Hearthstone Player Goes from Zero to Legend Without Spending a Dime – 10 Tips

Hearthstone Player Goes from Zero to Legend Without Spending a Dime – 10 Tips     

A streamer from Canada under the alias “Disguised Toast” did what many thought impossible. In a record 3 weeks, starting with a brand new Hearthstone account, he managed to conquer the ranks and claim the number one legend status – without spending a dime!

He has surprised many who thought the feat impossible while also inadvertently gaining a group of envious haters who see his achievement as purely ostentatious. Regardless of how one looks at it, it is an exploit worthy of praise and here are 10 deducible tips for those desiring to follow in his footsteps.

Set a time limit

Toast, after coming across complaints of other Hearthstone players regarding the impossibility of advancing in the game without spending took up the challenge to prove a point.

He set a time limit for himself amongst other surprisingly exacting stipulations in a bid to achieve the unachievable. His efforts bore fruit by bringing out the best version of his game and those looking to replicate his success would be well advised to start off by doing the same.

Gain experience

Experience was a core factor in Toasts accomplishment. Before commencing his undertaking, he had played Hearthstone for a while and he, therefore, knew the tips, tricks and hacks of the game.

Anyone intending to pull off the same should at least first get acquainted with the game to intimately understand related details. With the specifics mastered, conquering the game with a spending handicap will become easier.

Be diligent

More than being a virtue that Toast leveraged to achieve his goal, commitment is an absolute necessity when it comes to achieving anything of value. Lack of it results in half-jobs, failure, or at best, partial success.

For three weeks, Toast gave the game his all, and the results are now plain for everyone to see. Dedication and diligence are inescapable in endeavoring to accomplish any laudable venture.

Be passionate

Toast is passionate about Hearthstone which probably explains why he decided to challenge himself in a manner most would shy away from. To realize his feat, he played an astonishing 189 games in a span of 3 weeks hence underscoring his deep passion for the game. Chasing records in ventures one is unpassionate about is not only foolhardy, but a substantial waste of effort as triumph will not taste as sweet.

Keep every card opened

While others who have matched his feat disenchanted valuable cards to get cards more suited to their decks, Toast kept each of his opened cards to build a collection

His restrictive approach added more gloss to his win and meant that he looked for workarounds to win games with as minimal negative impact on his deck as possible. Anyone seeking to advance in the game without spending a dime should espouse a similar approach.

Focus on a single deck

Concentrating on too many specifics stretches thin one’s attention to detail and sacrifices stellar performance in one discipline for mediocrity in many disciplines.

Toast chose to focus on the ever capable Midrange Hunter deck which gave him optimal leverage and significant flexibility in games. This concept is, therefore, ideal to gain ground quickly without spending much.

Make use of arenas

One of Toast’s self-imposed restrictions was giving the arenas a wide berth. Though constricting, one looking to match his record part for part will, of course, have to follow a similar path.

However, if the goal is to advance in the game without spending, arenas offer a great place to gain prize cards that can significantly bolster one’s collection thereby promoting progression.

Craft a game strategy

Strategy is the magic word when it comes to winning Hearthstone with a handicap. Toast used his hunter deck cards such as Alleycat and Macaw to pressure opponents from the onset.

He would then move swiftly to conquer the midgame followed by a deployment of hero powers and kill commands to finish off the game. Having a sound strategy, such as the one above, is critical for fast advancement devoid of expenditure.

Minimize mistakes

Particularly in high stake games, gameplay mistakes can be costly if capitalized upon by an opponent – of which, no player worthy of merit can fail to notice and take advantage of missteps.

Toast built a reputation of preying on opponent errors in his triumphant march. On his part, he was extra careful to not give opponents leverage via poorly thought out moves. To avoid costly setbacks, players should be extra vigilant to avoiding erring.

Adopt a no-quit attitude

It took Toast 42 games to rise through the ranks to position 25. It took him a further 42 games to get to position 5 and an astonishing 105 games to get to the first spot.

If he was a quitter, he would probably have called it quits once he got to the respectable 5th position. His desire to get to the legendary status highlights the no quit attitude that anyone willing to replicate his success should embrace.

Final thoughts

Most awe-inspiring feats begin with a desire to disprove long-held and unfounded beliefs. It is this strong inclination to upset the status quo that drives strong personalities to achieve the impossible. Whatever the task in question, believing the impossible to be possible is the first enabling step that anyone can take.

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