We have extensive experience with WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, E-Commerce, WordPress Training, and HTML.

Search engines require fast, clean code, and engaging websites that are mobile friendly. Being we also help companies get ranked on page 1, we are able to make sure your site is 100% search engine complaint and optimized to rank on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Hi! I offer design services for less to anyone! Use them for business, personal, or your latest project. I can do online ads, banner ads, Social media graphics, Social media banners, profile pictures, logos, email headers, blog graphics, business cards, posters, menus, flyers, real estate flyers, sale flyers, event flyers, banners, ebook covers, us letters, A4 letters, resumes, postcards, traditional invites, square invites, cards, and more!
All of my designs are unique, no repeats. All are sized perfectly for they’re use. Digital designs are created and sent within 24-72 hours after ordered. For print materials I can get them printed and delivered if needed.
About me: I’m an expecting mom with over 5 years in marketing, currently working from home on bedrest orders. I can send my resume, examples of work, and references if needed.
Feel free to ask any questions you have! Payments accepted in cash or PayPal.

If you are looking for more business Google is the place to get it. With the right Keywords and Google Places exposure you will get a lot of business leads. I’ve done it for many businesses. I have clients you can speak to if needed. Check out the pics I’ve posted. This client has 12 1st page rankings in 12 different cities! This means a lot more business for him. I have 10yrs exp with SEO. I optimize websites and do correct linking campaigns. Give me a call or send me an email with questions.

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine? (Google #1)

Did you know that YouTube ranks with the same type of algorithm as social media sites?

For Example: You’re on CL looking for ‘ABC Service’ and you click through 17 posts…your cookies track these movements and then recruit ads that show up in your Gmail, YouTube, Fbook and other sites what use pay per click ads…that is why you see ads for ‘ABC Service’ and their competitors.


Marketing companies want YOU to pay THOUSANDS of dollars just to build you a site – then they want YOU to PAY MORE MONEY to get SEO rankings and PAID FOR TRAFFIC.

The problem is, once you stop paying for traffic, you take a HUGE dip in transactions.


You can use social media sites (Including YouTube) and your website to generate ORGANIC growth.

This means that PEOPLE ARE COMING TO YOU because you provide them with the answer to their questions – and they didn’t get to your site because you placed an advertisement – they did a simple search and YOUR COMPANY turned up with the solution.

So if it’s really that easy…why don’t businesses just do it?

The answer is because startups and entrepreneurs already handle 10 job positions simultaneously – it becomes counterproductive to do everything at once – eventually something will give in and the progress needle will cease to move.


My background is more than 15 years of top level advertising. This includes handling national brands and garnering a few awards along the way, including an Emmy Award Nomination.

I am looking to take only 5 clients who want their business to experience tremendous growth in the next 3 months by becoming THE AUTHORITY for your industry! For the 5 clients that get a spot, this is the plan we will execute:

1 – Meet and discuss your business in depth (Past, Present and Future)
2 – Digital Presence Evaluation (Website, Traffic, Analytics, Social)
3 – Current Tactics (In Person, Online, Advertising and Marketing)
4 – Commitment (It’s a Two Way Street – We begin with 90 Days)
5 – Schedule and Process (We make the plan, we stick to the plan)

When Your Business is consistent with your message – you begin to rank. Then growth occurs through Views, Comments, Shares, Likes and Embeds (BTW-when somebody links to you from page IT BECOMES VERY EXCITING!).