Startup Life Pain Points & Things

Last week was unique in the amount of time I spent driving.  Drive time was at an all time high.  And I worked from the office 3 days which curtailed my productivity at home.  It’s harder for me to get as much work done at the office, because the 2 hours driving and parking etc… are draining.


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Social Media is a Fun Hobby to Have

I’ve been taking design classes and reading books.  And learning more about social media.  Fascinating stuff. I read Norman’s book about human entered design.  For a book written in 1998 it’s incredibly relevant today.  The principles are simple… for a door… it should be designed so that you don’t even know it’s there.  Doors that are designed that interfere with their usability and confuse the end user… are bad designs. Push vs. Pull.



Startup Life Summarized in a Weekend

I wanted to write about how startup life is different from regular life.  The main difference is startup life is actual life.  There’s no 9 to 5.  That’s not how sales works.  Startup life is more akin to a full time sales person who needs to make their commissions.  It’s not easy establishing a work life balance since you are literally working at all times or thinking about how to get sales.



I’m Not Good at Saving Money

Saving money is hard.  I’m a pro at spending it.. which means something.  This weekend will be a bloodbath on my wallet.  Two events… I’m hoping to be in the positive… but it’s uncertain.  Why is it always uncertain?  Anyways I’m saving up for a home.  I have nearly enough money to move to a new home.  Which is exciting.



An Average Startup Weekend in Houston

There are a few things I need to do this weekend.  Make a Facebook ad account, do PPC things, and do sales…. always doing sales.  In addition I have to sell stuff and clean.  The small errands in life when compiled make a dreadful weekend.  I still have not done taxes… or really started.  The worst emotion is boredom.  Yes I have stuff I need to get done this weekend… but no I’m not excited for all of it… or even most of it.  This week certainly was my best week.  For a multitude of reasons it was exhausting when it really didn’t need to be.



Working on Websites, Graphic Design, and Illustrations

Lyrics.  I’m productive when there’s music.  So productive.  My Pandora has gone back to being more Taylor Swift.  I believe that happens with every channel.  I’m excited to work with one of the graphic designers again.  She did a pretty good job on the runrex logo.  It’s cute.  Exactly the type of logo I would want for my company.  As for the other project.  That’s going as well.  It looks like it will take a week.



Startup Life in Houston Texas – 3 years later

I’ve lived the startup life for 3 years.  Slightly longer depending on how you calculate it.  The highest have been high… and the lowest have been incredibly low.  Working at a startup was an opportunity I’m happy I took.  Owning a startup turns out to be less frustrating but as rewarding.  I’m glad I left my cozy office for a work at home space.  I work more now the I’ve ever worked… which is crazy considering I worked 60+ hours in corporate.



Finding the Perfect Rival in Houston Texas

I found my newest rival.  She’s great.  A little bewildering but overall the perfect “study buddy.”  She’s an entrepreneur.  And lives in Houston.  Our personalities are similar.  One difference is she’s better at socializing.  Haha.  Anyways… the importance of having rivals in my life….  It gives me a renewed sense of motivation.  Desire is the key.  If you don’t have the desire to do something, you just won’t do it.  The best motivation is envy.  Envy will drive you insane.  You can’t pick a rival weaker than you…. it makes absolutely no sense.  The strong the rival the more motivated I become.  And I found someone pretty strong.



I Pay for Night Marketing Classes

A good way to spend a night and my money.  I take between 2-4 1 hour classes a week.  Normally some combination of treehouse and udemy.  All paid courses relating to marketing.  Recently I’ve been interested in development so I’ve taken an assortment of development classes.  Total cost is probably around $200 a month which is way cheaper than college.  I don’t think you can even compare the two.  In theory I would have been better offer taking these courses for 4 years.  But what to do with my face degrees.



20 out of 328834 students for total badges earned!

I’m been on a coding binge.  And now it’s over.  I got to 20 which was my yearly goal.  I learned a lot about Swift on the way.  Hopefully I canceled the subscription correctly this time.  Coding binges are a lot of fun… however I now want to work on github.  My github is incredibly weak… mainly due to not spending any time on it.  There’s other things I should do this weekend… but at least coding is done.  Coding is an addiction.  The time goes by so fast.  You turn on the laptop and next thing you know it’s 2am at night.  Anyways… this weekend could be productive.  I can see it go either way.  Lots of errands I need to run…