Freelancer Quote Template (Freelancer Edition)

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Description of Work

EEVEE                                      X hours

Vaporeon                                X hours

Jolteon                                     X hours

Espeon                                    X hours

Total Estimated Hours            XX hours

Total Estimated Cost              XXXX Dollars


compra tenormin Terms.

Deposit: A non-refundable deposit of XX% of the estimated cost is required to begin work. The deposit will be billed against for hours worked.

Confidentiality & Ownership: All work created and concepts discussed are regarded as confidential in nature. Upon completion of work and payment received, the Client owns all final work product.

Schedules: Guttulus reserves the right to adjust the schedule and/or charge additional fees in the event that the Client fails to meet the agreed-upon dead-lines for delivery of information, materials, approvals, and payments.

Cancellation: Should the project be canceled before completion, payment will be due for any completed work minus the deposit amount.

Expiration: The current estimate will be honored for XX days.






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Name of Client