I am a 28-year-old freelance internet marketing, web designer, and social media expert for hire!

I have helped Craigslist clients earn a high of up to $88k-a-month revenues; now looking to build new strong business relationships and success stories.

With over 8 years of internet marketing experience, I have helped both ad agencies and small mom-and-pop shops drive leads and sales to target landing pages using white hat seo — I know what works.


Earned $88K-a-month revenues for small-mom-and-pop gift shops selling gift baskets, smartgear, and accessories;
Earned $65K+ annual revenues for eLearning tutorial website LIA based in Los Angeles;
Increased organic traffic by as much as 900% in first 10 months for BV;
Increased social media following by 1000% in first month naturally for JD;
Direct CANWTS online internet campaigns; building an offline and online community featuring companies like Rogers, BlackBerry, Microsoft and more!


Web Development;
SEO (getting on page on Google, Yahoo! and Bing);
Content Marketing;
Social Media and more!

Google Certified SEO Expert. Looking for Marketing Directors, Sales Directors and Business Owners that are Serious About their Google Rankings

Where do you go when you need information or an answer to a problem? The answer is Google and so does everyone else. And just like you, 98% of all internet users do not go to Page 2.

If Your Website Is Not On Google Page 1, You Are Losing Business to Your Competitors

-Are you sick of your competitors out ranking your website?

-Stuck on Page 2 or 3 or worse?

-Have you worked with other SEO agency and that don’t actually care about you?

-Is your website costing you money instead of making you money?

If your answer is Yes, than we have your solutions.

We have been doing web design, SEO and Web Development since 2001. We have helped companies large and small dominate the Search Engines. Digital Marketing is all about traffic. We will get more traffic and visibility to your web sites and social media properties.

1. I can grow your business!
2. I can generate more leads for your company!
3. I can develop an online marketing strategy using YOUR Google search volume data and show you achievable results!
4. I can generate more visibility and brand recognition for your business!
5. I can help “trim-the-fat” from your current website to only focus on what’s bringing in REAL REVENUE!

I’ve been doing search engine marketing and web design for since 2001:

As you can see, I’ve got a ton of testimonials from colleagues and clients – they’ve said some pretty nice things about me too.

The catch is I’m only one person. I like it that way. Being only one person, I can only handle SO MUCH WORK.

Help me learn more about you and your business right now by filling out my 5-minute discovery form:

I will then send you a 5-10 minute video analyzing your website, and share an articulate, data-driven SEO strategy for driving new customers, utilizing the search terms that people are already using to find your businesses like yours!
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I look forward to talking with you, and having a lasting professional business/marketing relationship with you.