes get worst.  You have to keep your head up and keep at it.  Consistency trumps everything else in terms of importance.  Panic alters consistency and therefore productivity.  Some people are incredibly bad at handling adverse situations.  You don’t really want them as part of your startup…  Startup life is a constant state of panic.  I’m not sure why someone with a low tolerance for chaos, would want to join a startup.



Adversary Makes You Stronger

My life hasn’t been easy.  It’s been interesting…  A lot of things I learned on my own or in spite of other people.  I’m glad I had those experiences.  It taught me to endure through difficult times and to choose the difficult path.  It’s never the end goal, just the journey.  Which brings me to this blog topic.  Startup life tests your will to endure.  Not everyday is fun or easy.  The highs are really high and the lows are pretty low.  It’s less stable then a job at a corporation.  But what you put into it… is yours.  And that’s something you can be proud about.





Intellectual Property Rights.


Closing Date Payment.

Material Adverse Effect.

Material Contract.

Proration Date.

Affiliate of Seller.



1. Sale, Purchase and Transfer of Intellectual Property Rights.

1.1 Assets.

1.2 Assignment of Contracts.

1.3 Transferring Assets and Licenses.


2. Purchase Price.


3. Closing.

3.1 Documents to be Delivered by Seller.

3.2 Documents to be Delivered by Buyer.

3.3 Transfer Fees


4. Conduct of the Seller Pending Closing.


5. Representations of Seller. Seller represents to Buyer that:

5.1 Organization, Standing and Authority.

5.2 Authorization of Agreement; Authority.

5.3 Material Contracts.

5.4 Litigation., Compliance with Laws.

5.5 The Assets.

6. Representations of Buyer. Buyer represents to Seller as follows:

6.1 Buyer’s Organization.

6.2 Authorization of Agreement.

6.3 Consents of Third Parties.

6.4 Litigation.


7. Further Agreements of the Parties.

7.1 Access to Information.

7.2 Notice of Changes and Events.

7.3 Expenses.

7.4 Publicity.

7.5 Preservation of Records.

7.6 Buyer’s Due Diligence.

7.7 Conditions to Obligations of Seller.

7.8 Registration Rights.


8. Default; Remedies; Arbitration.

8.1 Default; Remedies.

8.2 Arbitration.


9. Indemnification and Related Matters.

9.1 Indemnification.

9.2 Defense of Claims by Third Parties.


10. Miscellaneous.

10.1 Entire Agreement.

10.2 Governing Law.

10.3 Notices.

10.4 Severability.

10.5 Further Assurances and Assistance.

10.6 Survival.

10.7 Waiver.

10.8 Binding Effect; Assignment.

10.9 Counterparts.

10.10 No Recordation.

10.11 No Presumptions.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, The parties have executed this Agreement as of the Effective Date.