Is a college degree worth it for digital marketing? 10 reasons

Is a college degree worth it for digital marketing? 10 reasons      

Digital marketing is an interesting niche and many have failed to understand the concept behind the whole experience which explains why there is a disconnect when it comes to clearly capturing what the industry is all about. Many have chosen varying paths when it comes to learning and understanding digital marketing since some prefer going to college and getting a degree while others go for a self-taught approach with the online courses. All in all, the learning curve is captured which is what raises the question as to whether a college degree is worth it for digital marketing. Here are 10 reasons for and against the premise of getting a college degree which leaves the decision to you when it comes to deciding whether it is worth your while.

Reasons why it is worth it

It is not just theoretical

The beauty with getting a college degree is that it is not just theoretical. A student gets to have extensive knowledge on practical scenarios which ensures you are able to handle practical avenues with ease as opposed to the online alternatives which lack a practical approach.

Detailed approach

When you enroll for a college degree, you get to have a detailed approach when trying to get a grasp of digital marketing. A college degree is not a short-term element since it gives in-depth knowledge which ensures intricate elements are all captured.

Ease of Job opportunities

With a degree in digital marketing, securing job opportunities becomes seamless which explains why many prefer to have the certificate.

Hands-on guidance

If you have passion for digital marketing but do not understand where to start and how to grow or develop your skill in the area, getting a college degree is the right step since you get to have an inspired learning process.

Compensation levels are higher

A professional marketer performing at the highest level has been registered as taking in a median annual salary of $178,750. Added to that, holding a college degree ensures you become an administrative authority within the niche.

Reasons why it is not worth it


Getting a college degree is quite expensive and especially considering the fact that there are cheaper or free alternatives to the process. There are other online learning options which provide information that will ultimately make you a professional without the need to pay the hefty sum that a college degree demands.

Time consuming

Getting a degree will require years to complete the course and get the certificate. This means that it is a time-consuming process of which many people are not open to. The disconnect comes in due to the fact that you can still learn the core elements seamlessly at a shorter time frame when you take on the online courses and certifications.

Singular certifications work best

A college degree is a single certificate that brands you as a professional but in real sense there is usually a lack of specialization when it comes to the core factors that are inherent in the digital marketing field. In hind sight, there are varied certifications for the various facets of digital marketing and getting the individual certifications is quite effective since it means you get to have varied specialization avenues within the respective niches of digital marketing. The beauty is that you get certified at a shorter period of time and become an expert at the same time which eliminates the need for a college degree.

The digital platform is constantly changing

The digital element has transformed the world into a global village which means information relay and transformation are aspects that are happening at an astounding rate. The changing digital platform therefore means understanding the basics is what will give you the foundation that will aid you when it comes to making the custom decision that fit the changing digital world. Taking short-courses that are relevant at the said point in time is what is needed with digital marketing since by the time you complete a college degree, much will have already changed rendering your knowledge obsolete.

Free training modules are available

One of the standout reasons why you don’t need a college degree in digital marketing is that there are free training modules that you can have access to. Google provides free training and all that is needed is the passion for digital marketing. The online courses and exams that are free of charge lead to you being a certified individual and beats the purpose of enrolling for a college degree.

The bottom line

A college degree may be feasible when varied scenarios are considered but an in-depth look through the merits shows that it may not be worth your while since there are certification processes that still give you the skillset and knowledge that can enable you handle digital marketing seamlessly. The choice to have a college degree is therefore subject to what you are angling for within the industry.

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