Computer Programmer Resume & Cover Letter Template


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aceon kaufen Databases/MongoDB. Fifteen years experience designing and managing databases. Advanced SQL. Extensive experience with MySQL — storage engines, schema design, indexing, complex queries, transactions, replication. Very strong knowledge of XML. Installing, managing, and scaling Sphinx. Experience with NoSQL databases, including MongoDB and Amazon DynamoDB. Built and managed a multi-terabyte MongoDB replica-set. Strong experience leveraging Memcache and Redis to improve performance and reduce load on the database. precio de pastillas betagan Distributed Systems. Extensive work over the last two years with data-intensive applications that involve a lot of parallel, background processing. Implemented producer/consumer work queues in Beanstalkd, Amazon SQS, MongoDB, and Kue (a Node.js-based work queue). Also architected and deployed multi-server worker infrastructures that allowed the work queues to scale up as workload increased. Lots of work parsing data files, scraping HTML, unstructured and semi-structured text, and saving it into both SQL and NoSQL data stores. Recently, most of my work in this area has been via AWS Lambda.

clomid pharmacie APIs. Extensive experience building RESTful servers and consumers. Consumers include Google’s APIs, Facebook, Twitter, Twilio,, PayPal, Stripe, MailChimp, ExactTarget, Yahoo GeoPlanet, LinkedIn, and a number of others. Extensive, low-level knowledge of REST, SOAP, XML, JSON, JSONP, OAuth and OAuth2, and other web services protocols. In PHP, I’ve built a number of JSON APIs using a number of PHP frameworks, particularly CodeIgniter. In Node.js, SailsJS has been my framework of choice for JSON APIs. Extensive knowledge of AWS API Gateway.

acheter ashwagandha AWS. Extensive experience with Amazon Web Services, including S3, EC2, DynamoDB, CloudFront, Elastic Beanstalk, CloudSearch, RDS, SES, SQS. AWS CodeDeploy, EC2 Container Service, and OpsWorks, Lambda, and API Gateway. Capable of designing high-availability, scalable infrastructures on AWS. Solid experience building software around the AWS API. I’ve also worked extensively with Rackspace Cloud, including Cloud Servers, Cloud Files, Cloud Backup, Cloud Databases, and software development around the the Rackspace API. Recently began working heavily with Google Cloud Platform — particularly deploying Docker containers to Google Container Engine.

comrar venta floxin Linux/Unix. Solid knowledge of Linux/Unix server administration. Strong familiarity with most flavors of Linux, including RHEL, CentOS, and Ubuntu. Shell scripting, installing/configuring Apache, MySQL, PHP, Nginx. SVN and Git, networking, load balancing, DNS, iptables. Very strong knowledge of building software that makes use of Linux to get things done. Some familiarity with virtualization via VMWare/ESXi.

alprostadil kaufen Devops. Extensive experience with Travis CI, Shippable, Jenkins, and a handful of other continuous integration (CI) / continuous delivery (CD) systems. Helped implement numerous build processes that use Git and/or SVN repos to test, build, and deploy code to various environments, including Amazon S3 (for front-end apps), AWS Code Deploy, EC2 Container Service, OpsWorks, or Elastic Beanstalk, (for backend apps or containers). Experience with Google Cloud Platform. Recently started researching and experimenting heavily with Docker and container-based development and deployment strategies.

comprar barato cystone Marketing. Extensive knowledge of online advertising — PPC, SEO, social media, email marketing. Strong knowledge of Facebook API programming, Facebook app development and social APIs in general. Experience with email marketing and ESPs. I’ve done from-the-ground-up programming to track opens, clicks, and bounces. Experience with the ExactTarget platform and MailChimp, SMS, MMS over email. Solid working knowledge of ExactTarget, Pardot, AdRoll, Google AdWords/AdSense and a handful of other marketing automation and ad-serving platforms. I’ve helped several companies (including HP) with API integration and product launches that heavily incorporate marketing automation. Much of this work led to a personal project I’ve been pursuing for a couple years called Respondr (see below).

comprar bactrim sin receta e-Commerce. Experience creating and deploying end-to-end e-commerce solutions. Shopping carts,, PayPal, Stripe,, Dwolla, Google Checkout, SSL, merchant accounts. I’ve worked extensively with a number of open-source and hosted solutions, including Magento, Zen Cart, osCommerce, Shopify, Bigcommerce, and Demandware. Particularly familiar with Magento, including installing and configuring extensions, custom extension development, installing/developing themes.

Skill keywords: Front End Development, UX,UI,Usability, Accessibility, Responsive Design, HTML, CSS, SASS, Haml, Angular, jQuery, Wireframing & Prototyping, Balsamiq, Enterprise Software, Enterprise Content Management, Enterprise Search, Ecommerce, Vignette / VAP / VCM / DPM / OpenText, Endeca, Adobe Experience Manager, Digital Marketing, Growth Hacking, SEO / SERP / SEM, Google AdWords, PPC Management, Google Analytics, Facebook Advertising, Other, Jekyll, Sinatra, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Git, Grunt, Agile Development, Scrum, SVN, Startup Environments, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Linux Server Administration, PHP, SQL, Apache HTTP Server, WordPress, Photography, API Integrations