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Still a Lot Left to Do


Not everyday is productive.  Sundays are normally great.  Today I didn’t accomplish much.  Which is a bummer… since it’s a Sunday.  I’m not sure where all the time when… I guess online… chatting and things like that.  Online chats can take a lot of time and overall very stressful.  And television…  too much television.  I have to finish these blogs and them upload them for the week… and then work… i still have a website I need to fix up.  And a team I need to chat with.   So much to do.  So little time.  Also some plugins to work on.  Oh good.


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5 AM on a Saturday Morning?


Most weekdays I have difficulty discerning whether its day or night…  Went out to eat dinner with the family.  It was fun.  Talked a bit.  Play with my cat.  And then coded a ton…. I’m proud of what I got done today.  The interesting part… tomorrow and Sunday should be super productive.  I know whether certain days are going to be productive… and tomorrow and Sunday will be fore sure.  Lots of coding left. I want to finish off PHP.  I finished Web Design tonight.  And I did most of the basic PHP training.  I’ll probably go pet shopping tomorrow… but since my mom and dad are home… I don’t really need to run errands.  Huge bonus.


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A Weird Sunday


Today was pretty weird… as Sunday’s go.  This entire weekend was strange.  I got to work at home Friday which meant a lot of driving around and networking.  Networking can be a lot of fun.  The driving part… not so much.  It’s humbling… Which is a good thing.  Hyper aggressive is not always a good thing.  I got absolutely nothing done today… which I predicted yesterday.  Saturday was fairly productive… not as productive as a typical Sunday… but I got enough done that I don’t feel guilty taking an entire Sunday off to do fun things and hang out with family.  Saturday night was pretty good.


Social Media Intermediate


There are many forms of Social Media.  The Basic guide talked about why you should use social media.  The Intermediate guide will teach you how to start on each platform.  Each Social Media platform should be treated as a separate entity that works towards a collective goal.  In this guide, I’ll introduce you to blogging (website), Facebook twitter, Linkedin, and my favorite YouTube.


Social Media Basics


I want to expanded my content a bit.  Social Media is something incredibly fun and productive.  It’s easy to measure how well you are doing… in the end it’s simple numbers.  But not the numbers you think are important.  The only number that matters is engagements.  Followers, subscribers, views, likes, etc are not relevant in my opinion as much as engagement.  Engagement takes the forms of comments, reviews, shares, retweets, and link building (when someone refers to your social media in their blog/article).  Conversion rates are dismal on Social Media… for many industries.  However, because your competitors are playing the game, you have to as well.  The lack of social media activity can indicate to a potential client the business doesn’t care about it’s brand.  In theory, if a company doesn’t have the ability to manage their social profiles, do they have the time to manage your business?  And we aren’t just talking about paying someone for social media management.



A Lazy Saturday


With the exception of a super productive 3 hour coding session.. this Saturday has been somewhat lackluster in productivity.  Normally that’s okay since Sunday is the day I do most of my work…. but Sunday I’m meeting with a friend, so I won’t have that cushion available to grind out a productive weekend.  Which means I have to create a lot of content tonight.  Some videos, and some articles.  I have a javascript for PPCers, Social Media Introduction, how to freelance as a PPC, and perhaps one more article lined up for this weekend.  As for videos… I have a lot.  I’m glad that I got coding out the way.  That was the most important thing for me to finish this weekend.  Lots still left to do.



30,000 TTH Points


I set a goal of 30, 000 points as a 2015 New Years Resolution… it may have been less… but I increased it to that amount afterwards.  In truth, I set a bunch of goals.  Most I’m fairly certain I’ve received.  Others I’m progressing in.  Of all of them the 30, 000 was the most important.  Learning development is essential to furthering my career.  30K is not a bad start.  I’m pretty proud I kept grinding away.  I’m uber excited for the next 30K since it will be ios/android/web design/python.  I intend to take the entire course load which is ambitious but wow… I can already sense the feeling of accomplishment.  Plus… at that point I would be completely full stack in development… pretty insane.


Negative Keywords


I wanted to make a few introduction articles about AdWords. Of all the articles Negative Keywords had to be first. One of the most important things is your budget…. especially early on. Here are some negative keywords to think about BEFORE you even start your campaign.


Free or Cheap

Being cheap isn’t always a good thing… especially if you are trying to sell something.

Warning: In some industries it’s important to advertise you are free or cheap. Personal injury is often based on contingent, therefore Free Unless you Win is the norm. And blocking out free…. destroys your campaign.READ MORE

A PPC’s Guide to SEO & Content



*I’ll frequently update.  Last Updated Tuesday October 6th, 2015.

Let’s be honest, PPC and SEO aren’t different.  If you do PPC you do SEO.  If a client wants PPC they want SEO.  Agency offering PPC typically offer SEO.  This study guide is designed for PPC managers interested in learning a bit about SEO.

Why does SEO matter?  Well… customers are searching to buy things everyday. If you organically rank 1 for a search query you receive about 33% of the traffic. That’s a ton of new customers and money for your client.  Or as a branding exercise, it connects your business with keywords.



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Fire in the Belly


Probably my favorite line.  It’s around 3am right now.  Tonight is a bit different from other nights though since I crunched a 6:30am the previous night before.  Essentially… I got a lot done and I don’t want to go to sleep… since at this point I’m hyper productive.  Lots of coding.  Lots of SEOing.  Very little sales.  The thing with sales is you can’t actually do it on weekends.  Since many of the tactics only work during the weekdays… or so I assume.  READ MORE

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Have You Ever Been So Hungry It keeps you Awake?


Famished.  I know my current skill set can do great things.  I need to add a few skills… mainly development and sales. I prefer sales over development… but I’m fully aware a ppc developer is something of a unicorn.  Imagine a ppc developer who was great sales… and was also a patent attorney.  That’s an incredible skill set.  And I can speak Mandarin fluently.  And I’m a great teacher.  And good at business… at least auditing them.  My jobs have been so random in the past.  My first job in Houston taught me how to run a business efficiently with low expenses/overhead and high margins.  My second job taught me very little… but it did introduce me to the field of marketing where I learned a lot.


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A Saturday Night Crunch


This Saturday was awesome.  Mainly because I know next Saturday is going to be incredibly busy with personal stuff.  I got a lot accomplished.  Ran a lot of errands.  Some successful, some not…. And I set it up so I can finish my blogs.  Here!!  and either code/make marketing videos.  I haven’t decided.  My day started at 6am which is incredibly early.  I just woke up from a nap.  I’m all set for a productive night.  Starbucks and Monster drinks ready to go.  I’m predicting I can go until 5am in the morning.  Under that time line I have about 7 hours of sheer productivity.  Nighttime is so efficient for work.  Utter silence.


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10 Year High School Reunion


I’d love to go.  But unfortunately there’s no reason.  My mom and dad live in Hong Kong.  And my sister lives far away.  The friends I want to see… I’ve already seen and kept in touch with.  It’s crazy how Facebook has changed the entire dynamics of school reunions.  If my mom or dad or sister still lived in the area… I would for sure go to the high school reunion.  And if I hadn’t seen my friends in ages… of course!!  Right now, there’s no reason for me to go visit.  I would however visit NYU or William and Mary Law.  NYU for the locations and friends.  And WM for the friends.  There are so many other locations and friends I’d rather see.  Exton was boring….


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Being Social in Person


I’m going to spit out a few more blogs.  I’m not great at remembering to blog everyday so I’m behind.  I do have videos lined up… but who knows when that will be.  This blog will discuss some of the things I’ve lost and and gained over the past 10 years.  Why 10… well it’s high school reunion time.. so that’s on my mind.  I went to a good college, law school, and have a fun job that pays well, but did I achieve everything I wanted?


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Sales Means Ignoring Negativity


Sales is 99 percent of people saying no… and not giving up until you find that one person who says yes.  Three years ago, I would have been terrible at sales.  I’m still not very good… but I deal with negativity a lot better.  One of the key traits I learned from doing social media, people can be mean.  However, people who are mean are unlikely to be interested in buying what you are selling anyways.  And that’s how I developed a thick layer of skin.  Negativity is ever present.  Let’s face it, the majority of people are not interested in the product or service you are selling.  There is not one product or service everyone needs… maybe the iPhone… but that’s it.


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Sunday is when I Get Stuff Done


I’m pretty happy with this Sunday.  I binged on the walking dead (as background noise… I’ve already seen it).  Finished most of my errands.  The study room is still a bit of a mess.  I may clean that after I’m done this blog.  I got 4 articles up.  4 blogs.  All the videos for my lion channel.  And feel really relaxed and happy.  Played with the kitten and got a longer nap in.  Outside of my study room being a complete disaster zone right now, I would say pretty productive weekend.  My fantasy team is also doing amazing.  Yeah… if I can get myself to clean up study room it will be a good weekend.  And maybe do some craigslist content creation on google documents.


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Ick It’s 4am… Seriously?


I took a small break from blogging and now it’s 4am… what?  I not sure where the time goes.  It just disappears.  I could have swore it was 2am a few seconds ago.  All I did was organize the room…. and the room isn’t even that organized.  I’m going to finish this segment of blogs.  Because if I don’t… I won’t until later.. when I don’t have a choice.  I’ll leave the other two blogs for later this week.  The problem with weekends is I stack all my errands through the week.  I then hope that Saturday and Sunday are enough to do the errands and advance my skill set. It turns out it is not.  Even the epic background music that I have playing isn’t keeping me awake.


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Sun Burning Through the Night


Blogging is sort of theoretical.   I’m still haven’t gotten good at remembering to do it daily.  I’m actually better at doing daily instagraming then blogs.  I’m watching a few netflix horror films.  I’ll get everything I need done tomorrow.  Sundays have always been a productive day.  There’s a lot of work I need to finish.  I have to shoot several more videos… mainly to store for this channel.  Write a few articles.  And compose a pitch deck.  As well as do stuff with craigslist.  I’m fairly certain all I need is one day…. oh… and errands… so many errands.  I going to finish my blogs tonight.  It’s nice to be forced to write thoughts down.


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Resetting and Refreshed


Friday/Saturday was refreshing.  It was nice to see old friends and make some new ones.  Great food, lots of fun, and seeing old friends.  It’s also moon cake time.  There’s just so much I want to do everyday. It’s hard to prioritize since everything is important.  Having a few days off helped me refocus.  Sometimes I just need to vent to an old friend.  The last few months have been a whirlwind.  I still haven’t purchased the DSLR camera… Although I now have lots of other things I don’t need…. And a new kitten. I found him injured in my drive way.  My plan is to heal him up and then decide what to do.  He’s pretty wild.  I’m fairly certain he is a feral kitten.  Which is okay.  He likes the outside a lot.  I’ll keep just long enough so he can heal proper.


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Weekend Errands are Annoying


I’m still horrible at errands.  It takes 1-2 hours to do banking… and way too long to do grocery shopping.  I choose to drive 30-40 minutes, although walmart is next door.  I spend too much time and money eating at restaurants that don’t taste good.  And I’m not great at laundry/house work or anything like that.  Considering all of these factors and my need to find an apartment… soonish I’m searching for a roommate… no not in the creepy craigslist way.  My roommates in the past have all been awesome.  My Freshman year roommate Steve and I played poker every Thursday, talked about life for hours, and got good at WOW.  At the time we employed a legion of Gold Farmers in China.  My sophomore roommates, Olsi and Peter were the best when it came to cooking food to eat.   I had 5 other roommates.. or I guess suite mates…. for a grand total of 8.  Overall roommates are a blast.  And then Junior year… Dwayne…


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A Most Tiring Week


I felt tired every day this week.  I’m normally very upbeat and it doesn’t take all that much to get me excited about something new.  This entire week felt like a black and white movie… pretty boring.  The highlight was finishing gotham… yes it was a bad week.  And I’m not really sure why.  I found a kitten… well a dog, cat, and kitten but the kitten stayed.  I’ve even stopped learning code… and graphic design.  Sales… I still don’t understand how to do it to the level I need to.  It’s a grind.  A few months from now I’ll look back and realized this is what I needed… but right now I’m not the fondest.

On a brighter note, this weekend will be fun.  I have friends coming in and I have a pre release to go to.  I have Friday… today to make sure I buy food and do laundry.  The rest of the weekend is completely accounted for.


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Not Every Day is Productive


It happens.  I got up early for a Skype conference.  And then an unexpected dinner.  I could still crunch some code… if I didn’t try to finish Gotham on NetFlix.  I will watch anything with Batman, no matter how poorly written the script is.  Gotham is not the worst.  I started apartment hunting since I’ve decided to move closer into the city.  My only requirement… as apartments go…. is a space for a library.  That’s why I enjoy living in a house so much.  There’s plenty of space.  I own a beautiful library close to 1500 books.  And lots of figures and toys.  Which is my second library.  I have a storage unit and I don’t go over my collection often… but it’s nice to know it’s there.  It’s 2:09am and I’m ready to head off to bed.  I was incredibly tired today.  Not bored… just tired.  Probably the food… I’ve been bingeing on fast food… If I eat fast food back to back to back to back to back meals… I begin to feel sick.


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Wake Up at 6am to Skype Russia


You might not think that’s a big deal… but I go to sleep around 3am… Right now it’s 2:13am… but I have to finish learning a few things and of course this blog.  I’m trying my best not to forget to blog daily… which means I blog right now.  I’m not a morning person.  I bet that’s surprising.  In college I forced myself to have a normal sleep pattern.  This only resulted in extremely unproductive mornings.  Cat videos… that’s what I do when I wake up earlier than I should.  I am excited to Skype with a marketing team in Russia. I’m training them… sort of pro bono but with upside.  The upside is interesting and something I really wanted.  Life has been busy and I’ve largely ignored my friends this month…. which is okay… since I’ll see a lot of them this weekend.  I can justify ignoring them… because I knew I would spend this entire weekend hangout with them.  It’s fair.


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It’s Always So Late…


I don’t understand where the time goes.  It was a semi-productive weekend.  I spent a bit more money on useless things than I should have.  I’ve picked up a nasty tendency to buy things I can’t use.  Good food is one thing… but some of the things I purchase… I don’t think are useful to anyone.  Part of being bored I guess.  This weekend was supposed to allow me to reset and think… but as usual when I task myself with producing numerous videos… it’s pretty much an entire day dedicated to making videos.. and waiting for them to upload.  And now football… I love watching football… so that takes the other day.   And I read… so weekends are rather fulfilling.  I’ll be just fine.


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I Have Large Tiger Fangs


Yes… I’m still trying to SEO this keyword.  The fact I can do 5 blogs at 3am at night is impressive… even to me.  It would be better if I could do them on separate days… but hey… I like this a lot too.  I’ll share a secret with you… I’m not afraid of anything.  I watch a lot of “scary” movies…. and I’m so immune to them… that it’s starting to affect real life too.  I’ve always been this way.  I remember watching the Blair Witch Project and thinking omg… these camera angles are awful.  I grew up a diet of scary movies…. I’m also not scared of people.  I’m a lawyer… many of my friends are lawyers.  My dad is a lawyer… many of our family friends are lawyers.  I guess.. being around so many lawyers all my life has conditioned me to be brave.  but… truth be told… something else gave me my tiger fangs… and it’s not what you expect.


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Life Goals are Simple & Clean


My life goals are simple and clean.  I want to be the absolute best at whatever I do.  I’m only a fan of comparing myself when I want to learn something new.  Essentially, if I’m disinterested… I won’t compare myself… therefore I won’t drive myself to learn that skill.  I’ve done some pretty interesting things already… professionally at least.  I view life as an adventure and an educational system.  It’s sort of funny… I did pre-med, law, accounting, business, and now marketing in a relatively short span of time.  It’s why startup life is the perfect fit for me.  It’s all of these things combined (minus the pre-med).

If I had to narrow down and pick one goal it would be to stay hungry.  Right now I’m famished.  Staying hungry means essentially go after what you want.  Yes, some people will get jealous… but at in the end it’s my goals.