Startup Life Pain Points & Things

Last week was unique in the amount of time I spent driving.  Drive time was at an all time high.  And I worked from the office 3 days which curtailed my productivity at home.  It’s harder for me to get as much work done at the office, because the 2 hours driving and parking etc… are draining.


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Social Media is a Fun Hobby to Have

I’ve been taking design classes and reading books.  And learning more about social media.  Fascinating stuff. I read Norman’s book about human entered design.  For a book written in 1998 it’s incredibly relevant today.  The principles are simple… for a door… it should be designed so that you don’t even know it’s there.  Doors that are designed that interfere with their usability and confuse the end user… are bad designs. Push vs. Pull.



Startup Life Summarized in a Weekend

I wanted to write about how startup life is different from regular life.  The main difference is startup life is actual life.  There’s no 9 to 5.  That’s not how sales works.  Startup life is more akin to a full time sales person who needs to make their commissions.  It’s not easy establishing a work life balance since you are literally working at all times or thinking about how to get sales.