If you have a web site that you rely on for generating leads or bringing customers through the door, then you have probably considered Google AdWords or a similar offering from Bing or Yahoo. A more cost effective and a better return on investment for getting your site on the first page of Google and getting organic traffic to your web site is SEO. The only thing is that the expertise required to do so is something very few people have mastered effectively. You have to realize that Google, being the largest search engine, is always making tweaks to their search algorithm.

Here is where we come in. We specialize in ranking sites. That’s all we do. We are specialists at search engine optimization. Getting to page One of Google is cheaper than paid ads, but good search engine optimization does not come at from someone in some far off land that you may never meet. We are not based in India or the Philippines, and you won’t find our services on some $5 site. We are based in the Toronto area and what we do provide is the way and means to get your site ranked and future proofed for any of Google’s algorithm changes, which have been occurring far more often than what you might be aware of.

As for SEO consulting, what we first provide to our customers are detailed audits of their site using several different reporting tools. This is so that we get a holistic view of their on page and off page status of their site. That is the starting point of any SEO job. We provide regular updates on ranking changes on the key words that we agree upon as the ones we want to rank for.

Our organization has direct access to all the big three domain metric tools and those types of metrics will be part of the monthly reporting provided to you the customer. After we achieve our goal of getting you ranked for your key words, after our agreed upon contract interval, that’s it! We are not going to drain your finances indefinitely.

We operate a boutique SEO agency and we are discerning as to what customers we choose. And there are certain things we do not work with like adult sites, pharma sites, and gambling sites for various reasons. Think about this for a moment. Do you really want to entrust your livelihood to your “web guy” who can build you a mediocre site for $300, that was probably outsourced on a $5 freelance site, to bring in potentially tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars more income into your coffers? Does that type of person know of the ever changing search engine landscape? Does that person have real SEO expertise?

If you read this far, that means you are a serious minded business person and the type of customer we enjoy working with. We are here to help you increase your revenue, suggesting better ways to enhance your online presence, preserve your online reputation, and most importantly, futures proof your site. If you are interested, send us an e-mail with your phone number, or better yet give us a call and we can get started.