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01. Website Design, Portals, Forms, Apps
02. Online Social Marketing, SEO, SEM, PPC
03. Database, Clouds, Web Apps, Web Soft, CRM
04. E-Commerce, Shopping Carts
05. Mobile Apps for iPhone/ Android/ Windows

The most important part of what I offer is an initial face-to-face meeting where we discuss what you want done and you can provide any logos, photos or content. Something not available from online hosting providers. Most of whom still require you to figure things out on your own using their complicated and confusing ‘tools’. Tools which really just make it harder to customize if you can’t understand and change the code. Even if you can design the website yourself the average you would pay is still around $100-150 every year. They also do something that makes me really upset. They pretend you will only be paying $10 or some other really low fee, and by the time you checkout, it’s up to $100 or more. Why not just be honest from the start? Major companies in many other sectors do the same thing. Cable, phone and internet companies offer you a special low monthly fee, only to have it doubled or tripled after 6 months. If you call to cancel you’re transferred to a special retention department where they are paid to retain customers with whatever they can and offer you another similar lowered deal with an expiration date. Why not just give the lower rate all the time? Instead of creating money traps for people to fall in. Ridiculous.

I’ve been designing/coding for over 19 years, let me put my knowledge to good use. Over the years I have created and customized hundreds of websites. Including flash, live streaming video, forums, blogs, and more. I don’t make template sites designed in an editor, they are fully custom, designed through extensive coding. I can also edit/create audio and video using many different types of software and easily implement it into the website.