Tony Guo

Java Software Developer Resume Template in Houston Texas


• Proven experience in developing Java-based applications
• Solid understanding of basic OO design principles and patterns
• Wide area of expertise that includes multi-tier web applications, web portals, search applications and backend information processing systems



Who Does NOT Belong at a Startup?

Startups aren’t 9-5s.  They aren’t places to go on paid vacation for 2 weeks… right after the software launched.  If there’s a goal of 20 and you have 1… it is not time to go on vacation.  If one developer goes on vacation…. that doesn’t mean everyone goes on vacation.  Your goal is 20!!! not 1. Seriously… what is going on.  In a Startup the CEO takes out the trash, gets his or her own coffee, and is the first one in/last one out.  Startups are not for people whose only goal is to be paid a biweekly salary.  They are not places for people to be lazy and order $2800 MacBooks and ergonomic chairs.


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My Hobbies Make Me Money

The old Acura RDX 08 has been great…  However… it’s 7 years later.  If I was really spend thrifty I would wait until 2017…. But then the car would be 8 years old.  The only bad thing about saving for a new car is I should theoretically eat out less.  In 2015 I ate out around 400 times including lunch, breakfast, and dinner.  The average bill was around $15.  This is according to Mint.  If I eat out 75% less which Mint tells me is about right… I should be able to save $4,500 a year.  I find these numbers difficult to believe…



I’ve Always Wanted to be an Artist

Art was something I enjoy immensely.  Ever since I took art classes in elementary school I’ve love sketching and drawing.  I took manga drawing classes in middle school and high school.  Those were a lot of fun.  My senior project was a Manga series which I published online.  There’s something about creating your own characters that’s very appealing to me.  In many ways it similar to having your own startup.  You live the adventure.


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A Saturday Night Crunch


This Saturday was awesome.  Mainly because I know next Saturday is going to be incredibly busy with personal stuff.  I got a lot accomplished.  Ran a lot of errands.  Some successful, some not…. And I set it up so I can finish my blogs.  Here!!  and either code/make marketing videos.  I haven’t decided.  My day started at 6am which is incredibly early.  I just woke up from a nap.  I’m all set for a productive night.  Starbucks and Monster drinks ready to go.  I’m predicting I can go until 5am in the morning.  Under that time line I have about 7 hours of sheer productivity.  Nighttime is so efficient for work.  Utter silence.


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Sunday is when I Get Stuff Done


I’m pretty happy with this Sunday.  I binged on the walking dead (as background noise… I’ve already seen it).  Finished most of my errands.  The study room is still a bit of a mess.  I may clean that after I’m done this blog.  I got 4 articles up.  4 blogs.  All the videos for my lion channel.  And feel really relaxed and happy.  Played with the kitten and got a longer nap in.  Outside of my study room being a complete disaster zone right now, I would say pretty productive weekend.  My fantasy team is also doing amazing.  Yeah… if I can get myself to clean up study room it will be a good weekend.  And maybe do some craigslist content creation on google documents.


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I Love Competition a Little Too Much


Weird blog topic but it is 2:24 at night and I to be honest when I blog.  I love competition.  It’s something I grew up enjoying.  Sometimes it comes off as aggression, but really it’s a desire to learn.  If you have a skill I think is valuable, I want to learn it.  For non-competitive people it sometimes comes off as rude.  But as I’ve told my co-workers all the time, it’s only the desire to push myself to become better.  I tell the social media story often.  The social media manager told me I would never have as many twitter followers… well I have many more.  The same for any social media.  Today everything can be quantified…. or at least most things.  Artwork can be given a price in auction and Wikipedia can report the sale.  If even artwork can be quantified then something like social media, ppc, seo, and marketing in general certainly can.


One Page Proposal Template

[Insert Logo]




[Client Information]






Description of Initial Work

Includes [Insert]

[Insert Description]                                         [Insert Hours]

[Insert Description]                                         [Insert Hours]

[Insert Description]                                         [Insert Hours]

[Insert Description]                                         [Insert Hours]


Description of Monthly Work

Includes [Insert]

[Insert Description]                                         [Insert Hours]

[Insert Description]                                         [Insert Hours]

[Insert Description]                                         [Insert Hours]

[Insert Description]                                         [Insert Hours]



Deposit: Client is required to make a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the estimated cost before work begins.


Confidentially: All work done for the client and discussions relating thereto will be kept confidential.

Billing & Payment: Invoices will be sent to the client. Payment of invoices is due within 30 days unless otherwise noted. Payment can be made via check, paypal, or credit card. There is a 5% interest charge per month on all over due balances.

Personal Rights: Guttulus retains personal rights to use the work for purposes of future publications, educational purposes, and the marketing of Guttulus’ business.

The current estimate will expire in 30 days.

Overwhelmed But Excited

     The title aptly describes how I feel. And yes its 3:35am when I started this post. I resigned my previous employment over ethical qualms last Thursday. Since then I have not looked for steady employment of the W-2 Nature. In the few days past, I’ve traveled, seen old friends, and haven’t gotten much sleep. Obviously this website is new and I love it.

      What I learned over the past…. long five days… was that feeling overwhelmed is sort of exciting. Everyday becomes a new adventure.

       Thursday I resigned at 5pm. I sent an email to a friend, but couldn’t make it to drinks that night. We got drinks and sushi the next night. I know I didn’t sleep well on Thursday. I may have worked on my website all Thursday night.

       Friday I had a business dinner… that’s one way to put it. More like hanging out with a friend at a big company who I enjoy spending time with anyways.

       Then Saturday lunch with another friend/client. I like to think all my clients are or will be friends. Trust is what every great marketing relationship is built upon. Especially since marketing can be sort of scammy. And then off to travel. I’m not the biggest fan of travel. I’ll leave that here…

       Sunday was travel.

       I got back for lunch on Monday from the travel. Then I napped. And did PPC the rest of the day. Talked to a Google rep who bless her didn’t understand very much about AdWords. Got Google Certified and attached myself to a Guttulus agency for now. I’m sure that will change soon. Then did some more PPC. And here we are. Oh also sales of course, since that is probably important.

        I’m exhausted, but I still need to produce several hundred videos… yes hundreds. Pay for a development app… somehow… Oh right and pay for this website.

      Thank goodness there are credit cards and my credit is spectacular. This is hard. But that’s what makes it so fun.